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  • Edgar Allan Poe

    Edgar Allan Poe is the undisputed originator of the detective story. His brilliant, imaginative sleuth C. Auguste Dupin set the stage for eccentric, logic wielding investigators like Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot. This audio collection of Poe’s three Dupin stories also includes one non-Dupin detective tale, “Thou Art the Man.” It features celebrity narrator Bronson Pinchot. The story titles are: “The Murders in the Rue Morgue,” “The Mystery of Marie Rogêt,” “The Purloined Letter,” and “Thou Art the Man.” “A fantastic listen…Pinchot’s funny accent work is quite unexpectedly perfect for the more

  • Carolyn Coman

    “When Jamie saw him throw the baby, saw Van throw the little baby, saw Van throw his little sister Nin, then they moved.” Nin’s okay–Jamie knows that because his mom was there to catch her. And then Jamie and his mom and Nin moved into Earl’s little trailer that loos like a silver toaster up in the hills in the middle of nowhere. Jamie imagines they are the only survivors of some catastrophe, them and Earl, who brings them food and makes sure they’re okay. But then there’s the county fair and Jamie wants to go. And there’s the school and Mrs. Desrochers, Jamie’s teacher, who keeps trying to get close. There isn’t more

  • Christopher Farnsworth

     The Presidential Campaign Trail, 2012: A political operative and a volunteer are brutally murdered while caught in a compromising position. Written in their blood on the wall of the crime scene: IT’S GOOD TO BE BACK. And with that, a centuries-old horror known only as the Boogeyman returns to taunt Nathaniel Cade, the President’s Vampire. Against the backdrop of the 2012 presidential race, with the threat of constant exposure by the media, Cade and Zach must stop the one monster Cade has never been able to defeat completely. And they must do it before the Boogeyman adds another victim to his long and bloody list: the President of the United more

  • Christopher Farnsworth

    The ultimate secret. The ultimate agent. Nathaniel Cade returns.For 140 years, Nathaniel Cade has been the President's Vampire, sworn to protect and serve his country. Cade's existence is the most closely guarded of White House secrets: a superhuman covert agent who is the last line of defense against nightmare scenarios that ordinary citizens only dream of.When a new outbreak of an ancient evil-one that he has seen before- comes to light, Cade and his human handler, Zach Barrows, must track down its source. To 'protect and serve' often means settling old scores and confronting new betrayals . . . as only a centuries-old more

  • Christopher Farnsworth

    Zach Barrows is an ambitious young White House staffer whose career takes an unexpected turn when he's partnered with Nathaniel Cade, a secret agent sworn to protect the President. But Cade is no ordinary civil servant. Bound by a special blood oath, he is a vampire. Cade battles nightmares before they can break into the daylight world of the American dream, enemies far stranger-and far more dangerous-than civilians have ever imagined.  Blood Oath is the first in a series of novels featuring Nathaniel Cade-the President's vampire. 'Christopher Farnsworth's taut thriller Blood Oath is an irresistible page-turner.... A complex and unnervingly realistic tale in which more

  • Jim Harrison

    New York Times bestselling author Jim Harrison is oneof America's most beloved writers, and of all his creations, Brown Dog-a bawdy,reckless, down-on-his-luck Michigan Indian-has earned cult status with readersin the more than two decades since his first appearance. For the first time, BrownDog gathers all the Brown Dog novellas, including one never before published,into one volume-the ideal introduction (or reintroduction) to Harrison'sirresistible Everyman. In these novellas, BD rescues the preserved body of an Indianfrom Lake Superior's cold waters; overindulges in food, drink, and women whilejust scraping by in Michigan's Upper Peninsula; wanders Los Angeles in searchof an more

  • Alan Lightman

    From the acclaimedauthor of Einstein's Dreams and Mr. g comes a meditation on the unexpected ways in which recentscientific findings have shaped our understanding of ourselves and our place inthe cosmos. With all the passion, curiosity, and precise yet lyricalprose that have marked his previous books, Alan Lightman here explores theemotional and philosophical questions raised by discoveries in science,focusing most intently on the human condition and the needs of humankind. Helooks at the difficult dialogue between science and religion, the conflictbetween our human desire for permanence and the impermanence of nature, thepossibility that our universe is simply an accident, the manner more

  • Dan Vyleta

    Vienna, 1939. Professor Speckstein's dog has been brutallykilled, and he wants to know why. But these are uncharitable times, and one mustbe careful where one probes. When an unexpected house call leads Dr. Beer toSpeckstein's apartment, he finds himself in the bedroom of Zuzka, theprofessor's niece. Wide-eyed, flirtatious, and not detectably ill, Zuzka leadsthe young doctor to her window and opens up a view of their apartment blockthat Beer has never known. Across the shared courtyard there is nine-year-oldAnneliese, the lonely daughter of an alcoholic. Five windows to the left livesa secretive mime who comes home late at night and keeps something-or someone-precioushidden from view. more

  • Scott O'Connor

    Inspired by real CIA operations, this is the riveting novelof a fraying CIA analyst who conducts secret mind-control experiments and theyoung agent who, years later, uncovers the appalling legacy of the program andthe people destroyed by it. From its official sanction in 1953 to its shutdown in 1973,the CIA clandestinely conducted methods of mind control on unwitting Americanand Canadian citizens. This covert and illegal operation, Project MKULTRA,eventually made national headlines upon the declassification of thousands ofdocuments in 2001. Intrigued by the people empowered to enact such abuses andthe legacy of such an operation, Scott O'Connor weaves the nuanced andcompelling story more

  • Ray Jayawardhana

    In Strange New Worlds, renowned astronomer RayJayawardhana brings news from the front lines of the epic quest to find planets-andalien life-beyond our solar system. Only in the past two decades, aftermillennia of speculation, have astronomers begun to discover planets aroundother stars-thousands in fact. Now they are closer than ever to unravelingdistant twins of the Earth. In this book, Jayawardhana vividly recounts thestories of the scientists and the remarkable breakthroughs that have ushered inthis extraordinary age of exploration. He describes the latest findings, includinghis own, that are challenging our view of the cosmos and casting new light onthe origins and evolution of more

  • Tom Wilde

    A modern Indiana Jones steals a relic of Alexander the Greatin this thrilling debut novel. Jonathan Blake makes a living stealing antiquities-stealingthem back, that is. A field agent for the Argo Foundation, a company that makesit their business to preserve humanity's history by liberating stolen artifactsfrom thieves and looters, Blake is used to dangerous assignments. But when heis forced by the US government into a deadly mission involving a missingNapoleonic standard, he finds himself in over his head. Blake is pitted against Vanya, the head of a fanatical cult,who seeks a gilded bronze eagle that holds a vital clue to the lost tomb ofAlexander the Great. From ancient ruins more

  • Jeff VanderMeer

    The bone-chilling, hair-raising second installment of theSouthern Reach Trilogy For thirty years, a secret agency called the Southern Reachhas monitored expeditions into Area X-a remote and lush terrain mysteriouslysequestered from civilization. After the twelfth expedition, the Southern Reachis in disarray, and John Rodriguez (a.k.a. "Control") is the team's newlyappointed head. From a series of interrogations, a cache of hidden notes, andmore than two hundred hours of profoundly troubling video footage, the secretsof Area X begin to reveal themselves-and what they expose pushes Control toconfront disturbing truths about both himself and the agency he's more

  • Howard Norman

    "After my wife, Elizabeth Church, was murdered by thebellman Alfonse Padgett in the Essex Hotel, she did not leave me." Sam Lattimore meets Elizabeth Church in 1970s Halifax, in anart gallery. The sparks are immediate, leading quickly to a marriage that isdear, erotically charged, and brief. In Howard Norman's spellbinding and movingnovel, the gleam of the marriage and the circumstances of Elizabeth's murderare revealed in heart-stopping increments. Sam's life afterward is complicated.For one thing, in a moment of desperate confusion, he sells his life story to aNorwegian filmmaker named Istvakson, known for the stylized violence of hisfilms, whose artistic drive sets in motion more

  • Brando Skyhorse

    From PEN/Hemingway award winner Brando Skyhorse comes thisstunning, heartfelt memoir in the vein of The Glass Castle or TheTender Bar, the true story of a boy's turbulent childhood growing up withfive stepfathers and the mother who was determined to give her son everythingbut the truth. When he was three years old, Brando Kelly Ulloa wasabandoned by his Mexican father. His mother, Maria, dreaming of a more excitinglife, saw no reason for her son to live his life as a Mexican just because hestarted out as one. The life of "Brando Skyhorse," the American Indian son ofan incarcerated political activist, was about to begin. Through a series of letters to Paul Skyhorse Johnson, astranger more

  • F

    Daniel Kehlmann

    From the young, internationally acclaimed author of Measuring the World comes a stunningtragicomic novel about three brothers, their relationship to their distantfather, and their individual fates and struggles in the modern world One day Arthur Friedland piles his three sons intothe car and drives them to see the Great Lindemann, Master of Hypnosis.Protesting that he doesn't believe in magic even as he is led onto the stage,Arthur nevertheless experiences something. Later that night, while his familysleeps, he takes his passport, empties all the money from his bank account, andvanishes. In time, still absent from his family, he begins to publish novelsand becomes an more

  • Jeff VanderMeer

    It is winter in Area X. A new team embarks across theborder on a mission to find a member of a previous expedition who may havebeen left behind. As they press deeper into the unknown-navigating new terrainand new challenges-the threat to the outside world becomes only more daunting. In the final installment of the Southern Reach Trilogy, themysteries of Area X may have been solved, but their consequences andimplications are no less more

  • William L. Simon

    In the course of our enduring quest for knowledge aboutourselves and our universe, we haven't found answers to one of our mostfundamental questions: Does life exist anywhere else in the universe? Ten yearsand billions of dollars in the making, the Mars rover Curiosity is poised toanswer this all-important question. Here, Rob Manning, the project's chief engineer, tells ofbringing the groundbreaking spacecraft to life. Manning and his team at NASA'sJet Propulsion Laboratory, tasked with designing a lander many times larger andmore complex than any before, faced technical setbacks, fights over inadequateresources, and the challenges of leading an army of brilliant, passionate, more

  • Keith Donohue

    From the NewYork Times bestselling author of TheStolen Child comes a hypnotic literary horror novel about a young boytrapped inside his own world, whose drawings blur the lines between fantasy andreality. Ever since he nearly drowned in the ocean threeyears earlier, ten-year-old Jack Peter Keenan has been deathly afraid toventure outdoors. Refusing to leave his home in a small coastal town in Maine,Jack Peter spends his time drawing monsters. When those drawings take on a lifeof their own, no one is safe from the terror they inspire. His mother, Holly,begins to hear strange sounds in the night coming from the ocean, and she seeksanswers from the local Catholic priest and his more

  • Steve Erickson

    On the same August day in 1969 that a crazed hippie "family"led by Charles Manson commits five savage murders in the canyons above LosAngeles, a young ex-communicated seminarian arrives with images of ElizabethTaylor and Montgomery Clift-"the two most beautiful people in the history ofthe movies"-tattooed on his head. At once childlike and violent, Vikar is not acineaste but "cineautistic," sleeping at night in the Roosevelt Hotelwhere he's haunted by the ghost of D. W. Griffith. Vikar has stepped into thevortex of a culture in upheaval: strange drugs that frighten him, a strangesexuality that consumes him, a strange music he doesn't understand. Over thecourse of the seventies and into more

  • Robert Repino

    A genre-busting postapocalyptic first novel-a page-turning adventure channeling Animal Farm as imagined by Cormac McCarthy The "war with no name" has begun; its goal, human extinction. The instigator of this war is the Colony, a race of intelligent ants who,for thousands of years, have been silently building an army that will forevereradicate the destructive, oppressive humans. Under the Colony's watchful eye,this utopia will be free of the humans' penchant for violence, exploitation,and religious superstition. The final step in the Colony's war effort is the transformation of surface animals into high-functioning two-legged beings who will rise up and kill their masters. Former house more