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  • Al Smith

    All five series of the tense, fast-paced drama set in an ambulance control room 'Ambulance service - is the patient breathing and conscious?' It's a simple question, but call handler Carrie never knows where it might lead. Some calls are life-or-death, others hoaxes - and it's not always easy to tell the difference. The truth is often in the words her callers aren't saying - and it's only by listening hard and reaching out that Carrie can discover what's really going on. Working gruelling 12-hour shifts, the pace is furious, the pressure never lets up, and she finds herself juggling precious resources to try and help everyone in need. Whether it's a man intent on suicide, an more

  • Neil Warhurst

    Anthony Head stars in the BBC Radio sitcom about a team of brilliantly stupid scientists who are as bad at life as they are at science Hidden in the midst of a remote Surrey village (at the top of the hill, opposite Budgens) is top-secret scientific research institute Clayton Grange. There, a team of bumbling boffins, led by the keen but hopeless Professor Linden Saunders, try to fulfil their government brief to solve the global fuel crisis, cheer people up and make war just a bit more gentle. Sadly, they're as rubbish at science as they are at life - but they're not going to let mere incompetence stop them from pushing the boundaries of human knowledge. In these two series, more

  • Arnold Bennett

    Neil Dudgeon and Tim McInnerny star in this epic tale of money, passion and defiance, inspired by the 'Five Towns' novels of Arnold Bennett In this radical reinterpretation of Arnold Bennett's classic novels set in the Staffordshire potteries, it's the 19th Century and the Industrial Revolution is at full throttle. Only the ruthless thrive in this uncompromising world - and Ephraim Tellwright and Darius Clayhanger are both determined to succeed. From humble beginnings, these two self-made men have risen to become wealthy and powerful. Now, they hold the fate of the Five Towns in their hands, passing judgement on those who put the prosperity and reputation of their community more

  • Sarah Woods

    With George Monbiot, Paul Allen and Peter Harper. Have you got what it takes to get to zero carbon? Our expert panel set one average family the task of eliminating their carbon footprint... and living with the consequences. Originally broadcast in March 2009. Starring Kate Ashfield, Don Gilet, Poppy Lee Friar, Ryan Watson, Malcolm Tierney, Jonathan Tafler, Janice Acquah, and Stephen Hogan. Producer/Director: more

  • Chris Sugden

    Ten mind-altering tales from some of the best new drama writers There's a crack in reality. Our world has brushed up against another, and something is breaking through. Ordinary people are experiencing strange disruptions, as inexplicable events and bizarre elements from the other side start to interfere with their lives... A ghost soldier embarks on a time-travelling mission. A homeless woman discovers a portal to a parallel universe. A librarian becomes gradually invisible. A queue stretches across the North of England, as people wait years for an answer to one question. And a mother and daughter realise that someone - or something - is listening in on their conversations, more

  • Roy Williams

    Glenda Jackson stars in this compelling drama series inspired by Émile Zola's Rougon-Macquart series, highlighting different aspects of contemporary Britain In 2015, double Oscar winner Glenda Jackson made a triumphant return to acting in Radio 4's Blood, Sex and Money, a radical reimagining of Émile Zola's Rougon-Macquart cycle. Now, she reprises her role as matriarch/narrator in this eclectic mix of dramas inspired by Zola's novels, but set in modern Britain. Constance is confined to her sick bed and dying of motor neurone disease. Her body is paralysed, but her mind runs free, seeking out stories from the extended family she has long refused to acknowledge. As she delves more

  • Nathan Caton

    Can't Tell Nathan Caton Nothing tells the story of young, up-and-coming comedian Nathan Caton, who becomes the first in his family to graduate from University - only to opt for a career in comedy - much to his family's annoyance who want him to get a 'proper job' using his architecture degree. Can Nathan persuade his family to support his career choice? Janet a.k.a. Mum is probably the kindest and most lenient of the disappointed family members. At the end of the day she just wants the best for her son. However, she'd also love to brag and show her son off to her friends, but with Nathan only telling jokes for a living that's kind of hard to do. Martin a.k.a. Dad works in more

  • Zadie Smith

    A new novel from Zadie Smith, set in Northwest London  Somewhere in Northwest London stands Caldwell housing estate, relic of 70s urban planning. Five identical blocks, deliberately named: Hobbes, Smith, Bentham, Locke, and Russell. If you grew up here, the plan was to get out and get on, to something bigger, better. Thirty years later ex-Caldwell kids Leah, Natalie, Felix, and Nathan have all made it out, with varying degrees of succes—whatever that means. Living only streets apart, they occupy separate worlds and navigate an atomized city where few wish to be their neighbor’s keeper. Then one April afternoon a stranger comes to Leah’s door seeking help, more

  • NW

    Zadie Smith

    From the MAN BOOKER PRIZE- and WOMEN'S PRIZE-SHORTLISTED author of Swing Time, White Teeth and On Beauty - a masterful and intimate novel of modern London life 'A triumph. Every sentence sings' Guardian 'Intensely funny, richly varied, always unexpected. A joyous, optimistic, angry masterpiece' Daily Telegraph 'Smith's most satisfying novel. Funny, sexy, weird, full of acute social comedy. She's up there with the best around' Evening Standard Zadie Smith's brilliant tragicomic NW follows four Londoners - Leah, Natalie, Felix and Nathan - after they've left their childhood council estate, grown up and moved on to different lives. From private houses to public parks, at work more

  • Edith Wharton

    BBC radio productions of classic works by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Edith Wharton - plus two bonus documentaries American author Edith Wharton is renowned for her merciless satires of marriage and money, set in the upper-class milieu into which she was born. Included here are a superb selection of her novels, short stories and plays, recorded for BBC Radio - as well as two programmes exploring her life and work. The House of Mirth - Bewitching socialite Lily Bart is hunting for a wealthy husband - but time is running out... Starring June Barrie, Carole Mowlam and Keith Alexander. Madame de Treymes - John Durham's fight for the woman he loves sparks a confrontation with more

  • Sam Selvon

    Brought to you by Penguin. Sitting in his cramped basement room in Brixton, Battersby dreams of money, women, a T-bone steak - and a place to call his own. So he and a group of friends decide to save up and buy a house together. But amid grasping landlords, the temptations of spending money and the less-than-welcoming attitude of the Mother Country, can this motley group of hustlers and schemers, Trinidadians and Jamaicans, men and women make their dreams a reality? 'Irreverent, spirited ... a seriously funny novel' New York Review of Books 'Selvon's meticulously observed narratives of displaced Londoners' lives created a template for how to write about migrant, and postmigrant, more

  • Rick Stanton

    Brought to you by Penguin. THE ENTHRALLING INSIDE STORY OF THE THAI CAVE RESCUE 'They were utterly alone inside the mountain, isolated from the rest of the world. They might as well have been on another planet . . .' In July 2018, twelve boys and their football coach disappeared into Tham Luang Cave in Thailand. Trapped miles beneath the surface, not even the Thai Navy SEALs had the skills to bring them to safety. With the floodwater rising rapidly, time was running out . . . Any hope of survival rested on Rick Stanton, a retired Midlands firefighter with a living room full of homemade cave-diving equipment. As unlikely as it seemed, to those in the know, Rick and more

  • Virginia Woolf

    A treasure chest of timeless short stories by some of the world's greatest authors Suspense and horror 1 The Adventure of the Sussex Vampire - Arthur Conan Doyle 2 The Signalman - Charles Dickens 3 Lost Hearts - MR James 4 The Sealed Room - Arthur Conan Doyle. 5 Mrs Badgery - Wilkie Collins 6 Wailing Well - MR James 7 The Open Window - Saki 8 How it happened - Arthur Conan Doyle 9 The Tell-Tale Heart - Edgar Allan Poe 10 The Cone - HG Wells 11 A Haunted House - Virginia Woolf 12 Rats - MR James 13 The Oval Portrait - Edgar Allan Poe 14 Tarquin of Cheapside - F. Scott Fitzgerald 15 One Crowded Hour - Arthur Conan Doyle 16 The Mezzotint - MR James 17 The Masque of the more

  • Rick Stanton

    The enthralling inside story of the Tham Luang cave rescue in Thailand—told by the leader of the daring underwater rescue mission In July 2018, twelve boys and their soccer coach disappeared into the Tham Luang cave in Thailand. Trapped miles beneath the surface, not even the Thai Navy SEALs had the skills to bring them to safety. With the floodwater rising rapidly, time was running out. Any hope of survival rested on Rick Stanton, a retired British firefighter with a living room full of homemade cave-diving equipment. As unlikely as it seemed, Rick and his partner, John Volanthen, were regarded as the A-team for exactly this kind of mission. The Thai Cave rescue was more