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  • Dennis Spooner

    'The events will happen, just as they are written...' Materialising in a forest, the Doctor and his three companions discover themselves to be 12 kilometres from Paris. This is the 18th century, and France is the scene of an ongoing bloody battle between royalists and revolutionaries. Following a blaze at a rural farmhouse, Ian, Barbara and Susan are separated from the Doctor and arrested as traitors, their destination the city's gaol. Ian receives information about James Stirling, an English spy with information vital to the revolution. No-one seems to know where Stirling is, and locating him becomes Ian's priority. The Doctor, meanwhile, arrives in Paris in the guise of a more

  • Terry Nation

    Four more thrilling soundtrack adventures from the early days of Doctor Who, featuring serials lost from the TV archive. The pictures may be lost, but each of these stories survives as a soundtrack recording. Remastered, and with additional linking narration, they can be enjoyed once more. In The Daleks' Master Plan, the Daleks have stolen the Time Destructor, and are threatening to destroy the fabric of Time itself. Pursued across Time and Space, the TARDIS crew are in grave danger. In The Massacre, the TARDIS materialises in Paris, 1572, a time of danger and religious strife. When Steven witnesses an execution, he believes the Doctor has been executed in front of his more

  • Brian Hayles

    'You will become my personal opponent. We shall play endless games together - your brain against mine.' The travellers arrive in the dangerous domain of the Toymaker, where their failure to win at a series of games could result in them becoming his playthings for eternity. Apparently innocuous nursery characters reveal deadly intent, and for companions Steven and Dodo the stakes are raised with every game of blind man's buff and musical chairs. The Doctor, meanwhile, is rendered invisible and given the challenge of completing the fiendishly difficult Trilogic game... This fondly-remembered story, only one episode of which survives in the television archives, is narrated by more

  • Ben Hecht

    The screenplay writer in Hollywood was a pen-for-hire. Whatever your status elsewhere in the world here, in Hollywood, you were usually a high-paid weekly contract where your talents, your genius, were at the beck and call of others who spoke of Art but were really mad but we're really the mouthpieces of Commerce.But radio for the Hollywood studio system was all about marketing. On that basis something approaching art could be produced on a regular basis. This series produced some real gems from all manner of writers as their short stories and plays were remade for a radio audience. With high production values courtesy of the money from the shows sponsor, Philip Morris, the more