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  • Cj Sansom

    A breathtaking BBC Radio 4 full-cast adaptation of the sixth novel in C. J. Sansom's best-selling Tudor crime series, featuring lawyer-detective Matthew Shardlake 1546, and the great heretic hunt is underway across England. The radical Protestant preacher Anne Askew has been arrested and condemned to death, and Shardlake is ordered to attend the burning. It's a grisly, cruel spectacle that leaves him feeling disturbed. Rumours are circulating that Anne had connections to his protector, Queen Catherine Parr - and if she falls, he could be next... His unease deepens when a messenger arrives from Whitehall Palace: the Queen is in trouble, and asking for his help. Unwilling to put more

  • Jane Austen

    In this BBC radio full-cast dramatisation of one of Jane Austen's most beloved works, the devoted Dashwood sisters are forced by tragic circumstances to set about the delicate task of finding suitable husbands... John Willoughby quickly and seemingly irreversibly captures Marianne's heart. Her sister Elinor finds few suitors, and even fewer reasons to open up in a society fuelled by social status... Published over 200 years ago, Sense and Sensibility remains one of the British nation's favourite novels. Among the star cast in this radio production are Amanda Hale, Olivia Hallinan, Deborah McAndrew, and Blake Ritson. This title is part of the BBC's Jane Austen collection. © more

  • Jane Austen

    In this BBC radio full-cast dramatisation of one of Jane Austen's most beloved works, Catherine Morland's overactive imagination makes her life more complicated than she would have wished... Catherine is obsessed with Gothic novels, often getting swept up by her taste for the dramatic and tragic. Did Mrs Tilney really die nine years previously, or has she been murdered or imprisoned in her chambers this whole time? Meanwhile she is torn between two suitors, the handsome and clever Henry Tilney and the arrogant John Thorpe.... Published over 200 years ago, Northanger Abbey remains one of the British nation's favourite novels. Among the star cast in this radio production are more

  • Jane Austen

    In this BBC radio full-cast dramatisation of Jane Austen's last fully completed novel, Anne Elliot gets a second chance at love... Anne was persuaded out of an engagement with the not-yet wealthy Captain Wentworth. The Elliot family are now close to financial ruin and are forced to rent out their family home, while Captain Wentworth has returned after making his fortune at sea. How the tables have turned... Published over 200 years ago, Persuasion remains one of the British nation's favourite novels. Among the star cast in this radio production are Juliet Stevenson, Tim Brierley, Sorcha Cusack, and Roger Hume. This title is part of the BBC's Jane Austen collection. © 2020 more

  • Jane Austen

    In this BBC radio full-cast dramatisation, Jane Austen introduces us to the handsome, clever and very flawed Emma Wodehouse. While she is perfectly content with her life and has no interest in love or marriage for herself, she enjoys nothing more than matchmaking those around her. Mr Knightly tries to talk Emma Woodhouse out of this but when she pushes on anyway, her life, and the lives of the friends around her, are irreversibly changed... Published over 200 years ago, Emma remains one of the British nation's favourite novels. Among the star cast in this radio production are Eve Best, Norman Rodway, Robert Bathurst, and Marcia Warren. This title is part of the BBC's Jane more

  • Danny Brocklehurst

    Hugo Speer stars as Manchester detective John Stone in the final two series of the hard-hitting detective drama DCI Stone and his team are faced with two more tricky, morally complex cases in these gritty five-part dramas, created by award-winning screenwriter Danny Brocklehurst. Series 8, Retribution: The Unravelling of a Murder, sees Stone grappling with grief after his wife's death, and struggling to look after his teenage daughter alone. DS Kelly, meanwhile, is preparing to get married, and feeling overwhelmed with wedding admin - but their personal lives are put on hold when the team is called to investigate a death at an inner-city hotel. How did respectable businessman more

  • John Galsworthy

    An epic BBC radio adaptation of John Galsworthy's complete Forsyte Chronicles, narrated by Dirk Bogarde and with an all-star cast 'Hallmarked with elegance and craftsmanship' The Evening Standard First broadcast in 1990, this monumental adaptation of John Galsworthy's Nobel Prize-winning novel series was a radio event. It was the most expensive drama serial ever produced, featured one of the biggest, most star-studded casts and dominated the Radio 4 schedules for over 5 months, attracting over a million listeners each week.Comprising all nine books in Galsworthy's Forsyte Chronicles, it spans 50 years - from 1886 to 1936 - and tells the irresistible story of an more

  • E.M. Forster

    Based on the classic novel by E M Forster, this epic full-cast drama is set against the backdrop of the British Raj and the Indian Independence movement during the 1920s. When Adela Quested and her companion Mrs Moore arrive in the Indian town of Chandrapore, they quickly feel trapped by its insular and prejudiced 'Anglo-Indian' community. Determined to escape the parochial English enclave and explore the 'real India', they seek the guidance of the charming and mercurial Dr Aziz, a cultivated Indian Muslim. Through them, Aziz becomes friends with Cyril Fielding. But a mysterious incident occurs when Aziz accompanies the women to explore the Marabar Caves, and the well-respected more

  • Jonathan Franzen

    In 2006, Bret Easton Ellis declared the novel 'one of the three great books of my generation.' This dramatisation of Jonathan Franzen's acclaimed, epic, award-winning novel revolves around the troubles of an elderly Midwestern couple and their three adult children, tracing their lives from the mid-20th century to 'one last Christmas' together near the turn of the millennium. A family saga, that sits against the backdrop of this century's changing face of America. The novel was published 10 days before 9/11 but is widely considered an observation of what happened to the American psyche after 9/11. It traces American societies, changing attitudes and standing on the world more

  • G.K. Chesterton

    Andrew Sachs stars as G.K. Chesterton's crime-solving cleric, whose unlikely methods make him one of the great heroes of the Golden Age of Detective Fiction With his black hat, huge umbrella, unworldly simplicity and 'beaming but breathless geniality', Father Brown is one of fiction's best-loved amateur detectives. Short and tatty, but with the wisdom and insight to unravel the most wayward of criminal minds, he has entertained generations. In this collection of 13 full-cast dramatisations, the High Priest of detection becomes involved in seven intriguing cases that will tax even his mental powers to the limit. The episodes are: The Blue Cross The Queer Feet The Eye of more

  • E.W. Hornung

    18 BBC Radio 4 full-cast dramatisations featuring Raffles, the 'gentleman thief' Jeremy Clyde stars as the cricket playing A. J. Raffles, with Michael Cochrane as his jeweller sidekick, Bunny. Together they embark upon a series of well-planned crimes against the highest of society. Based on the stories by E W Hornung, the episodes in this collection are: The Ides of March Gentlemen and Players A Costume Piece Nine Points of the Law Wilful Murder The Chest of Silver The Rest Cure The Criminologists' Club The Field of Philippi A Bad Night A Trap to Catch a Cracksman The Gift of the Emperor No Sinecure To Catch a Thief An Old Flame The Raffles Relics The Knees of more

  • Guy Jenkin

    Martin Jarvis stars in this BBC radio satire set in the competitive world of advertising Happiness... is a career in advertising. Or is it? Activist turned ad writer Ken Handley isn't so sure. Back in the day, he used to hitch-hike and attend peace protests. Now, he finds himself writing copy for the Conservative Party and extolling the virtues of products he hates - while also coping with a drunken boss, strait-laced colleagues and an overactive mind. Over three series, we follow his exploits and moral dilemmas as he grapples with the challenges of winning accounts, presenting to clients and dealing with the women in his life. A pitch for a motorway services chain drives him more

  • Neil Gaiman

    A brand new BBC Radio adaptation of Neil Gaiman's award-winning fairytale, merging Snow White and Sleeping Beauty to enchanting effect In a mountain kingdom far away, a young queen prepares for her wedding, believing her future is sealed. But when three dwarves bring news of a sleeping sickness sweeping across her realm, she knows she cannot stand by and do nothing. As a girl, she survived her own long, magical sleep, so she must try to turn back this new plague and save her people. Abandoning her bridal finery, she dons her armour instead, and rides out to a castle at the very heart of the sleeping lands. There, she finds a beautiful princess, sound asleep, and a very old woman, more

  • Edward Boyd

    David Ashton stars in this six-part vintage crime drama A small town in Galloway, on the south-west coast of Scotland. A house strangely unchanged since 1941. A dead nurse. And a lawyer with one million pounds in his bank account - and no idea how it got there... Peter Calman is in trouble. His legal firm is on the brink of bankruptcy, his secretary's handed in her notice and his bank manager has cut off his credit. Just when he thinks things can't get any worse, his ex-girlfriend Jenny calls, worried about her friend Tim Leighton. She's received a note, supposedly sent by him from an exclusive private hospital - but Tim is a penniless hermit, and illiterate. Though the more

  • Nigel Baldwin

    Dennis Waterman stars in this taut political thriller set in the wild hinterland of North Wales Roguish Londoner Milkie leaves a glittering society gala to do a favour for glamorous actress Beth Williams. But no good deed goes unpunished, as Milkie soon discovers when an unexpected trip to the Welsh mountains sees him embroiled in a murderous conspiracy. Nationalism is running riot in this corner of the country, and the local villages and towns have been rocked by arson and bloodshed. Breweries and newspaper offices have been torched, and now an old lady has been brutally beaten, her house ransacked. Suspicion falls on a group of fanatics called The Soldiers of the Red Dragon - more

  • Kay Stonham

    All ten episodes of the BBC radio comedy about three women who embrace the world of salsa while adjusting to life after cancer After their treatment for ovarian and breast cancer, Chippy is mad, Jill is sad and Terri is definitely dangerous to know! Seeking to regain their zest for life and love, they throw themselves into dance classes at Bad Salsa, the club where everyone knows your name but no-one knows your prognosis. As they try to deal with the many obstacles on the road back to normality - or at least, a 'new normal' - the three friends must get to grips with their own particular aftershocks, and face their own fears. Their brush with mortality has given them all a more

  • John Ford

    A visceral, revamped BBC radio production of John Ford's classic play about a doomed love between a brother and sister With its shocking portrayal of incest, intrigue and murder, this powerful Jacobean revenge drama scandalised audiences when it was first performed in the 1620s, and is still controversial today. When siblings Giovanni and Annabella embark on a passionate affair, Annabella falls pregnant with her brother's child. Knowing she must marry to protect her honour, she chooses one of the many suitors clamouring for her hand - but when her secret is revealed, the lovers are caught up in a bloody chain of events that culminate in a poisoning, a blinding, a stabbing and a more

  • Simon Brett

    Paula Wilcox and David Wood star in this BBC Radio sitcom about an upwardly mobile husband and wife climbing the social ladder in suburbia Helen and Ben have recently moved into a lovely semi-detached house in an up-and-coming area, and are eager to restore their home to its original character (complete with open fireplace in the living room and milkmaid's yoke on the wall). They're also keen to host dinner parties and mix with the right sort of people - to the bafflement of their elderly neighbour, Mrs Kelly, who's lived in the neighbourhood all her life and preferred it before it filled up with middle-class incomers. In these twelve episodes, Ben and Helen join an action more

  • Philip Palmer

    A gritty thriller set behind the Iron Curtain in 1960s Hungary Budapest, 1964. Special Investigator Bertalan Lázár and his wife, spymaster Franciska Lázár, face formidable challenges as they try to navigate a path through the dangerous underworld of Cold War-era Hungary. Catching the criminals is difficult enough, but there are other more threatening battles raging in higher places. In these eight episodes, Bertalan prepares to fight a turf war as he tries to find a child killer, investigates a seemingly straightforward case of GBH that leads him to a rogue cop, and enters the uncharted territory of Budapest's underground drugs scene after a rock musician is found dead. more

  • Malorie Blackman

    A thrilling adaptation of Malorie Blackman's bestselling novel about young love in a dystopian world Callum and Sephy have known each other since they were babies. His Mum used to work for hers as housekeeper, and they played together and became best friends. Then Callum's mother lost her job, and they had to start meeting in secret. Because Callum is a Nought - a second class citizen - and Sephy a Cross, one of the elite. And Noughts and Crosses can't mix... In this segregated society, Noughts are nonentities - discriminated against, denigrated, denied decent education. But now Callum's passed the entrance exams and been allowed into Sephy's posh school. Surely this is his first more