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The Blue Zones of Happiness: Lessons From the World's Happiest People

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Patrick Lawlor, Dan Buettner

9 Hours 11 Minutes

HighBridge Company

October 2017

Audio Book Summary

In this inspiring book, Buettner offers game-changing tools for setting up your life to be the happiest it can be. In these illuminating pages, you'll:
●Meet the world's Happiness All-Stars-inspiring individuals whose ways of boosting well-being can influence your home and community as well.
●Discover the three strands of happiness-pleasure, purpose, and pride-that weave together in different ways in the world's happiest places.
●Use the Blue Zones Happiness Test to pinpoint areas in your life where change could bring more happiness-and then find practical steps to make those changes.
●Learn what researchers on happiness consider the top ways to create personal and nationwide happiness, as revealed by a blue-ribbon panel of world experts convened for this book.
●Boost your own happiness with the Happiness Power 9-Buettner's final assessment of the most important lessons to be learned from the world's happiest people and places.

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  • Anonymous

    Really liked the ideas in this book.

    Book Rating

  • Tanya B.

    Unfortunately I could not stay focused or interested when the narrator failed to tell his audience the assigned point values for the various lifestyle factors on the test to determine if the reader was happy or not. Without that critical information, the book becomes somewhat pointless. The narrator's delivery was not always appropriate, either.

    Book Rating

  • Kaila S.

    Nice concepts, but layout of ideas seemed redundant. Narrator was distracting from message because he sounded like a newscaster announcing headlines and had even mispronounced words at times.

    Book Rating

  • Maria P.

    As much as I dislike self-help books, this was actually interesting and contains lots of useful information which is good to consider (even though it'd be impossible to implement in my country, but one can always dream :) ). I wouldn't say it's a great title, but I certainly don't regret listening to it — food for thought is always appreciated.

    Book Rating

  • Nathan S.

    The narrator guy sounds pissed and had a snotty attitude at times... was kind of weird. Like he was yelling at you at times. The book is a bit socialist... but overall very good. I would however not listen to him about Finances or Health... Although being able to go to a dentist is said to help the happiness factor... It's best you read Dr. Hal Huggins "Uniformed Consent" first before just jumping a dentist chair. Second... YOU DON'T Fluoridate your water... proven to destroy IQ and eat wholes in your brain. Third... Don't listen to him about his recommendations about finances.. go read some Robert Kiyosaki instead! He is unaware of how some of the things he recommends will no doubt increase your chances of living a unhappy life, if your health and finances gets screwed! BUT, anyone that loves statistics and ways to increase your longevity it's certainly worth a read/listen/

    Book Rating

  • Ted E.

    BRAVO! Happiness comes in many forms. Great read!

    Book Rating