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  • Soseki Natsume

    A painter walks to a hot spring in mountains. He meets an attractive more

  • Soseki Natsume

    The storyteller initially met Sensei at a bathing beach in Kamakura and later often visited Sensei in Tokyo. When Sensei was still young, his friend committed suicide, and Sensei visited his tomb every month. Only towards the end of his own life, Sensei comes to terms with his feelings of guilt. ( more

  • Soseki Natsume

    Botchan becomes a teacher in Matsuyama after he graduated from a school. He meets lots of trouble. After a month he quits the job and returns to more

  • Osamu Dazai

    In the spring of 1948, he was working on a novelette scheduled to be serialized in the Asahi Shimbun newspaper, titled Guddo bai (Goodbye). On 13 June 1948, Dazai and Tomie finally succeeded in killing themselves, drowning in the rain-swollen Tamagawa Canal near his house. Their bodies were not discovered until June 19, which by eerie coincidence was his 39th birthday. (Summary by Wikipedia) Proof listened by BubbleReader & Ana more

  • Soseki Natsume

    Garasudono uchi' is Natsume Soseki's last essay, which was written between 'Kokoro' & 'Michikusa'. (Summary more

  • Toson Shimazaki

    The author's second collection of children's stories. Fiction & Non fiction are included. He tells about his childhood at Magome in Nagano province. At the age of nine he left Magome and moved to Tokyo to study there. (Summary more

  • Soseki Natsume

    This is Soseki's last novel. He died while he was writing this novel. Tsuda and his wife Onobu married several months ago. Tsuda had a poor digestion and entered into a hospital. He often thinks about his ex-lover Kiyoko. - Summary more

  • Gan

    Ogai Mori

    The storyteller describes about the love between Okada (his friend) & Otama (a mistress of an usurer). Okada met Otama when he's walking around. ( more

  • Takeo Arishima

    A fisherman, who lives in Iwanai, Hokkaido, wishes to be a painter. He sends his works to a writer who then writes about his life. (Summary more

  • Tatsuo Hori

    A love story between a young man and a young lady. They are engaged but the heroine becomes sick. They go to a sanatorium, but she passes away. After a year he goes to the small village where they met, and he lives there during the winter. (Summary more

  • Soseki Natsume

    This is a collection of essays by Natsume Soseki. They were published in the Asahi Newspaper in 1909. Included are essays about daily life in Tokyo and his experiences in London. (Summary more

  • Katai Tayama

    This is a love story between writer (teacher) & a young female student. The scene is Tokyo. (Summary more

  • Hakuchō Masamune

    Suganuma Kenji, who graduated from the Faculty of Literature a year ago, works as a magzine reporter. He lives near Ueno with his 2 sisters and his parents. He lost interests in his job and he doesn't know where to go. He meets his former classmates and his professor. (Summary more

  • Ryūnosuke Akutagawa

    This is a romance between Syunnsuke (a university student) & Tatsuko. He saw her in the rain for the first time. In a week he met her again at a concert. They were introduced there.(Summary more

  • Kyoka Izumi

    A bonze walks from Hida to Matsumoto. On a mountain pass he encounters strange things. (Summary more

  • Sachio ItO

    This is a succeeding story to 'Tonari no Yome' (The neighbor's wife). Otoyo (the neighbor's wife) left the neighbor and returned to her parents' home. Syosaku (the hero) also returns from the family he married into. They can't give up each other. Finally they are allowed to marry. Syosaku goes to Tokyo to get a job. Otoyo will wait for 2 years. (Summary more

  • Takuboku Ishikawa

    The author is famous with Tanka (31-character poetry). But he also wrote several novels. He worked as a reporter at several newspapers. His experience reflects on this story. This is a story among reporters at a newspaper company in Tokyo. (Summary more

  • Osamu Dazai

    On new year's day 5 brothers & sisters write a story similar to Grimm Brothers' Rapunzel. (Summary more

  • Kyoka Izumi

    Two elderly men get off the train at Kuwana Station. They are on the way back from Ise to Tokyo and they stay at an inn in Kuwana. A young man, a travelling singer, rests at a noodle shop in Kuwana. The stories of the men parallel each other and merge at the end. The book has been translated into English as "A Song by Lantern Light". (Summary more

  • Ryūrō Hirotsu

    Yoshizato is a high-class prostitute, who lives in a Yoshiwara, where prostitution is legal. Hirata, one of her customers, leaves her and returns to his home town Okayama. She becomes very sad about this and thus treats another customer, Zenkichi, very coldly. But when she learns that Zenkichi lost his fortune because of her, she starts to treat him more warmly. But together, they don't have money and at last they commit suicide together. (Summary more