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  • Gerry Davis

    'You will be like us...' On the planet Telos, the Doctor and his friends encounter a party of archaeologists intent on uncovering the mythical tomb of the Cybermen. Only the Doctor seems aware of the folly of this venture, but suddenly it’s too late - the ice tombs are open and the Cybermen are coming back to life... Trapped underground with the Cyber Controller and his acolytes, including the vermin-like Cybermats, the Doctor and company learn that they are to be turned into a new generation of Cybermen. To make matters worse, there is treachery and double-crossing amongst the humans. Can the Cyber menace be made dormant before it spreads out to the galaxy once again - and will more

  • Geoffrey Orme

    The TARDIS materialises on a small volcanic island; on board are the Doctor, Polly, Ben and their new companion Jamie. Exploration of their surroundings reveals a network of caves inside the extinct volcano - and before long all four travellers have been captured by those who live within... This is Earth, and the lost city of Atlantis lies deep underground, its human citizens dependent for food upon a species known as the Fish People. Unfortunately for the Doctor and his friends, the Atlanteans waste little time in offering the new arrivals up as sacrifices to their goddess Amdo! A certain Professor Zaroff has persuaded the Atlanteans that he can raise a city once more above the more

  • Ian Marter

    'That which threatens us we destroy!' When the TARDIS deposits the Doctor, Jamie and Zoe on the planet Dulkis, they find it newly threatened by two humanoid aliens and their robotic servants, the Quarks. The Dominators intend to turn the whole planet into a radioactive mass, as fuel for their space fleet. Whilst the Doctor and Jamie are captured and tested for intelligence by the Dominators, Zoe befriends a native named Cully – and discovers that the pacifist Dulcian Council are unlikely to strike back at the invaders. Meanwhile, the Dominators set about enslaving the Dulcians as labour for their scheme, drilling bore holes to reach the planet’s core. Can the Doctor and more

  • David Whitaker

    'There is only one form of life that matters. Dalek life!' The TARDIS has been stolen from Gatwick Airport, and the Doctor and Jamie are hot on its trail. A series of cryptic clues lead them to an antiques shop owned by Edward Waterfield, and there it becomes clear that an elaborate trap has been laid for them - but by whom, and for what purpose? Only a journey back in time to the 1860s will reveal the answer... The Daleks are in search of the Human Factor, something which they believe will help their quest for universal domination. In order to achieve their aim, they need the Doctor’s help and the use of his TARDIS. Worried that his old friend may be turning traitor, Jamie more

  • Mike Walker

    Inspired by Holinshed's Chronicles, this series of radio dramas about the Plantagenet dynasty tells the story of the birth of a new Europe after the dark ages. The issues of control, of freedom, of belief, and the temptations of power were new to an age which had no template for domination on this scale. Henry II: What is a Man? - The first of the House of Anjou to be king of England, Henry II's long reign is beset by conflict with his sons. Starring David Warner as King Henry II and Jane Lapotaire as Queen Eleanor. Richard I: Lionheart - Prince Richard has become heir apparent, but in the face of Henry II's refusal to acknowledge his position, he turns to the Crusades. Starring more