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  • BBC Radio Comedy

    Ten archive editions of the the much-loved BBC Radio 4 panel game plus two very special programmes, chaired by Nicholas Parsons. Seasons come and go, and years fly by, but Just a Minute has been a constant ray of sunshine on Radio 4 for over 50 years. Now, in this new collection of programmes, ten previously unpublished editions — from the 1970s to the 2010s — are presented alongside two very special half hours: Just a Minute: 50 Years in 28 Minutes and 50 Years of Just a Minute: Paul Merton in Conversation with Nicholas Parsons. Among the many guest performers attempting to speak for 60 seconds without hesitation, repetition or deviation from the subject are more

  • BBC Audio

    Nicholas Parsons was the host of Just a Minute for nearly 52 years - from its first broadcast on 22 December 1967 until his last show on 23 September 2019, aged 96. He was a comedy 'straight man', West End actor, radio personality, game show presenter, chat show host, quiz master supreme, and larger than life stage superstar. Here we celebrate his life and work with a series of programmes compered by Paul Merton, plus Series 85 of Just a Minute - his final series. In Nicholas Parsons: A Man of Many Parts, Paul Jackson tries to pin down the essence of Nicholas Parsons with the help of Paul Merton, Jean Diamond, John Antrobus, Laura Beaumont, Gyles Brandreth, Jill Sinclair and more

  • BBC Audio

    Twelve archive editions of the the much-loved BBC Radio 4 panel game chaired by Nicholas Parsons Having matured like a fine wine for over 50 years, Just a Minute continues to improve with age. A full-bodied, cheeky little number, it’s both sparkling and robust, and ideal for almost every occasion. A few bottles of the finest have been brought up from the cellar for this vintage collection. In these twelve humorous, enlightening and previously unpublished editions — harvested from between 1972 and 2004 — players once again attempt to speak without hesitation, repetition or deviation from the given subject. Challenges fly thick and fast under the unflappable adjudication more

  • Josie Lawrence

    All three series of the improvised family saga starring Paul Merton, Josie Lawrence, Caroline Quentin and others – plus two special Christmas episodes Based entirely on audience suggestions, this hysterically funny historical drama tells the thrilling extended story of an aristocratic family at war with itself. From Ancient Rome to 1920s Hollywood, we follow the Mastersons’ turbulent history across the centuries, as their fortunes wax and wane, and their fates hang on objects as diverse and unlikely as a tumble dryer, a rabbit’s foot and a pair of Siamese twins. In these three series, their adventures include setting sail across the Atlantic (with a cargo of dangerous sheep), more

  • Ray Galton

    An all-star cast celebrates the 60th anniversary of the Galton & Simpson writing partnership in four new recordings of classic Comedy Playhouse scripts. Four brilliant comedy sitcoms - as first heard on BBC Radio - and introduced by Paul Merton. Frank Skinner stars in 'You’ll Never Walk Alone'. Nothing will stop a true football fan from following his team when they reach the Cup Final, not even an eight-month pregnant wife. Mitchell & Webb star in 'Impasse'. A narrow country lane has no room for two vehicles to pass. Two vehicles meet head on. But which one is going to back up? Rik Mayall and June Whitfield star in 'I Tell You It’s Burt Reynolds'. Eric is so sure he’s seen more

  • Ray Galton & Alan Simpson

    Over 30 brilliant BBC recordings, including TV shows, radio highlights and a wealth of previously unreleased material Tony Hancock was one of Britain's best-loved and most influential postwar comedians. Collected here are some of the very best radio and TV episodes from Hancock's Half Hour, plus celebrations, compilations, interviews, original dramas and documentaries - many of which have never before been available on audio. There's the debut show from the radio series, The First Night Party, introduced by writers Ray Galton and Alan Simpson; and the last ever BBC television show, The Succession - Son and Heir. Also included are four new-to-audio TV episodes - The Oak Tree, The more

  • Ian Messiter

    Just as uproariously funny – and terrifically popular – today as when it first began on BBC Radio 4 in 1967, Just a Minute challenges contestants to speak for one minute on a given subject without repetition, hesitation or deviation. Its mix of irreverent fun and ferocious competition has always attracted stellar names from the world of comedy and theatre, all of whom pit their wits – and their wit – against regular players including Kenneth Williams, Paul Merton (here making his first ever appearance), Derek Nimmo, Clement Freud and Peter Jones. Including these guests in the four archive programmes: Geraldine Jones, Alfred Marks and Tim Rice. The programmes are from more

  • Kenneth Williams

    To celebrate 50 years of Just a Minute, 12 previously unpublished archive episodes of the much-loved BBC Radio 4 panel game, presented by Nicholas Parsons What better way to mark a glorious half century of Just a Minute than with a collection of episodes from each of the programme's six decades, ranging from 1968 to the very special Christmas 2016 edition, Just a Minute Does Panto! As has been the case for each of those 50 years, Nicholas Parsons chairs every edition with impeccable manners and good humour. The plethora of seasoned players includes Kenneth Williams, Derek Nimmo, Peter Jones, Paul Merton, Graham Norton, Tony Hawks, Gyles Brandreth and Sheila Hancock, and more

  • BBC Radio

    Sixteen sparkling episodes of the iconic comedy panel show Radio 4's longest-running panel game returns for the first time since the death of much-missed maestro Nicholas Parsons, who chaired the show for over 50 years. Following in his footsteps for Series 86 are an array of special guest hosts, including Paul Merton, Sue Perkins, Nish Kumar, Jenny Eclair, Gyles Brandreth, Lucy Porter, Stephen Fry, Julian Clary, Tom Allen and Jo Brand, while in Series 87, Sue Perkins takes the chair and endeavours to keep the participants in check. All are primed to rule on cases of hesitation, deviation or repetition, as the panellists attempt to speak for 60 seconds on a given subject more

  • Ray Galton & Alan Simpson

    A compendium of radio sitcoms and retrospectives celebrating the legendary duo Ray Galton and Alan Simpson were Britain's best-loved and most successful comedy writing partners. Together, they created two of the greatest sitcoms of all time, Hancock's Half Hour and Steptoe and Son. This compilation brings together some of the finest programmes from their 60-year career, as well as interviews with them both. Galton & Simpson's Half Hour comprises four comedy dramas: You'll Never Walk Alone (starring Frank Skinner), Impasse (starring David Mitchell and Robert Webb), I Tell You It's Burt Reynolds (starring Rik Mayall and June Whitfield) and The Blood Donor (a remake of the more