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  • James Brendan Connolly

    A vivid and unforgettable portrayal of the hard lives of New England fishermen...The tough captain of a vessel is working his crew extremely hard. So hard that one member pays with his life. A close friend of the deceased fisherman decides to take his place on board the vessel. Will he survive, facing off with both the skipper and more

  • James Oliver Curwood

    Engineer and our hero, Jack, is directed into the depths of the Canadian wilderness to construct a train route where all of the other previous men have failed or inexplicably disappeared... From one of the masters of the adventure and western genres comes a stunning and suspenseful tale that even manages to throw in a nice all be it mysterious romance into more

  • James Oliver Curwood

    A Royal Canadian Police Officer stumbles upon mystery, love and adventure during his pursuit of a giant madman and killer, moving across the snowy wilderness with wolves for sled dogs. This is for pure and unadulterated lovers of rugged action and adventure, with a nice side order more

  • James Oliver Curwood

    An adventure classic with a thrilling situation: a young white man, his half breed friend, and an Indian sage who communes with the wilderness, are in search of a treasure hidden somewhere in the north Canadian wilderness. But is the map reliable? This work is crammed with almost nonstop adventure more

  • James Oliver Curwood

    A sergeant of the Canadian Northwest Mounted and his partner are hunting an elusive killer and his wife through a freezing and harsh world... This story possesses all of the great essentials that make up a good adventure tale! Old fashioned sense of nobility, falling in love, losing love, suspense, tragedies and ultimate happiness regained as the listener gets entangled in the story which is full of twists more

  • James Oliver Curwood

    Along with the fight for survival in the wild, comes a poignant melodrama with a side order of mystery! A beautiful young wife dies shortly after giving birth to a girl. She is appeased by the lovely violin playing of a starving boy who came to their cabin for food. The mystery of the violin player's past and how his life connects with those in the small trading village is what makes this tale more

  • James Hay

    This is an effective mystery and detective yarn that will please fans of the classic genre. What's that old saying? Never trust a beautiful woman...perhaps, perhaps not. A typical set up in the classical Agatha Christie style; a detective visiting a manor is suddenly forced to examine the murder of a young woman on the grounds, and everyone there- including himself - might be up for grabs as potential killer; as alibis start to crumble and lies and more

  • James Oliver Curwood

    A bear cub named Niwa gets separated from his mother and meets a hunter and his faithful dog, Miki. The dog and the cub quickly go into the wild, tough. Niwa uses the teachings his mother thought him to survive, and Miki uses both his instincts and Niwa's methods to do the same. The two become friends. But sooner or later a bear must hibernate... This is a cheering and wonderful nature story where the listener is immeasurably rewarded by getting to hear the narration of both a dog and more

  • James Oliver Curwood

    This wonderfully old-fashioned adventure, love and detective story set in the Northern Canadian wilderness of the early 1900's will entertain and charm the listener like no other! The hero has to save his business from unfamiliar enemies and in the process falls in love with an attractive young woman who lives in a mysterious hidden more

  • James Oliver Curwood

    David Carrigan, a Royal Northwest Canadian Mounty always gets the job done. Or does he? Will he catch Black Roger Audemard and escape his captors as they traverse thousands of miles of Northern rivers and forests? A classic, escapist adventure action saga with all the right ingredients - suspense, atmosphere, action, good characters more

  • James Oliver Curwood

    A suspenseful work filled with everything we want from an adventurous, mysterious romance and murder puzzle! A North Canadian police officer makes a deathbed confession to a murder that an innocent man is going to die for... A beautiful, secretive young woman knows something about the case, but has her motive to keep this hidden from everyone except the Chief of Police, who has reasons of his own for everything to just more

  • James Oliver Curwood

    In the early 1900's, Jolly Roger McKay, a big-hearted outlaw who never hurt a fly, is pursued for years by the Royal Northwest Mounties, through the Northwest Canadian wilderness. At one of his hiding places, he falls in love with a local young woman, Nada, but feels inferior to her. The puppy Peter, devoted to both the outlaw and Nada, follows him through everything; as we listeners wonder if they will ever more

  • James B. Hendryx

    Carter Brent, alcoholic gambler and Yukon gold finder, strikes real gold as he meets a beautiful young half-breed girl called Snowdrift. They experience adventures and hardships of all sorts, both physical and psychological. A captivating tale of ultimate redemption and the finding more

  • Federal Bureau Of Investigation

    Through the U.S. Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) this series of communications has been made available to the public for the first time! Most of the files have been redacted with names left out, but most of the sightings in 1947 can be known by listening to the ongoing correspondence at the time between the FBI and diverse U.S. Government and military establishments. Essential listening for both history buffs and fans more

  • Mary Raymond Shipman Andrews

    A deceptively simple, but in fact timeless, universal and profound story about a young man making personal amends for disappointing everyone around him, from family to school; but, perhaps most importantly, himself. It moves us and makes us think with the simplicity, charm and clarity of an old, more

  • Anna Katharine Green

    A classic detective story with twists and turns! Mr. Stoughton's vault has been robbed... How did this happen? How come he himself is clueless about how to access it? What is going on with the singing? Or with the stenographer? Nothing in this mess appears to make much sense, but the patient listener will enjoy both the confusion and more

  • Francis Marion Crawford

    A nautical mystery unfolds for the listener, raising more puzzling questions than immediate answers: a boat crew find themselves short of one crew member (supposedly a twin brother) after a storm. But was it really the twin brother that went overboard? Why is his presence felt so strongly in that case? What happened during that fateful night? Who is more

  • Ouida

    A moving and fascinating story by Ouida. The boy Nello and his dog Patrasche live in a small village near Antwerp, with the boy's grandfather. It is also the place where Nello's hero, the painter Rubens, used to work. The boy and the dog lead a hard life filled with hunger and setbacks, but find strength and relief in each other, more

  • Hamlin Garland

    The story's hero, Clement, is a man with a past. Should he reveal to his newly found love his secrets? Will it be worth jeopardizing the happiness of the short time they will have together, since the young woman is, presumably, fatally ill? A romance set in a border mining town in Colorado, this novel is for those of us who are incorrigible romantics more

  • Robert Smythe Hichens

    A terrifying story of spiritual reincarnation and transference that grabs the listener from the start and never lets go. It plays out very much in the style of psychological horror master Edgar Alan Poe: a sinister atmosphere, a character in distress, scary and inexplicable things happening... The narrator as a troubled and slightly sadistic young man is forced to live with his grandmother. Resenting the situation, he takes it out on her blue eyed cat. Soon both grandmother and cat die. Seventeen years later our narrator meets a beautiful, young, intensely blue eyed woman that becomes his wife; initially all is well; but when they move into the grandmother's house, the young bride starts more