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A Clash of Kings: A Song of Ice and Fire: Book Two

Unabridged Audio Book

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Roy Dotrice

37 Hours 20 Minutes

Random House (Audio)

October 2003

Audio Book Summary


In this sequel to A Game of Thrones, George Martin pursues the embattled Seven Kingdoms through a bitter 10-year winter in which good and evil contend for power. When cruel Queen Cerisi's son takes the Iron Throne following the death of its king, Robert Baratheon, the Queen's sons and Robert's brothers battle for control of the realm. Robert's young daughter, Princess Arya Stark, flees the kingdom disguised as a boy, as the exiled last heir of the former ruling family tends to his dragons. Meanwhile, the guardians of the realm's Wall dwindle in numbers as menacing barbarians gather their forces. Set in a glittering fantasy world enriched by 8,000 years of history, this baroque jewel captivates with its believable characters, deftly realized magic, and intricate plotting.

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  • Nina G

    George R.R. Martin wrote a great story. And HBO's version of the book is very good, but the books are a little different, and Roy Dotrice does a very good job bring the story to life. Can't wait to get to the next book. Makes driving to and from work go by faster.

    Book Rating

  • oodeluph

    This is nothing short of a wonderful series. Each volume is so long one wonders that George R. R. Martin never lost sight of his nation of characters or their doings but he doesn't. And neither does Roy Dotrice, the book's reader! He (thankfully) is the voice behind all of the books and even has a part in season two on the HBO production. I have read and watched and heard books one and two. Long as they are, the tale still isn't flagging. If anything, it has picked up steam and I can't wait for the third book to be sent to me. The books being read to me are the best.

    Book Rating

  • Tatiana U.

    Great Books! love the narrator. Love this one just as much as I loved Game Of Thrones. The Narrators voice changes for each character .

    Book Rating

  • Jordyn R.

    Love!! I’m onto the next one in the series.

    Book Rating

  • Kara Thompson

    Jumps and skips often. Bookmarks do Not hold your place.

    Book Rating

  • Nick B.

    Wow, this needed an editor. The author spent too many pages with minutiae and then kill them off a paragraph later. There is some fun here, but it is too few. Oh, and the voice actor was awful. Everybody sounds like the same pirate. Wrong book for that.

    Book Rating

  • Ryan P.

    Just a fantastic series. So expertly read and narrated. Just a great pleasure to listen to. I hated the show initially, my son started reading the books and loved them. I gave it a chance. So glad I did. The characters are so much richer in Martin's original story, the changes of perspective that are not possible in the show are so brilliantly used to allow us to empathize with even the most coarse characters. Now returning to the show, I enjoy it so much more.

    Book Rating

  • Jack N.

    It kept jumping and every now and then sounded like it was a worn out record on a poor record player

    Book Rating

  • Anonymous

    The voice of the narrator is soothing and adapts the characters very well. I don't like the way he pronounces Petyr Baelish

    Book Rating

  • Becky K.

    I really enjoyed this book and can’t wait to hear the next one.

    Book Rating