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  • Edgar Rice Burroughs

    A collection of eclectic poetry penned by three kings of Pulp fiction from the 1930s. “Songs of Giants: The Poetry of Pulp” is a collection of 26 poems by writers H.P. Lovecraft, Edgar Rice Burroughs, and Robert E. Howard. Inspired by the illustrated book of the same name by artist Mark Wheatley. The poetry is read by Mark Redfield with a full orchestrated score and sound design by Jennifer Rouse to compliment the theme and dramatic feel of each poem. CREDITS: Original music and Sound Design: Jennifer Rouse Narrated by Mark Redfield “Songs of Giants” is a trademark of Mark Wheatley and the content is copyright mark Wheatley, except where noted. All more

  • William Shakespeare

    Mark Redfield performs and eclectic mix of story excerpts, poems and favorite readings of some of his favorite British and American storytellers. CREDITS: Narrator: Mark Redfield. Audio engineers: Bill Dickson and Jennifer Rouse. Original Music by Bill Dickson and Jennifer Rouse. Recorded at Drat Productions and Seven Elms Studio, Baltimore. Album photography: more

  • Mark Redfield

    Madness or ghosts? In this audio drama adaptation of Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s famous tale of a woman’s decent into madness while submitting to her doctor-husband’s “rest cure”, the themes emerge vibrantly that caused the original short story to be rediscovered and embraced by feminists and humanists alike in the 1970s. It’s powerful message retains its clearness and strength to this day. Recorded before a live audience at Baltimore Theatre Project on Halloween night, 2013. CREDITS: Adapted and directed by Mark Redfield from the short story by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. Starring Mara Neimanis as The Wife, Mark Redfield as John. With Susan more

  • Charles Dickens

    Mark Redfield narrates from a specially prepared text for performance by Dickens himself, and performs all of your favorite characters, in this beloved Christmas tale of forgiveness and redemption. Since 1843, “A Christmas Carol” has delighted millions around the globe and has come to embody the spirit of Christmas for all who have been touched by its magic. Your favorite characters come vividly to life in this rich performance of which The Baltimore Sun said, “Redfield’s meticulous diction, perceptive phrasing, excellent transitions and impeccable timing make his Scrooge the finest we have seen. His is a classic interpretation- .” With a wonderful score more

  • Mark Redfield

    Four tales of terror from the pen of Edgar Allan Poe dramatized with sound effects and original music! In this PoeForevermore Radio Theater Volume One collection: Mark Redfield performs the nameless narrator in “The Tell-Tale Heart- A Monologue”. Redfield (Montessor) then walls-up Chris Pfingsten (Fortunato) in “The Cask of Amontillado”, a tale of cold revenge dramatized by Tony Tsendeas. Beautiful Caroline Munro is walled-up with a feline friend in our swinging-London version of “The Black Cat 1969”. And in “Valdemar” Jennifer Rouse (Mrs. Valdemar) tells of how J. R. Lyston (her husband, M. Valdemar) tried to cheat death! Adaptations more

  • Mark Redfield

    A new “haunted house” record just like we loved when we were growing up, but this one is special! This one, “Edgar Allan Poe’s Haunted House of Usher”, takes us on a diabolical journey through the dark creative mind of Poe as we experience some of his most chilling tales! Roderick Usher’s house is alive! And dying! Are these actual events you witness, or are they Usher’s madness come to life? Come, and visit the Haunted House of Usher and experience what lurks inside! CREDITS: Written and directed by Mark Redfield. Based on the works of Edgar Allan Poe. Sound Design and Original Music by Jennifer Rouse. Featuring the voice talents of more

  • Mark Redfield

    Mrs. Valdemar, who hates her miserable and cantankerous husband Valdemar, seeks out a carnival hypnotist, at her husband’s request, to mesmerize mean Valdemar into arresting death and keep him alive. It does not end well… CREDITS: Adapted and Directed by Mark Redfield. Loosely based on the short story “The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar” by Edgar Allan Poe. Original Music and Sound Design by Jennifer Rouse. Starring the voices of Jennifer Rouse (Elmira), J. R. Lyston (Valdemar) and Mark Redfield (Harlan Hurlock, more

  • Mark Redfield

    A ferocious pirate roams the Arabian Sea and Sinbad must stop her! Caroline Munro is Junah, the pirate princess, out to destroy the island kingdom ruled by the wicked Queen Badra, voiced by Martine Beswicke. Sinbad (Mark Redfield) finds himself caught between the two, and tangles with a vengeful genii, seductive sirens, and a deadly sea serpent in this grande swashbuckling fantasy adventure for audiences of all ages! Original Music and Sound Design by Jennifer Rouse. The cast includes J.R. Lyston and Mary Anne Perry. more

  • Mark Redfield

    A spirited comedy about a very haunted theater! Theatrical Stage Manager Nick Papadakis (Rik Deskin) - call him “Pop”, everybody does - takes a new job at the infamously haunted Majestic Theatre in Seattle one week before they open their annual holiday cash-cow ‘A Seattle Christmas Carol’.   Legend has it that The Majestic is haunted by dead film and stage star Jack Fairbanks (Mark Redfield), his beautiful wife, Victoria (Brinke Stevens) and company (Joshua Kennedy and Brian Chetelat).   It’s the Majestic Theatre’s 13th season, and Nick walks into a maelstrom of chaos - - Are Managing Director Jerry Jerome (Matthew Bowerman) more

  • Mark Twain

    Four delightful essays penned by Mark Twain, including “How To Tell a Story”, performed by Mark Redfield as Twain. Recorded before a live audience. CREDITS: Written by Mark Twain. Adapted and edited for performance by more

  • Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

    London at Christmas time. Based on the story “The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Holmes and Watson investigate the theft of a rare gem, “The Blue Carbuncle”. The clues include an old battered hat, a Christmas goose, and a comic trail of London’s shopkeepers, pub owners, and poultry breeders to catch the thief! more

  • O. Henry

     Four favorite tales from the pen of American short-story writer O. Henry that burst with his humor, pathos, and endearing observations on children, the poor, and dogs! In this collection: “The Ransom of Red Chief” (two kidnappers hatch a plot and get more than they bargain for!), “Memoirs of a Yellow Dog” (a put-upon pup and his master yearn for a better life), “The Cop and the Anthem” (all poor Soapy wanted was a warm bed for the winter), and “The Gift of the Magi” (the classic Christmas tale of love and giving from the heart). Performed by Mark Redfield with Mackenzie Menter. Original music by more

  • Oscar Wilde

    Oscar Wilde’s delightful story comes to life with vivid performances by Mark Redfield and Mackenzie Menter (as Virginia), with an original music score by Jennifer Rouse. One of the first stories Wilde published in 1887, “The Canterville Ghost” tells the story of an American family that moves into a haunted country house in England. At first disbelieving in ghosts, the family soon accepts, and then combats, the ghostly antics of Sir Simon de Canterville. Sir Simon has haunted Canterville Chase in various ghastly disguises for years, and becomes increasingly frustrated at the American family’s attempts to spoil the fun. Only little Virginia reaches out to Sir Simon, more

  • O. Henry

    Two tales from two of the great American humorists. In “A Dog’s Tale”, Mark Twain let’s the dog do the talking, in a heart-wrenching story of her loss of a pup at the hands of her human master. In “Memoirs of a Yellow Dog”, O. Henry lets the dog of the title spin a humorous tale of liberation and freedom from the confines of a drab New York life for himself and more

  • Sherwin Cody

    A wonderful biography of American writer Edgar Allan Poe for beginners. This biography of Poe is for people new to the life and work of the American master Poet and Short Storywriter, who perfected the horror story, and created the first examples of science fiction and detective fiction in western literature. CREDITS: Written by Sherwin Cody. Adapted and Edited by Mark Redfield. Poems by Edgar Allan Poe. Narrated by more

  • Louisa May Alcott

    Three magical stories from three American authors, weaving magic creating true American Fairy Tales. In “The Princess Who Could Not Dance”, a Princess learns to let go and let nature teach her how to dance. In “Rosy’s Journey”, a young girl embarks on a long journey to find her father. In “The Golden Windows”, a boy learns what true riches he has in more