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  • Bernard Lewis

    In his first book since What Went Wrong? Bernard Lewis examines the historical roots of the resentments that dominate the Islamic world today and that are increasingly being expressed in acts of terrorism. He looks at the theological origins of political Islam and takes us through the rise of militant Islam in Iran, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia, examining the impact of radical Wahhabi proselytizing, and Saudi oil money, on the rest of the Islamic world. The Crisis of Islam ranges widely through thirteen centuries of history, but in particular it charts the key events of the twentieth century leading up to the violent confrontations of today: the creation of the state of Israel, the Cold War, more

  • Bernard King

    A memoir by the NBA Hall of Fame player, active from 1977-1993 and widely regarded as one of the all-time great New York Knicks. NBA Hall of Famer Bernard King is one of the most dynamic scorers in basketball history. King was notoriously private as a player, and rarely spoke to the press-not about his career and never about his personal life. And even beyond his prolific scoring, King will forever be remembered for the gruesome knee injury he suffered in 1985. Doctors who told him he'd never play again were shocked when he not only became the first player to return to the NBA from a torn ACL, but returned at an All Star level. In Game Face, King finally opens up about his life on more

  • Emily Bernard

    “Blackness is an art, not a science. It is a paradox: intangible and visceral; a situation and a story. It is the thread that connects these essays, but its significance as an experience emerges randomly, unpredictably. . . . Race is the story of my life, and therefore black is the body of this book.”  In these twelve deeply personal, connected essays, Bernard details the experience of growing up black in the south with a family name inherited from a white man, surviving a random stabbing at a New Haven coffee shop, marrying a white man from the North and bringing him home to her family, adopting two children from Ethiopia, and living and teaching in a more

  • Francis Durbridge

    Three complete radio dramas featuring writer-cum-amateur detective Paul Temple, plus bonus archive material. When it comes to classic crime partnerships, Paul Temple and his wife Steve are the crème de la crème. Between 1938 and 1968 their glamorous exploits enthralled generations of radio listeners around the world. Here, presented in chronological order, are some of the amateur detective's earliest adventures. 'Send for Paul Temple' (1940) is an early remake of the now-lost original 1938 BBC production. 'Paul Temple Intervenes' (1942) finds Paul and Steve investigating a series of celebrity murders, whilst 'Paul Temple and the Vandyke Affair' (the original 1950 production, more

  • Francis Durbridge

    Bernard Braden stars in an original 1940 full-cast production of the very first Paul Temple adventure Between 1938 and 1968 the exploits of amateur detective Paul Temple and his wife, Steve, enthralled generations of BBC radio listeners. Theirs was an exciting world of violence and glamour - car bombs and cocktail parties. In Paul and Steve’s very first adventure, starring Bernard Braden as Paul with Peggy Hassard as Steve, a spate of jewel robberies in the Midlands has left the police baffled. They are the work of a shadowy criminal mastermind known only as The Knave of Diamonds. But who is the Knave? And can he be stopped? All but one episode of the original 1938 more

  • Jay Bernard

    Brought To You By Penguin. The audiobook edition of Surge, written and read by Jay Bernard. Winner of The Sunday Times Young Writer of the Year Award 2020. *Winner of the Ted Hughes Award for New Work in Poetry 2018* Jay Bernard's powerful debut is a queer exploration of the black British archive, tracing a line between two significant events in recent British history: the New Cross Massacre of 1981 in which thirteen young black people were killed in a house fire - and the Grenfell Tower fire in 2017. The collection stems from research undertaken about the New Cross Fire during a 2016 residency at the George more

  • Emily Bernard

    'Blackness is an art, not a science. It is a paradox: intangible and visceral; a situation and a story. It is the thread that connects these essays, but its significance as an experience emerges randomly, unpredictably. . . . Race is the story of my life, and therefore black is the body of this book.' In twelve intensely personal, interconnected essays, Emily Bernard sets out to tell stories from her life that enable her to talk about truth, race, family and relationships, and much more. She observes the complexities and paradoxes, the haunting memories and ambushing realities of growing up black in the South with a family name inherited from a white man, of getting a PhD from Yale, more

  • Don Taylor

    An epic 12-part drama about the events leading up to, and following, the execution of King Charles I 'Classy writing... wonderfully crisp, with a brilliant cast' The Spectator England, 1647. Oliver Cromwell's New Model Army has routed the Royalists, and the King, having fled to Scotland, has been ransomed, sent back across the border and imprisoned. It seems the war is over, but there is trouble ahead. Parliament wants to disband the army and install its own militia - an act that looks, to Cromwell's loyal soldiers, like outright betrayal. As dissent grows within the ranks, agitators such as Francis White and John Reynolds, and leading Leveller John Lilburne, more

  • Miguel de Cervantes

    A captivating BBC Radio adaptation of Cervantes' masterpiece, chronicling the adventures of an intrepid knight errant and his faithful squire Locked up in jail, Miguel de Cervantes is attempting to start a novel when he is visited by a priest, who tells him about an old man driven insane by chivalric romances and a vision of glory. Inspired, Cervantes takes up his pen, and begins to write... His story begins in La Mancha, where an elderly country gentleman decides to emulate his knightly heroes, Sir Lancelot and El Cid, and embark on a quest to prove his valour. Renaming himself Don Quixote, he puts on his rusty armour, takes up his broadsword, saddles his broken-down horse, more

  • Robert Barr

    Ex-policeman Galbraith is caught up in mystery and murder in these two gripping, fast-paced detective dramas After a long career in the Flying Squad, veteran copper Bill Galbraith is hanging up his truncheon and saying goodbye to the police force. He's looking forward to a quiet life on civvy street - but his best friend, private investigator Tommy Evans, has other ideas... In The King of Diamonds, Galbraith's enjoying a peaceful retirement in the countryside when Tommy calls him up with a job offer. Adamant that he's done with detection, Bill refuses, but Evans persists - and soon, Galbraith is embroiled in murky goings-on involving a beautiful blonde, a missing diamond courier and more

  • David Wade

    An epic BBC historical drama based on Iceland's famous saga of tragedy, heroism and fate Written by an anonymous storyteller in the 13th Century, and describing events between 960 and 1020, Njáls saga is one of the great works of medieval literature. The longest and most celebrated of the Icelandic sagas, it deals with family honour, vengeance, and a vicious blood feud spanning almost 50 years. Based on the classic translation by Magnus Magnusson and Hermann Pálsson, this gripping dramatisation centres around two friends - the wise, learned Njal, and the brave warrior Gunnar. Gifted with the ability to see into the future, Njal can foretell his own death - but he is powerless more

  • Gary Russell

    Donna Noble is back home in London, catching up with her family and generally giving them all the gossip about her journeys. Her grandfather, Wilfred Mott, is especially overjoyed – he’s discovered a new star and had it named after him. He takes the Doctor, as his special guest, to the naming ceremony. But the Doctor is suspicious about some of the other changes he can see in the Earth’s heavens, particularly that bright star, right there. No, not that one, that one, there, on the left... The world’s population is slowly being converted to a new path, a new way of thinking. Something is coming to Earth, an ancient force from the Dark Times. Something powerful, angry more

  • Elisabeth Beresford

    Join Great Uncle Bulgaria, Tobermory, Madame Cholet and all the other Wombles in these six wonderful stories by Elisabeth Beresford. Snow falls on the common, there’s a visit from a Scottish cousin, Wellington finds a balloon, and Madame Cholet goes on extended leave – all with chaotic results! ‘The MacWomble’s Pipe Band’, ‘The Snow Womble’, ‘Tomsk and the Tired Tree’, ‘Orinoco Runs Away’, ‘Wellington and the Blue Balloon’ and ‘Madame Cholet’s Picnic Party’ are all sure to delight listeners young and old, read by Bernard Cribbins, the voice of the much-loved TV series. The original LP has been digitally remastered for this release. Vintage Beeb: more

  • Nicholas Allan

    In this audio edition of Father Christmas Needs A Wee, Bernard Cribbins brings to life the excruciating dilemma that Santa faces every Christmas Eve. On Christmas Eve every child leaves out a drink and a snack for Father Christmas. Before long he really, really needs a wee but what can he do about it? There's a long time to wait before he can get home and when he finally does he's lost his house key! A hilarious take on a dilemma that every toddler will more

  • Mitra Rahbar

    Narrated by Mitra Rahbar, Jennifer Aniston, Michael Bernard Beckwith, Courteney Cox, Jackson Galaxy, Kristin Hahn, Diane Lane, Rama Morovati, and Billy Dee Williams, with a bonus guided meditation including music and vocals by Mitra Rahbar and Rama Morovati. Mitra Rahbar has been a spiritual teacher for more than thirty years and has influenced Jennifer Aniston, Gisele Bundchen, and Sheryl Crow, among many others. In Miraculous Silence, she guides us through prayer and meditation and shares some of her own beautiful prayers.  Like so many immigrants before her, Mitra Rahbar was challenged to find her way in an unfamiliar land. She was sustained by an ever-deepening more

  • John Lewis-Stempel

    Random House presents the unabridged, downloadable audiobook edition of The Running Hare by John Lewis-Stempel, read by Bernard Hill. Traditional ploughland is disappearing. Seven cornfield flowers have become extinct in the last twenty years. Once abundant, the corn bunting and the lapwing are on the Red List. The corncrake is all but extinct in England. And the hare is running for its life. Written in exquisite prose, The Running Hare tells the story of the wild animals and plants that live in and under our ploughland, from the labouring microbes to the patrolling kestrel above the corn, from the linnet pecking at seeds to the seven-spot ladybird that eats the aphids that eat more

  • Oprah Winfrey

    'Oprah Winfrey's passionate delivery and the wisdom of her Super Soul Sunday television guests overflow with's fully clear how motivated she is to reach her listening audience. The excitement and intention in her voice are inspirational in themselves.' - AudioFile Magazine This program features interviews with Michael Bernard Beckwith, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Caroline Myss, Daniel Pink, Michael Singer, Bryan Stevenson, Eckhart Tolle, Iyanla Vanzant, Elie Wiesel & Gary Zukav. Chapter Introductions are read by Oprah Winfrey Oprah Winfrey says Super Soul Sunday is the television show she was born to do. "I see it as an offering," she explains. "If you want to be more more

  • Neil Gaiman

    Paterson Joseph stars as the Marquis de Carabas in this brand new BBC Radio 4 full-cast dramatisation of Neil Gaiman's spin-off short story, set in the magical world of Neverwhere. Returning us to London Below, this enchanting tale continues the story of one of the most colourful characters from Neverwhere – the cool, charming, resourceful Marquis de Carabas, who trades in favours and always has a plan... The Marquis' coat is a thing of wonder and beauty. Sleek, stylish and 'the colour of a wet street at midnight', it has numerous pockets, sumptuous sleeves and the power to transform a young sneak thief into a nobleman. And now it is missing, sold by the Sewer Folk. To more

  • Antoine De Saint-Exupery

    Robert Powell stars as the Aviator with Garrett Moore as the Little Prince and Bernard Cribbins as the King in this BBC Radio 4 full-cast dramatisation of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s popular fable. This poignant dramatisation of the French classic was translated and dramatised by Bonnie Greer. When he crashes in the Sahara Desert, the Aviator believes he is all alone – until he meets an unusual space traveller: a boy with golden hair who calls himself The Little Prince. As the Aviator repairs his plane, the Little Prince tells him fantastical tales about his amazing interplanetary journey. On his home planet, asteroid B-612, he fell in love with a beautiful rose, but left her more

  • Various

    An unsettling collection of full-cast dramas from the long-running BBC Radio 4 horror series. Throughout five series of Fear on 4 from 1988-1997, Edward de Souza was The Man in Black, a sinister raconteur who introduced a weekly half-hour of terror and suspense. Here, he welcomes us to his house of horrors as he presents thirteen terrifying tales that will make your flesh crawl. The Snowman Killing by J C W Brook Green and Pleasant by Bert Coules Survival by John Wyndham Soul Searching by Martyn Wade The Beast with Five Fingers by William Fryer Harvey The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman By the River, Fontainebleau by Stephen Gallagher The Face by E F more