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  • William Golding

    William Golding's classic novel of primitive savagery and survival is one of the most vividly realized and riveting works in modern fiction. The tale begins after a plane wreck deposits a group of English school boys, aged six to twelve on an isolated tropical island. Their struggle to survive and impose order quickly evolves from a battle against nature into a battle against their own primitive instincts. Golding's portrayal of the collapse of social order into chaos draws the fine line between innocence more

  • Linda D Addison

    The final issue of the year comes when the nights in the Northern Hemisphere are at their longest and coldest. It’s at this time that fiction is needed the most. Against the backdrop of darkness, we gather close and whisper tales to entertain and inspire—and to remind ourselves that dawn will return. Welcome to issue #135. In these pages are the continuation of Flashlight, Knife and Flowered Crown. Hands of a Toolmaker presents another tale of rage, but this time it is contained and honed into a weapon. In the story The Feline, The Witch and The Universe a witch travels the cosmos in search of her lost cat and finds something she didn't know was missing. To balance the issue more

  • John Palisano

    Autumn approaches, and with it comes a time of dark magic. In this issue we celebrate the fantastical, the foreign and the fatalistic. We have kallikantzaroi on a mission, banana Popsicle munching bombs, alien friends happy to lend more than a hand, a band that really puts themselves into their music and part one of Flashlight, Knife and Flowered Crown, an electrifying, modern fairy tale. Poetry, flash fiction and keen illustration add variety to the mix. An Spanish interview of Jack Ketchum by Soraya Murillo Hernandez has been translated to celebrate his birthday November 10. Daniel M. Kimmel remembers the cult classic sci-fi movie The Man Who Fell to Earth. All more