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  • Tobias Wolff

    Dr. Booth drives his son, Owen, to Fort Steele Academy, where he hopes his son will thrive in a structured, disciplined environment that mirrors Booth’s own upbringing. But after he drops Owen off at his new school, he’s filled with a deep sense of doubt—about his decision to send his son away, about his childhood—and finds himself lost in more ways more

  • Homer

    One of the great masterpieces of Western literature, Odyssey chronicles the many trials and adventures Odysseus must pass through on his long journey home from the Trojan wars. Though the stormy, vengeful god of the ocean is determined to keep him off course, Odysseus is clever and has the brilliant goddess Athena on his side. With wit, integrity, and bravery, Odysseus must escape the grip of the fearsome Cyclops, resist the deadly seductions of sirens and witches, and traverse the land of the dead to commune with his fallen comrades before returning to his beloved wife, who has waited for him for twenty years. A storehouse of Greek folklore and myth, Homer’s epic tale remains more

  • Tobias Wolff

    Miller is unlucky. That's why he's in afoxhole with the rest of Bravo Company. That's why his dad is gone and hismother remarried. That's why his teeth are falling out. Then, when the firstsergeant tells Miller his mother has passed away, Miller thinks he's finallygotten lucky. Surely it's another Miller's mother, and now he can get away fromthe battalion for a couple days thanks to the Army's error. But Miller knows thefuture rarely has happiness more

  • Tobias Wolff

    Tobias Wolff's first two books proved how the short story can 'provoke our amazed appreciation' (New York Times Book Review). Now after writing numerous other works, he returns to the short story with fresh revelations'about biding one's time, or experiencing first love, or burying one's mother'that come to a variety of characters in circumstances at once everyday and extraordinary: a retired Marine enrolled in college while her son trains for Iraq, a lawyer taking a difficult deposition, an American in Rome indulging the Gypsy who's picked his pocket. In these ten stories, he once again proves himself, according to the Los Angeles Times, ' more

  • John Grisham

    Two supreme court justices are dead. Their murders are connected only in one mind, and in one legal brief conceived by that mind. Brilliant, beautiful and ambitious, New Orleans legal student Darby Shaw little realises that her speculative brief will penetrate to the highest levels of power in Washington and cause shockwaves there. Shockwaves that will see her boyfriend atomised in a bomb blast, that will send hired killers chasing after her, that will propel her across the country to meet the one man, investigative reporter Gray Grantham, who is as near the truth as she is. Together, can they stay alive long enough to expose the startling truth behind The more

  • John Grisham

    In suburban Georgetown a killer's Reeboks whisper  on the front floor of a posh home... In a seedy  D.C. porno house a patron is swiftly  garroted to death... The next day America learns  that two of its Supreme Court justices have been  assassinated. And in New Orleans, a young law  student prepares a legal brief... To Darby Shaw it was  no more than a legal shot in the dark, a brilliant  guess. To the Washington establishment it was  political dynamite. Suddenly Darby is witness to a  murder -- a murder intended for her. Going  underground, she finds there is only one person more

  • Paul Cain

    A society matron's life is threatened after she engineers the theft of his own priceless jewelry to pay off a gambling debt. Only a debonair connoisseur of crime can save her and recover her gems. For more

  • Drew Etc Westen

    The Political Brain is a groundbreaking investigation into how the mind works, how the brain works, and what this means for why candidates win and lose elections. Scientist and psychologist Drew Westen has explored a theory of the mind that differs substantially from the more dispassionate notions held by most cognitive psychologists, political scientists, and economists-and Democratic campaign strategists. The idea of the mind as a cool calculator that makes decisions by weighing the evidence bears no relation to how the brain actually works. When political candidates assume voters dispassionately make decisions based on the issues, they lose. That's why only one Democrat has more

  • Dan Gordon

    A postcard from heaven is not a revelation from on high—rather, it is a whisper, a brush of the presence of someone who’s passed away. Though subtle, these coincidences are uncanny enough to suggest that they come from the spirits of lost loved ones, and they have a deeply comforting effect. In the tradition of Tuesdays with Morrie, screenwriter Dan Gordon shares the uplifting and poignant story of a remarkable family and how they remain intertwined in one another’s lives even after passing to the other side. Introducing us to four colorful generations of strong Jewish characters, he describes the funny and touching ways in which family love travels across boundaries more

  • Tobias Wolff

    With his marriage on the rocks, a father takes his sonskiing for the weekend. After insisting on staying just a bit longer-despitea growing blizzard-the boy's father finds they're snowed in at the resort, theroad blockaded by state troopers. To what lengths will he go to keep more

  • Stephen Crane

    Following its initial appearance in serial form, Stephen Crane’s The Red Badge of Courage was published as a complete work in 1895 and quickly became the benchmark for modern anti-war literature. In Henry Flemming, Stephen Crane creates a great and realistic study of the mind of an inexperienced soldier trapped in the fury and turmoil of war. Flemming dashes into battle, at first tormented by fear, then bolstered with courage in time for the final confrontation. Although the exact battle is never identified, Crane based this story of a soldier’s experiences during the American Civil War on the 1863 Battle of Chancellorsville. Many veterans, both Union and Confederate, more

  • Tobias Wolff

    A classic tale of brotherly love and rivalry from shortstory master Tobias Wolff Pete has always been successful. Happily married with two daughters, he lives acomfortable life in Santa Cruz. Pete is a practical, hardworking man and heenjoys life's monetary pleasures. His younger brother, Donald, is a gaunt, troubled man.Unmarried and without children, Donald earns what little money he has by occasionallypainting houses. He's a religious man, unlike Pete, and has spent several yearsas a member of various Christian groups. When Pete receives a call from Donald, telling him thatthat his most recent religious commune has failed, Pete decides to pick him up-a trip that will test the more

  • Frederick Nebel

    Mississippi heat -- A Manhattan gumshoe pursues a convict to St. Louis, where he gets mixed up in a cop killing and nearly loses his own life at the hands of a more

  • Joe Klein

    Hailed as "astonishingly powerful" by The New York Times, and "written perfectly" by The Washington Post, Joe Klein's #1 bestseller, Primary Colors, was the most-talked-about political novel of the past century. Now acclaimed journalist and author Joe Klein returns with another brilliant and slyly subversive novel set in the gladiatorial arena he knows so well: politics in modern-day America. U.S. senator Charlie Martin is a hot political property, dashing, honorable, irreverent -- and a decorated Vietnam veteran. The Running Mate follows this brash hero on a wild, exhilarating ride through the minefields of politics as usual. But as Charlie quickly learns, combat is a more

  • Tobias Wolff

    April's father, a psychology professor, hashad a breakdown and has landed in the Alta Vista State Hospital. Her stepmother,Claire, is just waiting for him to get out so she can leave on a trip to Italy-a trip April is worried Claire won't come back from. She needs Claire, at leastuntil she finishes high school. She needs her not just as a companion but asa worldly woman who can tell April about men and their desires ... men fardifferent from her boyfriend, more

  • Tobias Wolff

    Ann's friends envy her. None oftheir husbands even lift a finger to help with the household chores. Ann'shusband is different, though. Then a simple hypothetical conversation whilethey wash and dry the dishes causes Ann to see her husband in a differentlight-and causes him to rethink the way two people can know more

  • Peter Matthiessen

    Shadow Country is Peter Matthiessen’s reimagining of the legend of E. J. Watson, the Everglades sugarcane planter and notorious outlaw of the wild Florida frontier. Vividly capturing the American hinterlands at the turn of the twentieth century, it traces the story of Watson through eyewitness perspectives as he drives himself relentlessly toward his own violent end at the hands of neighbors who mostly admired him. Shadow Country traverses strange landscapes and frontier hinterlands inhabited by Americans of every provenance and color, including the black and Indian inheritors of the archaic racism that, as Watson’s wife observed, “still casts its shadow over more

  • Bob Madgic

    On the evening of July 27, 1985, five hikers made a fateful choice to climb Yosemite's fabled Half Dome, even as the sky darkened and thunder rolled. By night's end, two would be dead from a lightning strike, three gravely wounded, and desperate EMTs would be overseeing a harrowing midnight helicopter rescue. Shattered Air is a haunting account of recklessness, tragedy, courage, and rescue, a book whose depiction of Nature's power is tempered by unforgettable portraits of human courage and the will to survive. Listeners are sure to walk away with a newfound respect for lightning-and nature in general-after hearing this incredible more

  • Tobias Wolff

    García, the wealthy, swaggering son of a foreigndictator, invites two lower-class boys from his boarding school to have dinnerin New York along with his Spanish-speaking stepmother, Linda. When the groupdecides to go to a kitschy, unpretentious Swedish smorgasbord rather than afine restaurant, García refuses to leave the limousine, still angry with Lindaafter an argument over money. Linda proves to be more than the young men hadanticipated, and she has more influence over them during their brief encounter thanthey will more

  • Tobias Wolff

    A powerful tale of life after war by short-story masterTobias Wolff Hooper, a Vietnam veteran, finds himself at an army base inWashington State. His days are uneventful, filled with mundane duties, emptyconversations, and the occasional jaunt with a married woman. A phone call in the middle of the night breaks Hooper's predictableroutine. One of the guards at the communications center is threatening to killhimself-and says he'll shoot the other guard if he interferes. Hooper goes totalk to the distressed soldier, a cook nicknamed "Porkchop" who's disappointedby his life as an army man. As their talk reveals the struggle to readjust tolife after combat, the situation turns deadly, and more