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  • A.R.R.R. Roberts

    Bingo Grabbins is a soddit who enjoys a comfortable life (apart from his feet, of course). But his contentment is disturbed when the wizard, Gandef, and a company of bizarrely Welsh dwarves drag him away on an adventure. They have a plot to raid the treasure hoard (or so they say) guarded by Smug, a large and very tedious dragon. Bingo is reluctant to take part in this insane venture, but a dwarven dagger held to his throat soon surprises even himself and off the companions go on a quest that seems truly epic (well, until you read about what later happened to Bingo's cousin, at any rate). Oh, and Bingo finds this ring thing. more

  • Paul Torday

    Author Paul Torday makes his debut with this clever absurdist novel. Fisheries scientist Dr. Alfred Jones is approached by an extravagantly wealthy sheik with a novel plan. To foster goodwill, the sheik would like to introduce salmon fishing to Yemen-the same Yemen that is largely a desert-and politicians think it's a great idea. 'A remarkably assured first novel, this one is a pure delight.'-Booklist, more

  • Ralph Cotton

    In 1868, as U.S. Cavalry begins another romp towards manifest destiny in the heart of Indian land, the Sioux Nation is ripped apart by one tribe's angry death throes and another tribe's greed. Jeston Nash, Quiet Jack Smith and a mysterious black man named Big Shod find themselves in the midst of Chief Red Cloud's war. They come looking to sell some stolen horses to the cavalry and find themselves fighting against outlaws, warriors and the U.S. government - not just for their lives, but for the chance to do what' more

  • Various

    This compilation contains the funniest sketches of the award-winning and immensely popular BBC Radio 4 series. Featuring the unique vocal talents of Jon Culshaw, Jan Ravens, Mark Perry, Kevin Connelly and Phil Cornwell; ably assisted by Alistair McGowan, Simon Lipson and Kate Robbins; this is cutting-edge comedy combined with razor-sharp impressions from the hilarious Dead Ringers team. The Archers goes interactive, Ruth gets some bad news ('Oh nooo!') and Brian 'Hard Man' Perkins takes on The Weakest Link's Anne Robinson - and wins. Patrick Moore books a taxi to Uranus for a very reasonable five dollars, Charlotte Green gets sexed-up ('Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just more

  • BBC Audio

    The award-winning series Dead Ringers is back with highlights from its television series. A huge hit on BBC Radio 4, Jon Culshaw, Jan Ravens, Kevin Connelly, Mark Perry and Phil Cornwell star once again in the best impression comedy on TV. This collection brings together some of the best episodes from BBC1’s first, second and third series. Enter a surreal universe where David Dickinson goes looking for weapons of mass destruction in 'Weapons Hunt', the Queen sells off the royal jewels on the QVC shopping channel, and Delia Smith turns homicidal and starts cooking up the competition. Elsewhere, Anne Robinson votes off The Weakest Disciple and Simon Schama and David Starkey battle more

  • BBC Audio

    The Dead Ringers are back (in between adverts for all these new digital radio stations) with their skewed and scary take on the world of celebrity, politics and the mass media. EastEnders' Cat Slater joins John Humphrys as co-presenter of the Today programme, Rolf books a haircut and sings Adam Ant, and Nigella Lawson gives a few suggestive hints on how to brush your teeth. Meanwhile Scooby Doo and the gang reveal which wicked crook lurks behind the rubber face-mask of Ken Livingstone, and BBC Enterprises unleash their latest marvellous audio release: Alistair Cooke's Strange and Unusual Noises. Others in the mix - or are they? - include Nicholson and De Niro as the new hosts of more

  • Jon Culshaw

    Just when you thought it was safe to listen again, Dead Ringers is back with its skewed and scary take on the world of celebrity, politics, and the mass media. All human, and quite a bit of inhuman, life is here. In this bumper edition of episodes from the fifth and sixth series, Graham Norton meets his match in Brian from Big Brother, Rabbi Lionel Blue is stranded on a reality radio version of Desert Island Discs, and demons quake when they face Hyacinth the Vampire Slayer. Russell Crowe and John Gielgud take starring roles in Scooby Doo, whilst the soothing harmonies of the Sing Something Simple gang crop up in the most unexpected places. Add infidelity in Ambridge, George Bush' more

  • Various

    The eighth series of the wickedly funny BBC Radio 4 comedy. Financial expert Alvin Hall stars in a remake of 'The Italian Job', Michael Parkinson's legendary interviewing technique is turned on his local branch of Pizza Hut, Patrick Moore applies to read the football results on Sky Sports and gravelly-voiced Doctor Who makes enquiries about interstellar travel on the London Eye. There are apparent appearances from a host of other celebrity favourites too, including Kirsty Wark, Thora Hird and - of course - Brian Perkins. Jon Culshaw, Jan Ravens, Mark Perry, Kevin Connelly and Phil Cornwell give us their impressions of the people we love to laugh at in this quartet of quality episodes. more

  • Various

    The third series of the wickedly funny BBC Radio 4 comedy. Just when you thought it was safe to listen again, Dead Ringers is back with its skewed and scary take on the world of celebrity, politics and the mass media. Anne Robinson puts her family through its paces to find The Weakest Child, Graham Norton presents So... Panorama! and Simon Bates recounts A History of Britain in the style of Our Tune. Craig from Big Brother applies to join the Royal Ballet, whilst Alan Bennett shares more nostalgic memories of his surprising exploits with Thora Hird. Elsewhere, Rolf Harris enquires about his chances of winning the Turner Prize and we dip into the full-blooded fiction which flows more