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  • Bettina Kettschau

    Der junge Sammy Parker lebt mit seiner Huskyhündin Maja am kalten Ende der Welt - in Nunavut, dem nördlichsten Bundesstaat Kanadas. Sammy ist begeistert, als sein Vater ihm erlaubt, an einer Expedition zur einsamen Vogelinsel Coats Island teilzunehmen. Gemeinsam mit seinem Freund Matiuse begleitet er den Biologielehrer Dr. Wembley, um die Lummenkolonien der Insel zu erforschen. Dabei erlebt er das Abenteuer seines Lebens und erfährt von dem alten Inuk Abel Arak die beste Nachricht more

  • Mr Punch

    Set during the Golden Age of Detective Fiction, where every story promises a 'Thousand Thrills!', Ben, the chivalrous and perky non-descript little man, whose thumbs itch just before 'something 'orrible 'appens' played by Tony Robinson is joined by Leslie Phillips as the devilish Lovelace in J Jefferson Farjeon's 1930's thriller. "Murder mysteries always work well... and Mr Punch's Thriller Playhouse is particularly good... Atmospheric and Great Fun." (Daily Express) To all concerned "Jolly good show, chaps." (The Times) Also available as part of the THRILLER PLAYHOUSE BOX SET, eight episodes featuring Max Carrados, Norman Conquest and Ben from the popular BBC Drama more

  • Various Authors

    NOTE: Benjamin & Baxter contains some adult material and is not suitable for younger listeners. The stars of Jago & Litefoot, Christopher Benjamin and Trevor Baxter, prove immensely endearing raconteurs as they chat with Nicholas Briggs about their long and varied careers, covering their first appearance as Jago & Litefoot in Doctor Who: The Talons of Weng-Chiang and a rich tapestry of other tales from their lives... Directed By: more

  • Simon R. Green

    In the Grand Finale of the epic Deathstalker saga, Lewis Deathstalker and his beloved Jesamine are compelled to embrace the full might of their extraordinary new powers. The Empire and rebel forces must forge an uneasy alliance to battle a common enemy: the demonic Uber-espers, a conflict which leads to a startling revelation as to their origin. The deposed King Douglas finally confronts the usurper Finn Durandal face to face. And Owen Deathstalker's quest to halt the onslaught of the monstrous Terror reaches its more

  • Christopher Lee

    Christopher Benjamin and Amanda Redman star in two six-part BBC radio crime dramas, created by Christopher Lee In these two compelling murder mysteries, MI6 officers Henry Colvil and Alex Soames become involved in a pair of complex cases which take them to the very top of the political and religious spheres. In Series 1, the duo attend the funeral of an elderly Irish priest, and receive a tip-off that his death has controversial links. Probing further, they discover a shocking secret in Father Dominic’s past – and Henry’s faith is dealt a mortal blow. Can it withstand the whole truth? Series 2 opens with a disturbing murder on a Brighton beach. What seemed like a more

  • Bettina Kettschau

    Coral Harbour - ein winziges Städtchen hoch im Norden Kanadas: Bei den Recherchen für einen Schülerwettbewerb stoßen Sammy, Matiuse und Sarah auf eine rätselhafte Geschichte aus der Vergangenheit. Am ehemaligen Army-Stützpunkt von Coral Harbour nehmen sie die Spur eines amerikanischen Soldaten auf, der im Sommer 1943 mit einem Geldkoffer spurlos verschwand. Dabei erfahren die Freunde, was Gott im Leben des more

  • John Dorney

    It is the dawn of a new century and a vigilante is on the loose. The police are baffled, the public enamoured… but Professor George Litefoot and Henry Gordon Jago are on the case. Or at least they will be when they've finished more

  • Andy Lane

    A body is found on the banks of the Thames, but the post mortum reveals that it is actually a wooden mannequin. A deadly scheme is afoot, and only Henry Gordon Jago and Professor George Litefoot can stop Dr Tulp's more

  • Justin Richards

    An epic adventure uniting the Doctor's friends across time and space, featuring Jago & Litefoot, Counter-Measures, the Vault more

  • Jonathan Morris

    Professor Litefoot and Henry Gordon Jago are whisked off to the planet Venus in the distant future, at a time when warrior women rule from a floating city in the clouds. There’s a mystery here, one that the Grand Empress Vulpina intends to more

  • Matthew Sweet

    The TARDIS materializes in 1590, and the Doctor’s companions, Professor Litefoot and Henry Gordon Jago, find themselves prisoners in the New World. The travellers are about to discover the secret of the lost colony... and it may cost Jago' more

  • Terrance Dicks

    Stepping out of the TARDIS into Victorian London, Leela and the Doctor are confronted by menacing, diabolical horrors shrouded within the swirling London fog - a man's death cry, an attack by Chinese Tong hatchet men, giant rats roaming the sewers, young women mysteriously disappearing... The hideously deformed Magnus Greel, conducting a desperate search for the lost Time Cabinet, is the instigator of all this evil. Posing as the Chinese god, Weng-Chiang, Greel uses the crafty Chang, and the midget manikin, Mr Sin, to achieve his terrifying objectives. The Doctor must use all his skill, energy and intelligence to escape the talons of Weng-Chiang. Christopher Benjamin, who played more

  • Terrance Dicks

    Five exciting novelisations set in Earth's past history, featuring the Doctor and his companions. In Doctor Who - The Gunfighters the TARDIS arrives in the heart of the Old Wild West, just as Wyatt Earp's in town. In Doctor Who - The Highlanders the scene is the Battle of Culloden, 1746, where the Scots are fighting the English. In Doctor Who and the War Games the Doctor and friends seem to arrive in the trenches of the First World War, but appearances can be deceptive. Doctor Who and the Talons of Weng-Chiang takes the Doctor and Leela to Victorian London, and a battle with a foe from the future. Finally, in Doctor Who - Black Orchid, the Fifth Doctor and friends more

  • Barney Norris

    'There exists in all of us a song waiting to be sung which is as heart-stopping and vertiginous as the peak of the cathedral. That is the meaning of this quiet city, where the spire soars into the blue, where rivers and stories weave into one another, where lives intertwine.' One quiet evening in Salisbury, the peace is shattered by a serious car crash. At that moment, five lives collide – a flower seller, a schoolboy, an army wife, a security guard, a widower – all facing their own personal disasters. As one of those lives hangs in the balance, the stories of all five unwind, drawn together by connection and coincidence into a web of love, grief, disenchantment and hope more

  • Alex Shearer

    All four series of the Eastern bloc embassy sitcom starring Dinsdale Landen Set in a British embassy somewhere in Russia, as the Cold War draws to a close, this entertaining sitcom follows Her Majesty's Ambassador Mr Mackenzie as he navigates the idiosyncrasies of life behind the Iron Curtain. Together with his First Secretary, William Frost, and personal assistant Helen Waterson, he manages matters ranging from dissidents to diplomatic dinners, all while maintaining his urbane, unflappable demeanour. Engaging with Communism is challenging enough, but the era of glasnost and perestroika brings new problems - including tourism, press freedom and an outbreak of political sickness in more

  • Christopher Lee

    All six series of Christopher Lee's enthralling parliamentary drama - plus Christmas Special Suave, unflappable and ambitious, veteran politician Charles Bannister knows his way around the corridors of power. As Chief Whip, he's adept at keeping MPs in line and squashing potential scandals - aided by his brother-in-law, MI6 agent Henry Colvil, who whispers useful titbits of information in his ear. His position seems invincible - but nothing is forever, and when the tides of politics turn, Charles finds himself under threat... In these six series, we follow his fortunes and those of his close friend, Home Secretary Dougal Baxter. Together, the duo rise, fall and rise again, as more

  • Big Finish Productions

    A group of soldiers return from overseas service – but they have brought a terrible evil back with them. As death strikes on the streets of London, Sergeant Quick calls upon the help of Professor Litefoot, while an old enemy lurks in the shadows. Jago and Litefoot are on the trail of the Bloodless Soldier – and tragedy will hit close more

  • Big Finish Productions

    A body is found on the Circle Line, wearing full dress uniform. It as identified as Reginald Colville – a man who was certified dead some six weeks ago! In an attempt to solve the mystery Jago and Litefoot become unwilling bodysnatchers... And thus begins a chain of events that will pit them against killer Bulgars and the mysterious machinations of the Far-Off more

  • Big Finish Productions

    Ellie Higson believes that spiritualist Mrs Vanguard can hear the voices of the dead, but Henry Gordon Jago thinks it’s all superstition and theatrical trickery. But if Vanguard is a harmless fake, then why have some of those who have attended her sceances disappeared so mysteriously? Jago and Litefoot investigate... And find themselves facing a deadly foe from more

  • Big Finish Productions

    When Jago takes a tumble on an unseasonably icy road, he ends up in hospital. But this is no ordinary medical establishment, and the patients are suffering from no ordinary illnesses. At last, the fiendish scheme of Dr Tulp is drawing to its cataclysmic climax. The Similarity Engine is operational. And a new, improved model of mahogany murderers have more