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  • John Piper

    John Piper examines the book of Ruth's relevant, unchanging themes and its dangerous ability to inspire twenty-first-century readers in the cause more

  • John Piper

    Reflecting on forty years of matrimony, John Piper exalts the biblical meaning of marriage over its emotion, exhorting couples to keep their covenant for all the best reasons. Even in the days when people commonly stayed married “’til death do us part,” there has never been a generation whose view of marriage was high enough, says Pastor John Piper. That is all the more true in our casual times. Though personal selfishness and cultural bondage obstruct the wonder of God’s purpose, it is found in God’s Word, where his design can awaken a glorious vision capable of freeing every person from small, Christ-ignoring, romance-intoxicated views. As Piper explains more

  • Donald S. Whitney

    It's not uncommon for an accomplished musician to be able to sit down in front of a new piece of music and play it through without a hitch. To make it seem easy, as if it required no effort. Yet the 'freedom' to play with such skill comes only after years of disciplined practice. // In the same way, the freedom to grow in godliness to naturally express Christ's character through your own personality is in large part dependent on a deliberate cultivation of the spiritual disciplines. // Far from being legalistic, restrictive, or binding, as they are often perceived, the spiritual disciplines are actually the means to unparalleled spiritual liberty. So if you'd like to embark on more

  • Adam Begley

    A masterful, much-anticipated biography of oneof the most celebrated figures in American literature: Pulitzer Prize-winningauthor John Updike-a candid, intimate, and richly detailed look at his life andwork In this magisterial biography, Adam Begleyoffers an illuminating portrait of John Updike, the acclaimed novelist, poet,short-story writer, and critic who saw himself as a literary spy in small-townand suburban America, who dedicated himself to the task of transcribing"middleness with all its grits, bumps, and anonymities." Updike explores the stages ofthe writer's pilgrim's progress: his beloved home turf of Berks County,Pennsylvania; his escape to Harvard; his brief, busy working more

  • Julian Bell

    A passionate account of the tortured life and tragic death of the greatest artist of the nineteenth century, by renowned critic and painter Julian Bell.Van Gogh is a vivid portrait of the great Impressionist painter that traces his life from the Netherlands, where he was born into a family of art dealers, through his years in England, the Hague, and Paris, to his final home in Arles, where he discovered the luminous style of his late paintings before his suicide at the age of thirty-seven.Van Gogh struggled to find his way as an artist: Well into his mid-twenties he had achieved virtually nothing except a few charcoal drawings of coal miners. Afflicted by mental illness and a more

  • Will Durant

    The final and most personal work from Pulitzer Prize-winningauthor and historian Will Durant-discovered thirty-two years after his death-isa message of insight for everyone who has sought meaning in life or the councilof a wise friend in navigating life's journey. From 1968 to 1978, Will Durant made four public allusions tothe existence of Fallen Leaves. One, in 1975, hinted at its contents: "anot very serious book that answers the questions of what I think aboutgovernment, life, death, and God." And in 1975: "I answer all theimportant questions, simply, fairly, and imperfectly." Even into his nineties,he worked on the book daily, writing it out on legal notepads. Upon more

  • Andrea Camilleri

    The NewYork Times bestselling authorof the Inspector Montalbano series brings us back to Vigàta in the nineteenthcentury for a rip-roaring comic novel. 1870s, Sicily. Muchto the displeasure of Vigàta's stubborn populace, the town has just beenunified under the Kingdom of Italy. They're now in the hands of a newgovernment they don't understand and definitely don't like. EugenioBortuzzi has been named prefect for Vigàta, a regional representative from theItalian government to oversee the town. But the rowdy and unruly Siciliansdon't care much for this rather pompous mainlander nor the mediocre opera he'shell-bent on producing in their new municipal theater. The Brewer ofPreston, more

  • Maurizio de Giovanni

    Naples, 1932. A week before Easter, springtime offers fragrant temptations to the men and women of Naples—but evil also lurks in the sweet-smelling spring air. At the high-class brothel in the center of town known as Paradiso, Viper, the most famous prostitute of all, is found dead after being suffocated with a pillow. Her last client swears that he left her alive and well. But when her next client arrived, he found her dead. Who killed her and why? Ricciardi must untangle a complex knot of greed, frustration, jealousy, and rancor in order to solve the riddle of Viper’s death. As he does, he will discover an endless trail of conflicting emotions just beneath the surface of a city more

  • Andrea Camilleri

    Andrea Camilleri's Inspector Montalbano novels have becomean international sensation, with fans eagerly awaiting each new installment. Inthis eighteenth book of the New YorkTimes bestselling series, someone is toying with Italy's favoritedetective. Inspector Montalbano and his colleagues are stumped when twobombs explode outside empty warehouses-one of which is connected to a big-timedrug dealer. Meanwhile, the alluring Liliana Lombardo is trying to seduce the inspector over red wine and arancini. Between pesky reporters, amorous trysts,and cocaine kingpins, Montalbano feels as if he's being manipulated on allfronts. That is, until the inspector himself becomes the prime suspect more

  • Maurizio De Giovanni

    Naples, 1931. A bitter wind stalks the city streets, and murder lies at its chilled heart. When Maestro Vezzi, one of the world's greatest tenors, is found brutally murdered in his dressing room at Naples' famous San Carlo theater, the enigmatic and aloof Commissario Ricciardi is called to investigate. Arrogant and bad-tempered, Vezzi was hated by many. But with the livelihoods of the opera at stake, who would have committed such a callous act? Ricciardi and his loyal colleague Maione are determined to discover the truth, but Ricciardi carries a secret of his own. Will it help him solve more

  • Will Durant

    The Age of Voltaire, the ninthvolume of the Story of Civilization, is an in-depth examination of France and England inthe first half of the eighteenth century. In this masterful work, listenerswill encounter the English ideas thatinspired the Enlightenment in France-skepticism, scientific experiment,constitutional government, "natural rights," and individual liberty; the salons of Paris,where the wits and thinkers of all Europe gathered to exchange ideas; the philosophes-intellectuals, playwrights, and poets whoconsulted and consorted with kings and queens; Voltaire himself-theincarnation of the Enlightenment and a devotee of reason who still defendedreligious faith; Mme. Pompadour, more

  • Maurizio de Giovanni

    Ricciardihas visions. He sees and hears the final seconds in the lives of victims ofviolent deaths. It is both a gift and a curse. It has helped him become one ofthe most acute and successful homicide detectives in the Naples police force.But all that horror and suffering has hollowed him out emotionally: He drinksand doesn't sleep. Other than his loyal partner Brigadier Maione he has nofriends. Naples,1931. In a working-class apartment in the Sanita neighborhood, an elderly womanby the name of Carmela Calise has been beaten to death. When Ricciardi andMaione arrive at the scene they start asking the neighbors questions. No onewants to talk, but slowly a few interesting facts slip more

  • Olive Ann Burns

    Cold Sassy Tree is the undeniably entertaining and extraordinarily moving account of small-town Southern life in a bygone era. Brimming with characters who are wise and loony, unimpeachably pious and deliciously irreverent, Olive Ann Burns’ charming tale is a classic. One thing you could depend on in Cold Sassy, Georgia, was that word got around—fast. If the preacher’s wife’s petticoat showed, the ladies would make the talk last a week. But on July 5, 1906, things took a scandalous turn. That was the day E. Rucker Blakeslee, proprietor of the general store and barely three weeks a widower, eloped with Miss Love Simpson—a woman half his age and, worse yet, more

  • Maurizio de Giovanni

    Naples, 1931. Together with his indefatigable partner Brigadier Maione, Commissario Ricciardi, a man driven into solitude by his paranormal “gift” of seeing the final seconds in the lives of victims of violent deaths—a talent that also makes him a highly effective investigator—is conducting an investigation into the death of the beautiful and mysterious Duchess of Camparino. The duchess’ connections to Neapolitan privileged social circles and the local fascist elite make the case a powder keg waiting to blow. “A wonderfully suspenseful novel in which de Giovanni restores life to the cliché of the world-weary detective.”—Kirkus Reviews (starred review) on more

  • David Rosenfelt

    A lawyer by day-and then only when he's forced to take on new cases-Andy Carpenter's true passion is the Tara Foundation, the dog rescue organization he runs with his friend Willie Miller. So it's frightening when Willie calls him to say the alarm has gone off at the foundation building, and there's clearly been a break-in. It turns out that a recently rescued dog, nicknamed Cheyenne since her arrival at the foundation, has been stolen. Andy and Willie track the missing dog to a house in downtown Paterson, New Jersey and sure enough, they find the dog...standing right next to a dead body. The man had been gruesomely murdered mere minutes before Andy and Willie arrived. Could it be more

  • Will Durant

    At Will Durant's death in 1981, his personal papers were dispersed among relatives, collectors, and archive houses. Twenty years later, scholar John Little discovered the previously unknown manuscript of Heroes of History in Durant's granddaughter's garage. Written shortly before he died, these twenty-one essays serve as an abbreviated version of Durant's bestselling, eleven-volume series, The Story of Civilization. Durant traces the lives and ideas of those who have helped to define civilization, from Confucius to Shakespeare, from the Roman Empire to the Reformation, spanning thousands of years of human history. A volume of life-enhancing wit and wisdom, Heroes of History draws more

  • Robert A. Caro

    Master of the Senate, Book Three of The Years of Lyndon Johnson, carries Johnson’s story through one of its most remarkable periods: his twelve years, from 1949 to 1960, in the United States Senate. At the heart of the book is its unprecedented revelation of how legislative power works in America, how the Senate works, and how Johnson, in his ascent to the presidency, mastered the Senate as no political leader before him had ever done.   It was during these years that all Johnson’s experience—from his Texas Hill Country boyhood to his passionate representation in Congress of his hardscrabble constituents to his tireless construction of a more

  • Jeff Shaara

    In Rise to Rebellion, bestselling author Jeff Shaara captured the origins of the American Revolution as brilliantly as he depicted the Civil War in Gods and Generals and The Last Full Measure. Now he continues the amazing saga of how thirteen colonies became a nation, taking the conflict from kingdom and courtroom to the bold and bloody battlefields of war. It was never a war in which the outcome was obvious. Despite their spirit and stamina, the colonists were outmanned and outfought by the brazen British army. General George Washington found his troops trounced in the battles of Brooklyn and Manhattan and retreated toward Pennsylvania. With the future of the colonies at its lowest ebb, more

  • H. W. Brands

    By the Author of the Bestselling Pulitzer Prize Finalist THE FIRST AMERICAN THEY WENT WEST TO CHANGE THEIR LIVES AND IN THE BARGAIN THEY CHANGED THE WORLD. THIS IS THE EXTRAORDINARY STORY OF THE MEN AND WOMEN OF THE GOLD RUSH. When gold was first discovered on the American River above Sutter's Fort in January 1848, California was sparsely populated frontier territory not yet ceded to the United States from Mexixo. The discovery triggered a massive influx as hundreds of thousands of people scrambled to California in search of riches, braving dangerous journeys across the Pacific, around Cape Horn, and through the Isthmus of Panama, as well as across America's vast, more

  • Will Durant

    The authors devoted five decades to the study of world history and philosophy, culminating in the masterful eleven-volume Story of Civilization. In this compact summation of their work, Will and Ariel Durant share the vital and profound lessons of our collective past. Their perspective, gained after a lifetime of thinking and writing about the history of humankind, is an invaluable resource for us today. The rare archival recordings of the Durants in conversation, made from 1957-1977, illuminate our present condition and offer insightful guidance for more