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  • Gerry Davis

    Anneke Wills reads this exciting novelisation of the First Doctor’s final TV adventure - and his original encounter with the Cybermen! “This range of classic Target audiobooks continues to go from strength to strength...” Doctor Who Magazine The TARDIS brings the Doctor, Ben and Polly to a space tracking station in the Antarctic — and straight into trouble. A space mission is going badly wrong, and a new planet has appeared in the sky. Mondas, ancient fabled twin planet of Earth, has returned. Soon the inhabitants of Mondas arrive at the Snowcap base. But although they used to be just like the humans of Earth, now they are very different. Devoid of emotions, their more

  • Ian Stuart Black

    Anneke Wills reads this exciting classic novelisation of a Second Doctor TV adventure. In the far future a group of humans is living an idyllic existence on a distant planet. Their colony is run like a gigantic holiday camp, and nothing seems to trouble their carefree existence. When one of them claims that the colony is being invaded by hideous monsters, no-one takes him seriously. But the Doctor's suspicions are immediately aroused. What is the terrible menace that lurks at the heart of this apparent paradise? Why are the colonists unaware of the danger that lies before their very eyes? And what is the Macra Terror? Anneke Wills, who played the Doctor’s companion more

  • Terrance Dicks

    Anneke Wills reads this exciting novelisation of a classic TV adventure for the Second Doctor. In the summer of 1966, thousands of young people are taking their holidays with Chameleon Tours — and not one of them is coming back. When the TARDIS lands at Gatwick Airport the Doctor is drawn into a web of intrigue and deception. To add to his troubles, Polly mysteriously vanishes. Or does she? The girl at the Chameleon Toursdesk looks like Polly, and even sounds like her, but she claims she comes from Zurich. Who is she really? Who is behind these abductions, and for what sinister purpose? Soon the Doctor and Jamie must face a desperate group of faceless aliens — the more

  • Paul Magrs

    Anneke Wills reads this Beyond the Doctor story featuring the Doctor's former companions, Ben & Polly. It's July 1966, and Ben & Polly have just said goodbye to the Doctor at Gatwick Airport. Now they must return to their old lives - but things at home aren't quite right. Polly's cat is behaving oddly, and both she and Ben soon realise they are under close scrutiny. To complicate matters further, the pair must akcnowledge their true feelings for each other. When they find themselves transported against their will to a far-flung destination, what matters most is their loyalty to each other - and to the Doctor. Who are the mysterious Mr Harmer and Ms Leamann, and what can more

  • Terrance Dicks

    Anneke Wills reads this exciting novelisation of a classic First Doctor TV adventure set in Cornwall. On the 17th Century Cornish coast, villainous pirates roam the seas searching for treasure, while the townspeople have turned to smuggling, wheeling and dealing in contraband. The TARDIS materialises in this wild and remote place, and the Doctor and his new companions, Ben and Polly, find themselves caught up in the dubious activities of the locals. When the Doctor is unwittingly given a clue to the whereabouts of the treasure, the pirates are determined to extract the information - whatever the cost... Anneke Wills, who played Polly in the BBC TV series, reads more

  • Nigel Robinson

    Anneke Wills reads an exciting novelisation of a classic TV adventure for the Second Doctor. When the TARDIS lands on a deserted volcanic island, the Doctor and his companions find themselves kidnapped by primitive sea-people. Taken into the bowels of the Earth, they discover they are in the lost kingdom of Atlantis. Offered as sacrifices to the fish-goddess, Amdo, the Doctor and his companions are rescued from the jaws of death by the famous scientist, Zaroff. But they are still not safe, and nor are the people of Atlantis. For Zaroff has a plan that will make him the greatest scientist of all time. He will raise Atlantis above the waves - even if it means destroying more

  • Gerry Davis

    Five classic novelisations of TV adventures featuring Cybermen, Yeti and Ice Warriors! In Doctor Who and the Cybermen by Gerry Davis, a weather control station on the moon comes under attack from a deadly army of Cybermen. In Doctor Who and the Tomb of the Cybermen by the same author, a party of archaeologists uncovers a vast reserve of dormant Cybermen - who then come terrifyingly to life. In Doctor Who and the Abominable Snowmen by Terrance Dicks, a lonely Himalayan monastery falls prey to powerful robotic Yeti. Doctor Who and the Ice Warriors takes us to the future, when an alien from Mars is found preserved in a glacier. In Doctor Who: Earthshock by Eric Saward, more

  • Brian Hayles

    'Nobody who crosses Pike lives to tell the tale!' The rugged Cornwall of days gone by is the scene for first Doctor William Hartnell’s 1966 foray into the murky world of pirates and hidden treasure. The TARDIS lands on the seventeenth century Cornish coast, and its crew stumble upon a plot by the local Squire to receive and offload contraband goods. The Doctor meets the churchwarden, whose last words to him concern the whereabouts of hidden treasure. When pirate captain Samuel Pike learns of this, he kidnaps the Doctor and demands to be given the cryptic clue. With the treasure uncovered and the militia called in by the local Revenue officer, a bloody fight ensues – can more

  • Gerry Davis

    'Millions of years ago, there was a twin planet to Earth...' The year is 1986, and at the South Pole the crew of the Snowcap Base have detected a new planet on their radar. The arrival of the Doctor, Ben and Polly at the Base coincides with another landing - that of a spaceship whose humanoid passengers have used cybernetics to replace their limbs and vital organs. The new arrival in the solar system is in fact a tenth planet, and Earth's twin. Its return has brought with it the emotionless Cybermen, their sole aim to ensure the survival of their race. To this end they plan to drain Earth's energy into the dying Mondas, whilst using the human population as fodder for a more

  • Geoffrey Orme

    The TARDIS materialises on a small volcanic island; on board are the Doctor, Polly, Ben and their new companion Jamie. Exploration of their surroundings reveals a network of caves inside the extinct volcano - and before long all four travellers have been captured by those who live within... This is Earth, and the lost city of Atlantis lies deep underground, its human citizens dependent for food upon a species known as the Fish People. Unfortunately for the Doctor and his friends, the Atlanteans waste little time in offering the new arrivals up as sacrifices to their goddess Amdo! A certain Professor Zaroff has persuaded the Atlanteans that he can raise a city once more above the more

  • Ian Stuart Black

    'There’s something alien about that Tower...' It’s 1966, and London’s brand new Post Office Tower looms over the Doctor and Dodo as they step from the TARDIS. When the Doctor meets Professor Brett, creator of a new, superintelligent computer called WOTAN, he is intrigued to hear of a plan to link all the major computers around the world. But there is more to WOTAN than meets the eye: it secretly believes humans to be inferior to machines, and already has a number of Post Office Tower staff under hypnotic power. WOTAN is planning the widespread construction of War Machines, large armoured computers bent on taking over the world! With the help of two new companions – sailor more

  • Gerry Davis

    One by one, their limbs became diseased - they were replaced by plastic and steel! Little by little, their brains tired - computers worked just as well! With metal limbs, they had the strength of ten men. They could live in the airless vacuum of space. They had no heart, no feelings, no emotions, and only one goal - power! In the year 2070, a small blue planet caught their attention. They would land on its satellite and, from there, attack, ransack, destroy and finally abandon...The satellite was the Moon. The helpless planet - Earth. Their names? The Cybermen! Can the Doctor defeat an enemy whose threat is almost as great as that of the mighty Daleks? Anneke Wills, who played more

  • BBC Audiobooks

    For two decades, from the mid-1960s to the mid-1980s, every fan of the Doctor hoped to find The Doctor Who Annual in their Christmas stocking. Larger than life and twice as colourful, the stories within were exuberant — and often charmingly naive — in their take on ‘the children’s own programme which adults adore’. Here, for the first time on audio, Peter Purves (Steven), Anneke Wills (Polly), Geoffrey Beevers (the Master), Matthew Waterhouse (Adric) and Nicola Bryant (Peri) read a selection of these colourful and energetic tales. In The Sons of Grekk, the First Doctor is held prisoner in a brutal, otherworldly society. The King of Golden Death finds that the Second Doctor, more

  • BBC Audio

    Six more thrilling stories of adventure in Time and Space from the original Doctor Who Annuals. Larger than life and twice as colourful, from the 1960s to the 1980s the stories within the Doctor Who Annual were exuberant and charmingly naive. Now, in this second audio volume, Peter Purves (Steven), Anneke Wills (Polly), Geoffrey Beevers (the Master), Matthew Waterhouse (Adric) and Nicola Bryant (Peri) read another selection of these colourful and energetic tales, with atmospheric sound design. In Peril in Mechanistria, the First Doctor finds primitive humans enslaved to machines in a world of metal. The Second Doctor must rescue Ben in The Sour Note, whilst in Scorched Earth the more

  • David Whitaker

    Six narrated TV soundtrack adventures starring William Hartnell and Patrick Troughton as the First and Second Doctors - plus bonus features. Absent from the TV archives, these stories survive in their entirety only as soundtrack recordings. Now remastered, with additional linking narration, you can enjoy them again: plus bonus interviews with Anneke Wills, and the BBC Radio 3 programme Dance of the Daleks. In The Smugglers, the travellers have an adventure in 17th Century Cornwall with pirates and hidden treasure; in The Tenth Planet Earth's twin planet enters the solar system and brings with it the Cybermen; in The Power of the Daleks a new Doctor must fight the Daleks on the more

  • David Ellis

    Five narrated TV soundtrack adventures starring Patrick Troughton as the Second Doctor - plus bonus features. Absent from the TV archives, these stories survive in their entirety only as soundtrack recordings. Now remastered, with additional linking narration, you can enjoy them again: plus bonus interviews with Anneke Wills and Frazer Hines. In The Macra Terror the TARDIS visits a human colony that appears to be one big holiday camp, but has in fact been infiltrated and taken over by a race of giant crab-like creatures - the Macra. The Faceless Ones sees the TARDIS make a hazardous return to 1960s Earth, materialising on a runway at Gatwick Airport! In The Evil of more

  • Terrance Dicks

    Five exciting novelisations set in Earth's past history, featuring the Doctor and his companions. In Doctor Who - The Gunfighters the TARDIS arrives in the heart of the Old Wild West, just as Wyatt Earp's in town. In Doctor Who - The Highlanders the scene is the Battle of Culloden, 1746, where the Scots are fighting the English. In Doctor Who and the War Games the Doctor and friends seem to arrive in the trenches of the First World War, but appearances can be deceptive. Doctor Who and the Talons of Weng-Chiang takes the Doctor and Leela to Victorian London, and a battle with a foe from the future. Finally, in Doctor Who - Black Orchid, the Fifth Doctor and friends more

  • BBC Audio

    Fabulous tales from the vintage pages of Doctor Who Annual, brought to life by a host of Doctor Who voices. In 'The Sons of the Crab' the First Doctor finds himself a prisoner on a nightmarish world in the Crab Nebula. The Second Doctor is faced with a dilemma posed by the bird-like Arcturans in 'Only A Matter of Time', and in 'War in the Abyss' the Third Doctor goes in search of Jo Grant's missing uncle. The Fourth Doctor and Leela try to help the victims of 'Famine on Planet X', whilst the Fifth Doctor, Tegan and Nyssa find themselves on a 'Night Flight to Nowhere' - courtesy of the Master! In 'Time Wake' the Sixth Doctor and Peri search for the entity behind a dangerous more

  • Gerry Davis

    History books don't always tell the whole story. Certainly there is no record of an episode that occurred when the Scots, led by Bonnie Prince Charlie, were defeated by the English at the battle of Culloden in 1746... And the presence at the time of a blue police box on the Scottish moors seems to have escaped the notice of most eye-witnesses... The Highlanders sets the record straight. And while the incidents described may not be of great interest to historians, for Jamie McCrimmon they mark the beginning of a series of extraordinary adventures. Anneke Wills, who played the Doctor's companion Polly in the original BBC TV serial, reads Gerry Davis's complete and more

  • Dennis Spooner

    Six classic Doctor Who TV soundtrack adventures starring William Hartnell as the First Doctor. In 'The Sensorites' the Doctor and his friends visit an alien society with dark secrets. In 'The Romans' Ian and Barbara are sold into slavery in First Century Rome, and the Doctor encounters Nero! In 'The Space Museum' the travellers must work to avert a terrible potential future for themselves. In 'The Ark' the Doctor, Steven and Dodo encounter the last humans to flee Earth with their alien servants, the Monoids. In 'The Gunfighters' the TARDIS crewmembers try to avoid getting caught in crossfire at the OK Corral. In 'The War Machines' the TARDIS lands in London, more