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  • Lynne Reid Banks

    A full-cast adaptation of Lynne Reid Banks' bestselling novel, plus sequel The Backward Shadow and more Award-winning author Lynne Reid Banks is perhaps best known for her classic children's book The Indian in the Cupboard. But it was her groundbreaking debut novel for adults, The L-Shaped Room, that made her name. First published in 1960, it was an instant success, and has been in print ever since. This collection contains both The L-Shaped Room and sequel The Backward Shadow, as well as two stories specially written for BBC radio and a bonus edition of Bookclub. The L-Shaped Room - Jane is young, middle-class, single - and pregnant. Thrown out by her parents, she rents a more

  • Benedict Flynn

    The popularity of Robin Hood endures for ever. In this bright re-telling for audiobook by Benedict Flynn, complete with sound effects, Robin Hood steals from the rich and gives to the poor, faces and overcomes the Sheriff of Nottingham, is supported by Little John and Alan a'Dale, and meets Maid Marian. But the drama and the danger are ever present, and sadness is not more

  • Jenny Stephens

    A collection of futuristic sci-fi dramas From acclaimed director and scriptwriter Jenny Stephens, here are a trio of sensational science fiction serials: supernatural espionage thriller Project Raphael, its sequel Project Archangel, and the dark, dystopian Jefferson 37. All feature a full cast of veteran actors including Dan Hagley, Emily Chennery, Sunny Ormonde, John Flitcroft, Oliver Hembrough and Dharmesh Patel. Project Raphael - Deep in the heart of Yorkshire, British Intelligence are working with 'revenants' - spies from beyond the grave - in a bid to learn the secrets of the mysterious Nablovski Colony. But recently deceased agent Raphael is proving hard to find. Desperate more