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  • Joel C. Rosenberg

    “The president of the United States…is missing.” Three years before Clinton and Patterson, another New York Times bestselling author of thirteen international thrillers, Joel C. Rosenberg, posed this chilling scenario: What if the Islamic State captured the most valuable hostage in history? Award-winning journalist J. B. Collins, reporting from the scene of a devastating attack by ISIS terrorists in Amman, Jordan, puts the entire world on high alert—the U.S. president is missing and presumed captured. With Israeli and Palestinian leaders critically injured and Jordan’s king fighting for his life, the allies are reeling and hopes for the peace process more

  • Jim Butcher

    In this dark and gritty collection—featuring short stories from Jim Butcher, Seanan McGuire, Kevin J. Anderson, and Rob Thurman—nothing is as simple as black and white, light and dark, good and evil.. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what makes it so easy to cross the line. In #1 New York Times bestselling author Jim Butcher’s Cold Case, Molly Carpenter—Harry Dresden’s apprentice-turned-Winter Lady—must collect a tribute from a remote Fae colony and discovers that even if you’re a good girl, sometimes you have to be bad... New York Times bestselling author Seanan McGuire’s Sleepover finds half-succubus Elsie Harrington kidnapped more

  • Joel C. Rosenberg

    A New York Times Bestseller “Rosenberg has ripped a page from current headlines with a heart-stopping plot about the Islamic State.” ―Publishers Weekly “His novels are un-put-downable.” ―Steve Forbes, editor in chief, Forbes magazine When New York Times foreign correspondent J. B. Collins hears rumors that an al-Qaeda splinter cell―ISIS―has captured a cache of chemical weapons inside Syria, he knows this is a story he must pursue at all costs. Does the commander of the jihadist faction really have weapons of mass destruction? If so, who is the intended target? The U.S.? Israel? Or someone else? With tensions already high, the more

  • David Gordon

    In these beautifully brutal stories, David Gordon gets at the big stuff—art and religion, literature and madness, the supernatural, and the dark fringes of sexuality—in his own unique, effortlessly funny style, described by Rivka Galchen as “Dashiell Hammett divided by Don DeLillo, to the power of Dostoyevsky—yet still pure David Gordon.” Here you’ll meet ex–hit men and terrifying writing coaches, Internet girlfriends and bogus memoirists, Chinatown ghosts and vampires of Queens. The narrator of “Man-Boob Summer” (first published in the Paris Review) moves into his folks’ New Jersey apartment complex, where he naps, does the crossword, and falls in love with the more

  • David Means

    'Poetic, insightful, and deeply moving. David Means is one of my very favorite writers.' —Tara Westover, author of Educated Following the publication of his widely acclaimed, Man Booker-nominated novel Hystopia, David Means here returns to his signature form: the short story. Thanks to his four previous story collections, Means has won himself an international reputation as one of the most innovative short fiction writers working today: an “established master of the form.” (Laura Miller, The Guardian). Instructions for a Funeral—featuring work from The New Yorker, Harper’s, The Paris Review, and VICE—finds Means branching out beyond the explorations of violence and more

  • David Gordon

    A young man fleeing heartbreak back home meets a mysterious expat at a café in Paris. What begins as a friendly conversation between two outsiders soon transforms into a heart-pounding confession that threatens to shake both men to their cores. In this darkly funny, Sopranos-meets-Sebald page-turner by acclaimed mystery writer David Gordon, people aren’t always what they seem, and digging for the truth could have more

  • Timothee De Fombelle

    Vango has been in danger for as long as he can remember. He has spent his life running along rooftops, fleeing to mysterious islands, and abandoning those he loves in order to protect them from the demons of his past. But Vango will not run for much longer. The mystery of his identity has started to unravel, and now in the shadows of war and persecution, the truth will finally come more

  • David Corbett

    Phelan Tierney helps people who hope to start their lives over. When a young woman he’s taken under his wing disappears, the former lawyer devotes himself to finding her—despite her puzzlingly unhelpful family and his own ghosts. Jacquelina Garza has been to hell and back. Abducted and tortured by a child predator when she was eight years old, she still, years later, bears the scars of the incident and its aftermath—including a very public trial. Her teenage life takes an even steeper downward spiral when she’s drawn into a murder case that threatens to tear apart her hometown of Rio Mirada, the gateway to Napa Valley’s opulence. Can these two wayward souls find redemption more

  • Margaret Truman

    An employee of the security/mercenary company SureSafe, David Portland handles security for the British Embassy. When his son, Trevor, dies mysteriously in Nigeria, however, his life is upended. One night after Trevor's death, Portland sees a man in a bar wearing a bracelet-a family heirloom that he had given to his son. After brutally assaulting the man, he learns the frightening secret behind his son's death-a secret that will send Portland down a rabbit hole of deadly deception, one that he hopes will lead him to the truth about his son's murder. Meanwhile, Robert Brixton, a noted Washington, D.C.-based international investigator, has been hired to look into a fraudulent charity and more

  • Pam Munoz Ryan

    Music, magic, and a real-life miracle meld in this virtuosic, genre-defying tour de force from storytelling maestro Pam Muñoz Ryan. Lost and alone in the forbidden Black Forest, Otto meets three mysterious sisters and suddenly finds himself entwined in a puzzling quest involving a prophecy, a promise, and a harmonica. Decades later, Friedrich in Germany, Mike in Pennsylvania, and Ivy in California each become interwoven when the very same harmonica lands in their lives, binding them by an invisible thread of destiny. All the children face daunting challenges: rescuing a father, protecting a brother, holding a family together. How their suspenseful solo stories converge in more

  • Amélie Antoine

    His famous father is inviting him on more than just a journey into the past. It’s a treasure hunt. To his fans, Édouard Bresson is the greatest comic standing—charismatic, adored, unmatched, and aiming ever higher for the unpredictable. To his ex-wife, he fulfilled all expectations, except as a husband and a lover. To his brother, he’s a hero. And to his estranged son, Arthur, he’s always been a mystery. Never more so than now… After the performance of a lifetime at the sold-out Stade de France, Édouard decides to vanish. Très drôle. Arthur isn’t laughing. Édouard has sent him a letter and instructions to a puzzle— more

  • Christoph Spielberg

    It’s been 101 days since Felix Hoffmann’s girlfriend, Celine, left Berlin in a humanitarian convoy carrying aid to Kurdish northern Iraq. Now her coffin returns home. With the Iraq War all but begun, the story coming from Baghdad is that the young woman orchestrated the very bomb attack that killed her. But a devastated Felix, doctor at South Berlin Hospital, cannot believe that Celine would willingly participate in such an act, and certain clues—as well as questioning from German, Iraqi, and American agencies—raise the good doctor’s suspicions.A cryptic e-mail propels Felix to seek out the truth of what really happened to his lover. He discovers that part more

  • Christoph Spielberg

    Dr. Felix Hoffmann is about to head home after a grueling night shift when he hears the words “This gun is loaded!” Hoffmann, long accustomed to helping others on the verge of death, suddenly finds himself — along with several colleagues and patients — at the mercy of a deranged blind kidnapper in the ICU. Deploying his own distinctive brand of diplomacy — and his characteristic acerbic wit — Hoffmann tries to convince the man to end the standoff while he still can. As the hot summer days tick by and the tension builds toward the shocking climax, Hoffmann is forced to reconsider who is friend and who is foe. The question becomes not only whether he more

  • James W. Hall

    The New York Times Book Review calls Edgar Award winner James W. Hall a “master of suspense,” and this new high-stakes thriller shows why as Thorn embarks on a mission to save his newfound son. Earth Liberation Front, known as ELF, is a loosely knit organization comprised of environmental activists scattered around the country. These extremists take a “by any means necessary” approach to defending the planet. In the last decade ELF has been responsible for close to a hundred million dollars in damage mainly through arson. The FBI ranks them, along with other eco-radicals, as the number-one homegrown terrorist threat. Flynn Moss, Thorn’s newly discovered son, has naively fallen more

  • Bobby Cole

    Cooper Dixon feels like a hamster on a wheel. He and his wife, Kelly, fight constantly and his cocaine-addicted business partner is scheming to sell their thriving advertising agency out from under him. Frustrated with his home life, Cooper finds himself fantasizing about his gorgeous graphic designer and of buying a pristine hunting property that he can’t afford. Cooper is on the verge of making a move that will change his life irrevocably when a motley criminal crew, composed of a 260-pound former football star, a Larry King impersonator, and others, is hired by a mysterious client to kidnap Kelly and set up Cooper to take the fall. Cooper quickly becomes the prime suspect, and more

  • Rick Perlstein

    From the bestselling author of Nixonland: a dazzling portrait of America on the verge of a nervous breakdown in the tumultuous political and economic times of the 1970s. In January of 1973 Richard Nixon announced the end of the Vietnam War and prepared for a triumphant second term—until televised Watergate hearings revealed his White House as little better than a mafia den. The next president declared upon Nixon’s resignation “our long national nightmare is over”—but then congressional investigators exposed the CIA for assassinating foreign leaders. The collapse of the South Vietnamese government rendered moot the sacrifice of some 58,000 American lives. The economy was more

  • James W. Hall

    In this riveting finale to the Thorn series, “master of suspense” (The New York Times Book Review) James W. Hall takes Thorn on a dangerous mission to a tiny North Carolina town, where his son’s life isn’t the only thing that hangs in the balance. A year ago, Thorn’s son, Flynn Moss, disappeared into the eco-underground, his only contact with Thorn a series of postcards chronicling his exploits. But when a postcard arrives unlike the others, a call for help, Thorn jumps into action, setting off for North Carolina. Before he arrives, though, he’s intercepted by a federal agent who informs him he’s too late—Flynn had been acting as an informant for the FBI, and when more

  • PJ Manney

    Bioengineer Peter Bernhardt has dedicated his life to nanotechnology, the science of manipulating matter on the atomic scale. As the founder of Biogineers, he is on the cusp of revolutionizing brain therapies with microscopic nanorobots that will make certain degenerative diseases a thing of the past. But after his research is stolen by an unknown enemy, seventy thousand people die in Las Vegas in one abominable moment. No one is more horrified than Peter, as this catastrophe sets in motion events that will forever change not only his life but also the course of human evolution. Peter's company is torn from his grasp as the public clamors for his blood. Desperate, he turns to an more

  • Jacques Vandroux

    Finding murderers is just a day on the job for police captain Nadia Barka. But when a mutilated corpse is discovered in an old baptistery, she’s faced with some difficult questions: Who left a young woman’s body in a high-security museum in the middle of the night? And where is the victim’s heart? Barka has no leads, until several days later when unassuming computer technician Julien Lombard comes forward, claiming to have had a premonition of the woman’s abduction and murder. The ensuing investigation turns up nothing, however, and Julien is just as skeptical about his intel as the police are. But, after another woman goes missing, Barka decides to take a more

  • Reece Hirsch

    When former computer-crimes prosecutor Chris Bruen and retired hacktivist Zoey Doucet open their San Francisco law firm, it's the best day of their professional lives. That is, until their first client walks through the door. Ian Ayres is an "ethical hacker" who was hired by a company to test the security of its online systems. On the job, he uncovered some highly classified information: the existence of a top-secret government surveillance agency and its Skeleton Key, a program that can break any form of encryption. Now Ayres is on the run. And after government agents descend on Chris and Zoey's office during their potential client's visit-killing two employees-they, too, are forced more