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  • Keisha N. Blain

    Explores the Black activist’s ideas and political strategies, highlighting their relevance for tackling modern social issues including voter suppression, police violence, and economic inequality. “We have a long fight and this fight is not mine alone, but you are not free whether you are white or black, until I am free.”—Fannie Lou Hamer A blend of social commentary, biography, and intellectual history, Until I Am Free is a manifesto for anyone committed to social justice. The book challenges us to listen to a working-poor and disabled Black woman activist and intellectual of the civil rights movement as we grapple with contemporary concerns around race, more

  • Tamara Shiloh

    Jaxon's Magical Adventure with Black Inventors and Scientists is the first book in the series, Just Imagine...What If There Were No Black People in the World? This fun children's chapter book that tells the story of Jaxon, a 10-year-old Black boy who discovers and learns about several of the African American inventors and historical figures who have made a positive impact on our everyday lives. Kids experience black history in a magical story that brings history into the present. As educational as it is fun, this juvenile fiction fantasy is a great way for children to learn about the importance of Black scientists, mathematicians, inventors, entrepreneurs, politicians, and much more

  • Elizabeth Lightfoot

    Michelle Obama played a large and influential role in her husband's campaign, and did the same thing during his presidency. Michelle Obama: First Lady of Hope examines, for the first time, her astonishing career, from her undergraduate years at Princeton, where she majored in African Studies, to her continuing education at Harvard Law School, where she obtained a Juris more

  • Jane Austen

    Meet the women who wrote.   They wrote against all odds. Some wrote defiantly; some wrote desperately. Some wrote while trapped within the confines of status and wealth. Some wrote hand-to-mouth in abject poverty. Some wrote trapped in a room of their father’s house, and some went in search of a room of their own. They had lovers and families. They were sometimes lonely. Many wrote anonymously or under a pseudonym for a world not yet ready for their genius and talent.   We know many of their names—Austen and Alcott, Brontë and Browning, Wheatley and Woolf—though some may be less familiar.  They are here, waiting to more

  • Nomi Bachar

    Gates of Power: Actualize Your True Self is an inspiration, informative, and practical guide for all who are passionate about living up to their potential and optimizing their life. The book is based on the Gates of Power Method & Program Method & Program created by Nomi Bachar. The Gates of Power Method®️ is practical, creative, and deeply spiritual. It empowers and energizes all seven facets of our life: Body, Emotions, Dialogue, Creative Expression, Life Path, Silence, and Knowledge. At the same time, it unifies the three aspects of the self (Emotional Self, Defensive Self, Expanded Self) creating inner strength. In the book, Nomi offers wisdom gathered through her own spiritual more

  • Scott Erickson

    In a world that's difficult to make sense of, and a season that's so often overtaken by consumerism, here you'll find heart-stirring illustrations and thought-provoking meditations designed to show you the raw, powerfully sacred story of Christmas in a new light. Has the joy of the holiday season become painfully dissonant with the hard edges of life? Do you feel weary from the way Christmas has become a polished, predictable brand? You aren't alone. For too many of us, Christmas has lost its wonder. What if we stopped treating the Christmas story as something that happened a long time ago and started believing that it's a story that's still happening today? From celebrated artist more

  • Carol Swain

    Forces are rapidly reshaping America's morals, social policies, and culture—but how do we stop it? Learn how to make your voice heard and reclaim America’s faith and values by reshaping our country’s current trajectory. Cultural elites in the media, academia, and politics are daily deceiving millions of Americans into passively supporting policies that are harmful to the nation and their own best interest. Although some Americans can see through the smokescreen, they feel powerless to stop the forces inside and outside government that radically threaten their values and principles. Drawing on her training in political science and law, Dr. Swain thoughtfully more

  • Tamara Shiloh

    In Jaxon and Kevin’s Black History Trip Downtown, the second book in this educational book series, Jaxon shares his magical adventure with his cousin Kevin. They venture into town to meet Black inventors and scientists who are responsible for many of the things we encounter more

  • Shellice Beharie

    Prince and His Mother's Crown: Tales Within My Mother's Hair, is a whimsical fairytale about a little boy named Prince who is fascinated with his mother's magical crown of hair. It is a story that portrays a bond between a graceful mother and a loving son. Each page showcases a graceful, loving Queen mother engaging in the activities of her son’s wild imagination, showing their precious familial relationship. Pictures of a young Prince climbing his mother’s Rapunzel style braid honors her strength, while an image of him slaying a dragon in her curly afro shows where his sense of more

  • Fiona Zedde

    The two thrilling halves of Fiona Zedde's lesbian superhero book series come together in The Mercy Chronicles. In The Power of Mercy, shape-shifter Mercy is a blade that can cut both ways. To her family, she is weak. Her power is nowhere near as impressive as their abilities to alter the world around them. But when Mai Redstone puts on the costume to become Mercy, a rooftop-climbing chameleon with a thousand disguises and at least nine lives, she feels almost invincible. Until the day she must make the cruellest of choices, between family loyalty and self-preservation. How can she decide? In A Lover's Mercy, Mai returns to prowling Atlanta as its hero, Mercy. For all her more

  • Vanessa Miller

    When three women find their lives inextricably linked after a terrible mistake, they must work together to make the most of their futures. Alexis Marshall never meant to cause the accident that left Jon-Jon Robinson paralyzed—but though guilt plagues her, her husband hopes to put the past behind them. After all, he’s in the middle of selling a tech business—and if Alexis admits to texting while driving, the deal could collapse and cost them millions. Meanwhile, Alexis’s life is not as shiny and perfect as it may seem from the outside. She has secrets of her own. As she becomes consumed with thoughts of the young man she hit, can she reconcile her mistake with more

  • Zondervan

    An excellent book that covers the wide variety and deep complexity of seemingly impossible biblical counseling issues in the challenging culture in which we live. The gospel brings liberty to men, women, and children bound by every conceivable sin and affliction. Psychology provides a tool for applying the power of the gospel in practical ways. Drawing on biblical truths and psychological principles, Counseling for Seemingly Impossible Problems helps us—Christian counselors, pastors, and church leaders—to meet the deep needs of our communities with life-changing effects. Marshaling the knowledge and experience of experts in the areas of addiction, family issues, more

  • Chelsea Johnson

    [A] celebration of solidarity, allyship, and community...A welcoming resource for conversations about equality and social justice that shows readers how identities are made up of myriad influences.-Publishers Weekly The brainchild of three women-of-color sociologists, IntersectionAllies is a smooth, gleeful entry into intersectional feminism. The nine interconnected characters proudly describe themselves and their backgrounds, involving topics that range from a physical disability to language brokering, offering an opportunity to take pride in a personal story and connect to collective struggle for justice. The group bond grounds the message of allyship and equality. When things more

  • Shauna Robinson

    'A heartfelt and exciting debut...a wise and honest story of how it feels to be a young woman in search of yourself.'―Taylor Jenkins Reid, New York Times bestselling author of The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo and Malibu Rising The Bookish Life of Nina Hill meets Younger in a heartfelt debut following a young woman who discovers she'll have to ditch the 'dream job' and write her own story to find her happy ending. Meet Nora Hughes―the overworked, underpaid, last bookish assistant standing. At least for now. When Nora landed an editorial assistant position at Parsons Press, it was her first step towards The Dream Job. Because, honestly, is there anything dreamier than more