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  • Katy Brand

    Where would we be without the humble toothbrush? What about a wine glass, a pair of high heels or the toilet? Comedian Katy Brand explores the extraordinary stories behind ordinary objects to help us appreciate the little things that make life so much more liveable. Did you know the first electric toothbrush was made in 1880? Or that the fork shaped British table manners and, to this day, influences the taste of the food? Or that our beds are a reflection of our attitudes to sleep, sex, and status? With the help of Horrible Histories' Greg Jenner, The Origin of Stuff takes us on a delightful whizz around the surprising history of our often used, and mostly overlooked, more

  • Lucy Clarke

    Faye Walters knows that today's women are sorted and stylish. They have the job, the house, the colour co-ordinated capsule wardrobe. They cope with the pressures of singledom, marriage and having kids with peanut-allergies. And they all do it effortlessly, with nothing more than a women's mag and a poem by Pam Ayres to guide them. So why can't she pull it off? Everything would be fabulous if only she could wangle an invitation to her boss's wedding, buy a flat with her boyfriend and get her mum to loan her £10,000. But even with a new kitchen, an awards ceremony and her own engagement party to look forward to, she's still anxious. And life only gets more nerve-wracking as more

  • Various

    10 dramas focusing on women's untold stories from history. This diverse, eclectic collection of plays explores an array of social, political and historical events from a female point of view. In these captivating dramas, we see the world through their eyes, giving us a fresh perspective on a female history that is too often unrecorded, misrepresented or misunderstood. Featuring a multiplicity of styles and genres, and written by a wide variety of authors, they range from comedy dramas themed around the Bayeux Tapestry and the 1962 Cheltenham Literary Festival, to award-winning, thought-provoking tales of Nigerian teenagers kidnapped by Boko Haram. A contemporary version of more

  • Christopher Douglas And Nick Newman

    The complete Series 1 and 2 of the BBC Radio comedy starring Dawn French as Professor Joy Klamp Spoiling someone else's fun can be the most satisfying of all the controlling arts, and Professor Joy Klamp - the queen of migraines - has got passive aggression down to a fine art. And now, she's decided to share her knowledge with the world in this revelatory 10-part course in nonjoyment techniques. So join Joy and her Sourpussy Posse and get in touch with your inner spoilsport; experience the fulfilling empowerment of sulkiness; and learn how you, too, can master the universe! In Series 1, we take a tour through the miserable worlds of the workplace, relationships, parties, holidays, more

  • Katy Brand

    ‘Massively enjoyable’ Dawn French I Carried a Watermelon is a love letter to Dirty Dancing. A warm, witty and accessible look at how Katy Brand’s life-long obsession with the film has influenced her own attitudes to sex, love, romance, rights and responsibilities. It explores the legacy of the film, from pushing women’s stories to the forefront of commercial cinema, to its ‘Gold Standard’ depiction of abortion according to leading pro-choice campaigners, and its fresh and powerful take on the classic ‘coming of age’ story told from a naïve but idealistic 17-year-old girl’s point of view. Part memoir based on a more

  • Katy Brand

    Mary Poppins is a story of taking practical steps towards happiness. It’s looking at the bright side of life. It’s setting boundaries, deciding what you want and making it happen. That’s the path to being Practically Perfect For comedian Katy Brand, part of the joy of watching Mary Poppins as a child was the thrill of the film’s iconic, no-nonsense heroine. Her unshakeable confidence, her staunch independence, and that touch of magic. Now she’s all grown up, Katy takes another look beyond the talking umbrellas, bottomless bags and dubious cockney accents to show that Mary’s still got something to teach us. She explores how the beloved more