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  • June Whitfield

    A compilation covering June Whitfield's radio career of over half a century, incorporating comedy series such as Take It From Here, The Navy Lark, Round the Horne, Hancock's Half Hour, The Frankie Howerd Show and The News Huddlines, and appearances as Agatha Christie's more

  • Tony Hare

    All six episodes of the radio series spoofing the adventures of the famous sleuth Deep in the bowels of the British Museum, a locked leather portmanteau is unearthed. Contained within it is a rare treasure: the hitherto unpublished journals of Dr John H Watson... Prepare to be amazed and amused as he recounts his escapades with Sherlock Holmes, England's greatest detective, master of disguise and toffee-nosed ponce. In The Case of the Clockwork Fiend, the duo delves into a series of bizarre deaths linked to new-fangled inventions. Their inquiries lead to Fark Hall, and the eminent explorer Orinoco Quills... The Mystery of the Obese Escapologist sees them probing the murky world more

  • Ray Galton & Alan Simpson

    A compendium of radio sitcoms and retrospectives celebrating the legendary duo Ray Galton and Alan Simpson were Britain's best-loved and most successful comedy writing partners. Together, they created two of the greatest sitcoms of all time, Hancock's Half Hour and Steptoe and Son. This compilation brings together some of the finest programmes from their 60-year career, as well as interviews with them both. Galton & Simpson's Half Hour comprises four comedy dramas: You'll Never Walk Alone (starring Frank Skinner), Impasse (starring David Mitchell and Robert Webb), I Tell You It's Burt Reynolds (starring Rik Mayall and June Whitfield) and The Blood Donor (a remake of the more

  • Gerald Frow

    Three charming comedy series starring the dear ladies of a musical bent, Dr Evadne Hinge and Dame Hilda Bracket Meet Hinge and Bracket, the delightful double act brought to sublime life by George Logan and Patrick Fyffe. Lifelong companions and musical collaborators, they enjoy nothing more than performing around the piano together, and trading light-hearted banter spiced with comic innuendo and a double entendre or two. Collected here are the very best of their radio appearances, including the pilot episode and first series of The Enchanting World of Hinge and Bracket. From their home in the genteel Suffolk village of Stackton Tressel, the pair embark on a variety of more

  • Frank Muir

    Four episodes from the much-loved radio show starring Dick Bentley, Jimmy Edwards, June Whitfield, and Wallas EatonTake It from Here was one of the most influential radio shows of all time, sweeping in a new era of comedy and introducing an enduring pair of writers: bright young things Frank Muir and Denis Norden. Their literate scripts, and the madcap adventures of Dick Bentley, 'Professor' Jimmy Edwards, and June Whitfield, ensured 11 years of classic capers. Who could forget the barrage of puns, the Take It from Here 'Oscar'-winning screen skits, and the hilarious weekly reports on the marathon engagement of the drippy Ron and the doting Eth of The Glums? 'Oh, Ron!' and the more

  • Agatha Christie

    June Whitfield returns as the deceptively mild spinster sleuth in three full-cast BBC Radio 4 dramatisations. Specially broadcast to mark the 125th anniversary of Agatha Christie’s birth, these brand new dramas are based on three of her best short stories. Tape-Measure Murder: When Mrs Spenlow is murdered in St Mary Mead, the village gossips all agree that her husband must have killed her – until Miss Marple is called as an alibi… The Case of the Perfect Maid: Miss Marple investigates the problem of a lady’s maid who has been mysteriously sacked – while also helping her crime writer nephew Raymond West to cure his writer’s block. Sanctuary: Miss Marple and more

  • Mike Coleman

    June Whitfield and Roy Hudd star as singing sweethearts who attempt a comeback in this hilarious BBC Radio 4 sitcom Tommy Franklin and Sheila Parr, winners of the 1962 Eurovision Song Contest, find themselves unexpectedly thrust back into the limelight. The trouble is, they can no longer stand the sight of one another. As fame beckons for a second time, they must put aside their differences to deal with publicity problems, a threat from Tommy’s dodgy past and their sneaky agent’s scheme to sell off their back catalogue. Plus, they hit stormy waters performing on a cruise ship, test their memories by writing their memoirs, set out to launch a train company and try to sort out more

  • Chris Emmett

    Fun for all the family in this BBC Radio 2 pantomime starring Terry Wogan, Kenneth Connor, Frank Thornton, June Whitfield, Nerys Hughes, Maureen Lipman and Jimmy Young. The King and Queen are delighted to have Rosebud as their baby daughter. But her christening ceremony is rudely interrupted by the Wicked Fairy Carabosse, who gives the baby a gift she won’t forget. If Rosebud pricks her finger and spills a drop of blood she will then fall into the deepest sleep of all. And only a seventh son of a seventh son can break the spell... Starring Terry Wogan, Kenneth Connor, Frank Thornton, June Whitfield, Nerys Hughes, Maureen Lipman - and guest starring Jimmy Young - this classic panto more

  • Andy Merriman

    June Whitfield stars as the indomitable actress Margaret Rutherford in a tale of chimpanzees, Jordanian Princes, an adoring husband and falling in love with a musician 30 years her junior. First broadcast in BBC Radio 4's Afternoon Drama slot. With June Whitfield as Margaret, Ryan McCluskey as Malcolm, Sean Baker as Stringer, Gabrielle Lloyd as Rumer, Adeel Akhtar as Prince Juan, Lloyd Thomas as the driver, Sally Orrock as the chimp trainer and Sam Dale as the doctor. Written by Andy Merriman. Directed by more

  • Michael Dines

    A historical comedy romp sketch show starring Roy Hudd A hilarious comedy show from the 1990s, featuring a famous historical moment retold with a modern twist by outstanding classic comedy performers, including the tales of King Arthur, Queen Victoria, Helen of Troy and King Charles II. Silly and knowing, Crowned Hudds is perfect for fans of Like They've Never Been Gone, Revolting People and The Newly Discovered Casebook of Sherlock Holmes. Starring comedy household names Roy Hudd, June Whitfield and Chris Emmett and directed by Richard Wilson and filmed in front of a live audience, this is a classic BBC Radio comedy. Production credits Written by Michael Dines Produced more

  • Kenneth Grahame

    The abridged, downloadable audiobook edition of Kenneth Graham's much-loved classic, The Wind in the Willows, read by James Saxon, June Whitfield, Nigel Anthony and Nigel Lambert. When Mole goes boating with Ratty instead of doing his spring-cleaning, he discovers a whole new world. As well as adventures on the river and in the Wild Wood, there are high jinks on the open road with that reckless ruffian, Mr Toad of Toad Hall. Ratty, Mole, Badger and Toad become the firmest of friends, but after Toad's latest escapade, can they join together and beat the wretched weasels once and more

  • Agatha Christie

    The pleasant village of Market Kindle in the south of England is home to Stoneygates, a school for delinquent boys housed in a Victorian mansion belonging to the rich and elderly Carrie Louise Serrocold and her husband Lewis. When Miss Marple pays her old friend Carrie Louise a visit, she immediately senses that something is wrong at the school. Two gunshots, heard from behind the locked study door, seem to confirm her suspicions. Whilst Lewis Serrocold escapes this attempt on his life, however, the visiting Mr Gulbrandsen has met a grisly fate elsewhere in the house. What did Mr Gulbrandsen know to make him a target for murder? Who has been trying to poison Carrie Louise with arsenic? more

  • Agatha Christie

    Jane Marple is being treated to a few days' holiday by her niece, staying at Bertram's Hotel - a dignified, establishment tucked away in a back street of busy Mayfair. It is a place where sedate upper-class ladies, retired military gentlemen and the higher echelons of the clergy can indulge in the comforts of a bygone age. But Miss Marple begins to feel uneasy. Something sinister lurks beneath the polished veneer. Why are so many major crimes associated in some way with the hotel and those eminently respectable people staying there? Instead of rest and relaxation, Miss Marple finds herself hard at work as she attempts to discover what goes on behind closed doors. Siân Phillips more

  • Agatha Christie

    The tiny Caribbean island of St Honoré is a tropical paradise. But for Miss Marple, enjoying a well-earned rest from her busy life in the village of St. Mary Mead, it is a place where nothing ever seems to happen. Then old Major Palgrave tells her the strange story of a suspected double murderer. As rumours begin to circulate, the elderly sleuth is not alone in suspecting that things are not as they seem. And when a death that is indisputably murder occurs, Miss Marple finds an unlikey ally in the cantankerous crippled millionaire Mr Rafiel. Together, can the pair discover the truth? June Whitfield stars as Miss Marple with Windsor Davies as Major Palgrave in this BBC Radio more

  • Chris Emmett

    Five delightful pantomimes featuring musical numbers, silly jokes and fun for all the family! In Puss In Boots, young Tom dreams of winning the heart of Princess Rose Petal. Can Puss in Boots help Tom defeat Baron Skinflint and his greedy ogre, and win the princess’ heart? Aladdin is a happy peasant boy. But the wicked Abanazar needs his help, as only Aladdin can enter the secret cave to find a very special lamp… In Mother Goose, Jack and Jill are in love and want to get married. Will their wish come true, thanks to a magical goose which lays golden eggs? Dick Whittington has come to London to seek his fortune. It seems his luck is changing – until the evil King more

  • Agatha Christie

    June Whitfield stars as Miss Marple in seven suspenseful full-cast radio dramatisations. The Moving Finger Miss Marple must find out who is behind an outbreak of hate mail and a tragic death. They Do It With Mirrors Visiting an old friend at Stoneygates School, Miss Marple senses danger. Nemesis A posthumous letter sends the spinster sleuth on a mystery tour to find a murderer. Sleeping Murder What is the dark secret behind Gwenda Reed's uncanny intuition? Miss Marple investigates... Tape-Measure Murder A wife is killed, her husband is under suspicion - and Miss Marple is called to provide an alibi. The Case of the Perfect Maid The sharp-witted sleuth looks into more

  • Agatha Christie

    After the death of her husband, Dolly Bantry sold Gossington Hall to the former film star Marina Gregg and her husband. When the glamorous couple decide to throw a benefit party for the local hospital, the grounds are thronged with curious visitors, and for one of them, the day ends in tragedy. As Marina is serving cocktails in the house, she is cornered by the excitable Heather Babcock, who chatters away about their former meeting about eleven years ago before spilling her daiquiri all over herself and Marina. Ever the gracious hostess, Marina offers her own untouched drink to Mrs Babcock - only to look on, horrified, as the lady dies in front of her. It is up to Miss Marple to more

  • Agatha Christie

    Miss Marple, living a quiet life in St Mary Mead, is saddened to hear of the death of Jason Rafiel. Not that they were friends - the old financier was much too irascible and self-centred for friendship - but they had once been allies in solving a series of murders that took place on the tiny Caribbean island of St Honoré. She is therefore greatly surprised by a summons to the dead man's solicitor, where she receives a bizarre challenge in the form of a posthumous letter. According to Mr Rafiel, a crime has been committed, and her task is to investigate and solve it. If she succeeds, she stands to inherit twenty thousand pounds. But what is the crime, and who was involved? more

  • Agatha Christie

    In the sleepy little English country village of St Mary Mead, all is not as it seems. Under a seemingly peaceful exterior lurks intrigue, guilt, deception - and murder. Colonel Protheroe, local magistrate and overbearing landowner, is the most detested man in the village. Everyone, even the vicar, wishes he were dead. And very soon he is - shot in the head in the vicar's own study. A visiting artist confesses to the murder, but residents saw him elsewhere at the time the Colonel was shot. If he didn't do it, who did? Is he protecting the wife whom he loves? Faced with a surfeit of suspects, only the inscrutable Miss Marple can unravel the tangled web of clues. A trap is set, and more

  • Frank Muir

    Eight 'Take It From Here' radio episodes from the 1950s, featuring Ron and Eth Glum. Jimmy Edwards stars as the beer-swilling head of the Glum household, with Dick Bentley as Ron and June Whitfield more