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  • Lucy Montgomery

    A multi-paced, one-woman Fast Show showcasing the exceptional talents of Lucy Montgomery 'Full of surprises' The Telegraph Fresh from her success in Tittybangbang, Down the Line and Bellamy's People, human chameleon Lucy Montgomery stars in her very own radio sketch show, packed with comic characters galore. Meet Maisie and Daisy, the posh private school girls with a unique way of explaining popular culture; jilted bride Wendy, who's determined to give her wedding speech despite her groom's absence; and 'Can-do Candi' Karmel, the 80-year-old diva who won't let old age stop her performing. There's also the acupuncturist who's determined to ensure her clients are relaxed, more

  • Lucy Montgomery

    Lucy Montgomery's Variety Pack is a multi-paced, one woman Fast Show for BBC Radio 4 showcasing the exceptional talent of Lucy Montgomery. In these four episodes, she performs an array of comic characters including a fame-hungry celebrity mother and an 8-year-old diva. We find out why the Mona Lisa has been dumped by the Laughing Cavalier, meet a police officer who can't find the right words, hear a street survey that probes too far and Candi Karmel's sister makes an appearance. In addition, posh privately-educated teenagers Daisy and Maisie show prospective parents around their school and Joanna Lumley visits her mother with a Christmas present... Featuring Lucy Montgomery, Philip Pope, more

  • Christopher Douglas And Nick Newman

    The complete Series 1 and 2 of the BBC Radio comedy starring Dawn French as Professor Joy Klamp Spoiling someone else's fun can be the most satisfying of all the controlling arts, and Professor Joy Klamp - the queen of migraines - has got passive aggression down to a fine art. And now, she's decided to share her knowledge with the world in this revelatory 10-part course in nonjoyment techniques. So join Joy and her Sourpussy Posse and get in touch with your inner spoilsport; experience the fulfilling empowerment of sulkiness; and learn how you, too, can master the universe! In Series 1, we take a tour through the miserable worlds of the workplace, relationships, parties, holidays, more

  • James Kettle

    The BBC Radio sketch show set in a vast call centre Smile5 is the mail-order catalogue company that sells anything and everything, from foot spas to fishing insurance, Rolex watches to lawnmowers. And way out of town, miles from anywhere, is its immense call centre, populated by the Headset Set: team leader Sailesh, recently transferred from Bangalore and hiding a dark secret; long-term employee (and determined technophobe) Bernie; self-loathing, streetwise cynic Aleesha; and Big Tony, who treats the job as a sideline to his own, somewhat shadier enterprises. Along with Ralph, the unsympathetic head of training; childlike Bradley, who's too nervous to make calls; and the recalcitrant more

  • Milton Jones

    The man they call 'Britain’s Funniest Milton', Milton Jones stars in his smash-hit Sony Award-winning comedy show, Another Case Of Milton Jones, co-starring Tom Goodman-Hill, Ben Willbond,Dave Lamb, Ingrid Oliver and Lucy Montgomery In each episode, Milton is a complete and utter expert at something - and in each episode, with absolutely no ability or competence, he plunges into a furiously funny and fast-paced adventure with utterly more

  • Milton Jones

    In this fifh series, Milton Jones gets another opportunity to be a complete and utter expert at something, and these six episodes see him taking on the roles of Astronomer, Diplomat, Undercover Journalist, Celebrity Gardener, Royal Speech Therapist or Lorry Driver. In each episode, with absolutely no ability or competence, he plunges into a furiously funny and fast-paced adventure with utterly hilarious results. In Episode One, move over Brian Cox, because Milton Jones is now a world-famous astronomer and seeker after scientific truth and accuracy. Typical Sagittarian. Episode Two and Milton is an International Diplomat who is on the run after leaking all the UN’s emails - except more

  • Jason Byrne

    The complete series of the BBC Radio 2 family sitcom written by and starring Irish comedian Jason Byrne and co-starring Pauline McLynn, Lucy Montgomery, Dominic Applewhite, Dermot Crowley and Michael Smiley. Tom (played by Jason) starts a new life as a house husband looking after the kids and doing a few domestic chores. What could be simpler? Things, however, don't go well for Tom and he is soon on the run from the law, with multiple problems, including some more

  • Adam Kay

    Explore each organ of the body in this immersive audiobook adaptation of Kay's Anatomy, read by world-wide multi-million bestselling author and former doctor Adam Kay with a full cast of voices, including Mark Gatiss, Sandi Toksvig, Andy Nyman and Lolly Adefope. Do you ever think about your body and how it works? Like really, really think about it? The human body is extraordinary and fascinating and, well...pretty weird. Yours is weird, mine is weird, your math teacher's is even weirder. This book is going to tell you what's actually going on in there, and answer the really important questions, like: - Are boogers safe to eat? Look, if your nose is going to all that effort more

  • Danny Robins And Dan Tetsell Marcus Brigstocke

    Welcome to the all-encompassing Museum of Everything – feel free to take a wander round our infinite gallery of strange exhibits, stranger exhibitors, disgruntled guides and obsessed visitors. The items on display range from the Elgin Tiddlywinks to the birds and the bees, and you can learn about the history of wicker and the origins of scampi, enjoy a display featuring the worst-selling author of Victorian times, get inducted into the Mock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame and discover the real identity of Jack the Ripper. For some badger-based fun, take the family to Badgerland or Euro Badger. Alternatively, why not tour a stately home with Lady Bagshot, go on a journey to experience more