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About the Little People: Fairies, Elves, Dwarfs, and Leprechauns

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Martin K. Ettington

2 Hours 21 Minutes

Authors Republic

January 2022

Audio Book Summary

I’ve written a number of books about legendary beings such as Bigfoot, Dragons, Thunderbirds, Sea Monsters, Giants, and more. I also wrote a book titled “The Mythical People of Ireland” which covered the Tuatha Da Danann, Druids, and Leprechaun elves. The information I found for that book caused me to become more curious about the little people generally.

There are legends of the Little People all over the world. Even more interesting is that a race of very small people who were close to three feet tall were uncovered recently in Indonesia. This race is called the Flores Man and was of a similar size to the beings in many of the legends of the little people.

This find is amazing because none of the other legendary beings have confirmed evidence of those little people in archeological sites. These findings add a lot of credibility to those old legends.

In this book we cover these little beings from different areas of the world. This includes where they came from, stories about them possibly coming from different dimensions, and stories about sightings of them.

Hope you enjoy this adventure into what seems like it might be a real race of intelligent legends.

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