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  • U.S. Grant

    Although dying of throat cancer Grant refused to stop writing the memoirs that would restore his families lost fortune. He died just weeks after completion leaving behind one of the greatest first hand accounts of the American more

  • Hermann Hagedorn

    Well written and admiring biography of Theodore Roosevelt written shortly after his death. Hagedorn received the blessing and full cooperation of Roosevelt's family and friends and the result is a richly fascinating portrait filled with charming anecdotes rarely found in more

  • Henry Ketcham

    Light and enjoyable biography of America's 16th president, Ketcham draws heavily on personal accounts to portray a more human and accesible Lincoln. Particular attention is paid to Lincoln's relationship with rivals such as Douglas, Seward, Chase, more

  • English Barons

    Signed on a hill at Runnymede in the year 1215, the Magna Carta was a revolution on paper. Its signing marked the beginning of the end for unlimited monarchies more

  • William Shakespeare

    Shakespeare's classic tale of murder and intrigue, Macbeth is the story of a man trapped by his own greed. This script reading includes stage cues and more

  • John Lord

    Born into a modest family in 106 B.C., Cicero climbed his way to consul of the Roman Republic. As a defender of Roman liberties he fought to keep Rome from falling to despots, a struggle which cost him more

  • W.A. Peters

    A magnificent collection of short biographies of U.S. Presidents from Washington to Cleveland, W.A. Peters suceeds in telling the story of his country, through the eyes of it' more

  • Abraham Lincoln

    Historians have argued Lincoln is the father of modern speech. Lincoln's versatility stretches from carefully constructed political critiques such as the Copper Union Speech, to the masterfully poetic more

  • James Madison

    James Madison's first and greatest contribution to the work that would become known as the Federalist Papers. In #10 Madison turns on its head the centuries old maxim that representative government could survive only in more

  • The Constitutional Convention

    Highly controversial in 1787, the U.S. Constitution broke heavily with both British tradition and colonial radicalism to create what John Adams termed "A government of laws, and not men." The U.S. Constitution is presented here in its original form as well as its more

  • George Washington

    George Washington's last and perhaps greatest missive to America, the address is best known for its warning against entangling foreign alliances and the formation of political parties. The Farewell Address is a glimpse into the future of the United States as envisioned by its premier more

  • William Roscoe Thayer

    One of the finer single volume biographies of Washington, Thayer makes ample use of Washington's letters and writings yielding a rich portrait of the man behind more

  • Thomas Paine

    Written in the early months of 1776, Paine's forceful and cogent pamphlet brought the notion of American Independence into more

  • Benjamin Franklin

    From his dogged determination to master prose to his spectacular achivements in civic improvement, Franklin's scientific aproach to self-improvement captures the spirit of more