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  • Andy Mulligan

    In an unnamed Third World country, in the not-so-distant future, three “dumpsite boys” make a living picking through the mountains of garbage on the outskirts of a large city.    One unlucky-lucky day, Raphael finds something very special and very mysterious. So mysterious that he decides to keep it, even when the city police offer a handsome reward for its return. That decision brings with it terrifying consequences, and soon the dumpsite boys must use all of their cunning and courage to stay ahead of their pursuers. It’s up to Raphael, Gardo, and Rat—boys who have no education, no parents, no homes, and no money—to solve the mystery and more

  • Samuel Taylor Coleridge

    Samuel Taylor Coleridge, in collaboration with his friend William Wordsworth, revolutionized English poetry; in 1798 they produced their Lyrical Ballads, poems of imagination and reflection using 'the language of men'. They pointed the way forward for a generation of Romantic poets. Coleridge's addiction to opium affected his poetic output, and yet the handful of poems he did produce were innovative. These ranged from the quietly conversational to the wildly imagined, and include two of the greatest in English literature: Kubla Khan and The Rime of the more

  • Frances Hodgson Burnett

    This two-part adult fairytale by the author of The Secret Garden combines a charming Cinderella tale with an ironic look at class structure and the Edwardian marriage market in turn-of-the-century London. Emily Fox-Seton is a simple but good-hearted woman struggling to make ends meet while maintaining the dignity of one distantly related to the aristocracy. The Marquis of Walderhurst is an awkward but eligible bachelor being comically pursued by a pageant of unmarried ladies. When the Marquis surprises everybody by giving his attentions to Emily, he makes himself a fairy tale prince in her eyes. But marrying her prince is not the end of Emily’s troubles, as the forces of envy more

  • Stephen Kramer

    Getting into and paying for college has never been harder. Just the application process is a maze to get through. Now College Coach, America’s number one educational consulting company, gathers its team of experts to write a comprehensive, step-by-step guide on how to find, apply, get accepted to, and pay for college. Stephen Kramer and Michael London, the founders of College Coach, have gathered a team of former admissions officers to share with parents and students the ten key elements of the college process, from planning high school courses and activities, through the college application process, to paying for college. In each chapter, the counselor shares his or her views more

  • Allan Wolf

    More than two thousand men, women, and children are on board. Here on the first-class promenade is millionaire John Jacob Astor, who hopes his return from Egypt with his pregnant teen bride will invite a minimum of media attention. And here, in the third-class common room, a beautiful Lebanese refugee, on her way to family in Florida, discovers first love. And there in the distance, shrouded in darkness, an ancient iceberg lies patient, awaiting its encounter. The voices in this wholly unique re-creation of the Titanic disaster span classes and stations, from Margaret ("the unsinkable Molly") Brown to Captain E.J. Smith, who went down with his ship; from the lookout and wireless men to more

  • Various Authors

    Top experts in various fields expose the hidden agendas and still-unexplained mysteries of the Ages: Aliens, UFOs, paranormal occurrences and metaphysical anomalies. From human spirituality to the technocratic society, this series explores both science and the occult with an eye to ways governments and secret societies have exploited hidden knowledge for power, wealth and prestige. If you think you have a good grasp of human origins, this might change your views, and possibly change your mind about extraterrestrial visitation as well. Ancient archeology meets up with the most current science to present a startling new look at our more

  • Various Authors

    By manipulating areas on the sole of the foot, you can improve circulation, boost energy and relieve a number of ailments. Quickly learn the various methods of healing arthritis, digestion, anxiety, headaches and a host of other problems. With simple, non-evasive techniques, increase your emotional and physical well-being in just a few minutes per day. Whether you consider it a sophisticated massage or a poor-man's acupuncture, foot reflexology is simple, painless and definitely more

  • Various Authors

    Experts in the field of paranormal activity weigh in on the loopholes in current science. With their own theories, they try to explain the rapid transformation the Earth and its people are obviously undergoing in the current age. A fascinating alternate look at what we supposedly know, this program goes beneath the predictions of seers and prophets to explore possibilities once thought to be insane fantasy, now regarded as science. What is the truth the Mayan Calendar is trying to tell us, and are we still getting more

  • Meatball Fulton

    This edition contains all four unabridged episodes, ""The Moon Coins of Sonto Lore"", ""The Turban of El Morya"", ""Dark Night of the Reptiods"" and ""Mad moon for Rubina"". Ruby is hired to find four moon coins. There is a myth that when the four coins come together, dimensions will shift. Along with Teru and Kapoor, Ruby explores a creepy planet of slithering reptilian beings called Reptiods. Meanwhile, And/Or, guided by the spirit of Nikola Tesla, builds a 5th dimensional light machine that brings about the prophecy of more

  • Peter Yearsley

    Rabindranath Tagore was a Bengali poet, philosopher, visual artist, playwright, composer, and novelist whose work reshaped Bengali literature and music in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. He became Asia’s first Nobel laureate when he won the 1913 Nobel Prize in Literature. Sadhana is a collection of essays, most of which he gave before the Harvard University, describing Indian beliefs, philosophy and culture from different viewpoints, often making comparison with Western thought and culture. (Summary by more

  • Jules Verne

    Dans ce roman, le scientifique français Pierre Aronnax, son fidèle domestique Conseil et le harponneur canadien Ned Land sont capturés par le capitaine Nemo qui navigue dans les océans du globe à bord du sous-marin Nautilus. L'aventure donne l'occasion de descriptions épiques (dont un enterrement sous-marin, un combat contre des calamars géants, etc.) Œuvre d'anticipation, Vingt mille lieues sous les mers comporte plusieurs épisodes qui témoignent de l'imagination de son auteur : le Nautilus passe sous le canal de Suez avant sa percée officielle, et sous l'Antarctique, dont on ignorait à l'époque qu'il s'agissait d'un continent et non de glace flottante, more

  • Jacob & Wilhelm Grimm

    Kinder- und Hausmärchen ("Cuentos para la infancia y el hogar"), dos volúmenes publicados en 1812 y 1815. La colección fue ampliada en 1857 y se conoce popularmente como Cuentos de hadas de los hermanos Grimm. Su extraordinaria difusión ha contribuido decisivamente a divulgar cuentos como "Blancanieves", "La Cenicienta", "Hänsel y Gretel" o "Juan sin miedo". (Introducción more

  • Jose Marti

    Colección de cuentos para niños y niñas por José more

  • Julia de Asensi

    Julia de Asensi y Laiglesia (Madrid, 4 de mayo de 1859 - 1921) fue una escritora, periodista y traductora española. En esta obra se contienen trece breves novelas. (Introducción more

  • Jules Verne

    The famous writer of great adventure stories Jules Verne wrote also several lesser known, but good non-fiction works. "Celebrated travels and travellers" tells the story of geographical discovery in the same well written and precise manner we are used to finding in Verne’s fiction books. This book is divided into 3 volumes. This is the first volume, named the "Exploration of the World" and it covers the period in the World's history of exploration from B.C. 505 to the close of the 17th century. The second and third volumes are respectively entitled "The great navigators of the 18th century" and "The great navigators of the more

  • Olive Beaupre Miller

    Full of delightful nursery rhymes, charming poems and engaging stories, folk and fairy tales, this is the first volume of the "My Bookhouse" series for little ones. Originally published in the 1920's as a six volume set, these books, edited by Olive Beaupre Miller, contained the best in children's literature, stories, poems and nursery rhymes. They progressed in difficulty through the different volumes - this first being intended for the youngest audience. (Summary by more

  • Alexander Pushkin

    Алекса́ндр Серге́евич Пу́шкин (1799 - 1837) — русский поэт , драматург и прозаик . Александр Сергеевич Пушкин имеет репутацию великого или величайшего русского поэта. В филологии Пушкин рассматривается как создатель современного русского литературного языка more

  • David Hume

    David Hume is one of the great philosophers of the Western intellectual tradition. His philosophical writings earned him lasting fame and renown; his historical writing earned his bread and butter. His "The History of England from the Invasion of Julius Caesar to the Revolution of 1688", published between 1754 and 1764, was immensely popular and Hume wrote that "the copy-money given me by the booksellers much exceeded any thing formerly known in England; I was become not only independent, but opulent." The six volume work has had numerous editions and is still in print today. David Hume and Thomas Babington Macaulay have frequently been compared as the premier English historians but more

  • William Butler Yeats

    LibriVox volunteers bring you eighteen different readings of The Song of Wandering Aengus, by Irish poet William Butler Yeats, to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. This is Yeats in his faerie folklore vein, and he paints an evocative picture of a beautiful brush with the supernatural. This was the weekly poetry project for the week of March 12, 2006. (Summary by Fox in more

  • Prabhakar Pendharkar

    Border Roads Organization is responsible to build roads in Himalaya at huge heights, where no other country perhaps can build roads. The high altitude at such places is always challenging and tiring for machines as well as for humans. Low oxygen level, below zero temperature, eccentric nature, colossal snow piles on roads, unpredictable landslides these are few factors that affect human lives in such areas. At one side there is Himalaya & quirky nature and at another side there are diverse people with tremendous guts. You always have tussle between nature and human; likewise, you have tussle between people of different characteristics. It’s one such exciting story of hero Vishwanath more