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  • Emma Thompson

    Dame Emma Thompson, DBE, is one of Britain's most acclaimed actresses and scriptwriters. In this collection we hear - in her own words - about her early career as a comic and scriptwriter. She discusses some of her most famous works, including Fortunes of War, Sense and Sensibility, Remains of the Day and Nanny McPhee, and explains how she has managed to remain grounded during her rise to fame as an actress. She also touches on more personal topics, including the importance of her family and friends in her life, the difficulty of being a woman in the world of Hollywood, her struggle with infertility and her charity work during the HIV and AIDs epidemic in Africa during the 1990s. more

  • Emma Thompson

    The unabridged, downloadable audiobook edition of The Further Tales of Peter Rabbit, a new tale written and read by Emma Thompson. In The Further Tale of Peter Rabbit, Peter's adventures take him beyond the boundaries of Mr McGregor's garden all the way to Scotland. Here he meets the gentle giant Finlay McBurney, a distant Scottish relative, and much entertainment ensues. Emma Thompson, Oscar-winning actress and screen writer, is a long time admirer of Beatrix Potter's tales. She has a talent for creating engaging narratives with a dry humour similar to Potter's own and is the perfect choice of author for this new Peter Rabbit tale, to be published 110 years after the more

  • Emma Thompson

    For the Green family, it's going to be a summer of hard work, blackmail...and flying pigs! The Green family is living quite happily on Deep Valley Farm until war breaks out. Father goes off to fight who knows where, the Greens' spoiled cousins come from the city to stay and someone threatens to take the farm from them. Just when it seems things can't get any worse, the piglets escape and the children get completely Out of Control. Only one person can be counted on in a situation like this: enter Nanny McPhee. But beware...Nanny McPhee is nothing like other nannies - and it's not just the warts! With wit and warmth, Emma Thompson, writer and star of Nanny McPhee Returns, recounts more

  • Emma Thompson

    Join Peter and other familiar Beatrix Potter friends in brand new adventures! In The Further Tale of Peter Rabbit, Peter ventures beyond Mr McGregor's garden all the way to Scotland where he meets his distant cousin Finlay McBurney and takes part in some Highland rabbit Games involving a very, very large radish. In The Christmas Tale of Peter Rabbit, Peter and his cousin Benjamin Bunny must step in to save their friend William - a turkey - from ending his Christmas on Mr McGregor's table! Finally, when a carnival comes to town in The Spectacular Tale of Peter Rabbit, Peter gets swept up in all the fun of the fair and finds that little girls can really be quite dangerous Collected for more

  • Richard Turner

    The complete first and second series of the Orwellian sitcom starring Robert Lindsay and David Threlfall In this parody of George Orwell’s dystopian classic, everyman Edward Wilson finds his life taking a sinister turn when he becomes embroiled in mysterious government machinations. Nineteen Ninety-Four sees our hero hired by the Ministry of the Environment. Probing a strange incident in Cumbria, he learns more about Sellingfield – a new town watched over by the guardians of consumerism. As his knack for blunt honesty gets him noticed (though not in a good way), he is put up for promotion (without really knowing why), and before long Edward is in charge of the Environment – more

  • Richard Stilgoe

    Songs, sketches and stand-up, recorded in front of a live audience on location Songwriter, broadcaster and award-winning entertainer Sir Richard Stilgoe goes out, about and around Britain in this amusing musical revue, which finds him taking a wry look at the pastimes and professions of our wayward island. In the company of a troupe of star guests including Sandi Toksvig, Emma Thompson, Kathryn Tickell, Pam Ayres and John Hegley, he visits locations ranging from the Boat Show to the City of London to perform a unique themed comedy show full of fun and laughter. Join him for some musings on booze at the World Wine Fair; a low-calorie look at life at Champney's heath spa; a selection more

  • Sally Phillips

    Comic monologue character studies by Sally Phillips and Lily Bevan, with star guests 'Seriously funny' Gillian Reynolds, Telegraph In this delightfully inventive series of short solo sketches, an eclectic range of unusual individuals find themselves cheerfully engaging in a deeply un-British activity: chatting to a stranger. And in each scenario, the silent recipient of their confidences is the listener themselves. We may encounter these garrulous souls in a lift or the post office queue, at a yoga class or café, or over the tannoy on the last train home. They may be a stranger you thought you knew, a stranger you've just met, or the only stranger in a more

  • Stephen Fry

    Stephen Fry’s influential BBC Radio 4 comedy series starring Hugh Laurie, Emma Thompson and Jim Broadbent. Dive into the complete first series of ‘Saturday Night Fry’ – the fragrance-free show with no additives or artificial colours – with Stephen Fry and his regular team, Hugh Laurie, Jim Broadbent and Emma Thompson. So, as the strain of Stephen’s last movement gradually fades, get ready for wit, wordplay and some surreal sketches. Remember, regular listeners will have no need of a high bran diet... ‘Saturday Night Fry’ was the precursor to ‘A Bit of Fry and Laurie’ and is said to have influenced Chris Morris’s ‘On the Hour’. Six splendid servings of more

  • B. J. Novak

    WITH SPECIAL APPEARANCES by Lena Dunham, Jenna Fischer, Mindy Kaling, Julianne Moore, Carey Mulligan, Katy Perry, Jason Schwartzman, Emma Thompson, and Rainn Wilson B.J. Novak's One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories is an endlessly entertaining, surprisingly sensitive, and startlingly original debut that signals the arrival of a brilliant new voice in American fiction. A boy wins a $100,000 prize in a box of Frosted Flakes—only to discover how claiming the winnings might unravel his family. A woman sets out to seduce motivational speaker Tony Robbins—turning for help to the famed motivator himself. A new arrival in Heaven, overwhelmed with options, procrastinates more

  • E.M. Forster

    First published in 1910, Howards End is the novel that earned E. M. Forster recognition as a major writer. Soon to be a limited series on Starz. At its heart lie two families—the wealthy and business-minded Wilcoxes and the cultured and idealistic Schlegels. When the beautiful and independent Helen Schlegel begins an impetuous affair with the ardent Paul Wilcox, a series of events is sparked—some very funny, some very tragic—that results in a dispute over who will inherit Howards End, the Wilcoxes' charming country home.  As much about the clash between individual wills as the clash between the sexes and the classes, Howards End is a more