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Culture Clash 2.0: Managing the Global High-Performance Team

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Shlomo Zacks

5 Hours 30 Minutes

Findaway Voices

January 2022

Audio Book Summary

In a crisis that forces us to manage at a distance, how can you still get results? This quick read (updated 2nd edition) shows you how to build trust remotely, collaborate and negotiate effectively, prevent costly culture clashes, and get the job done across borders.

Flying blind with customers, colleagues, collaborators or competitors? Frustrated by misunderstandings or turf-wars with other organizational silos or cultures? 

Learn how to step into anyone’s shoes, decode their mindset, and get the job done with anyone, anywhere.

'Culture Clash  not only reminds us of our blindness, but also offers a cure.'--Scott A. Snook, Professor, Harvard Business School

Few of us are prepared to manage across cultures, and blind-spots can be costly—from lost opportunities to lawsuits.

Forged in the fire of clashing cultures and living on four continents, Dr. Zweifel, ex-CEO, Columbia professor and award-winning author, unpacks the toolbox he developed over three decades of coaching managers in 100+ countries. 

Culture Clash 2is not another Kiss, Bow or Shake Hands. Protocol-laden books on whether to bring wine to a dinner in Singapore miss the mark: Non-compliance with local etiquette is rarely the deal-breaker. What does derail deals is our inability to read between the lines, decode the mindset of the other side, and see the world from the other perspective.

“Absolutely required reading for leaders who manage across cultures.”--Ali Velshi, Anchor, NBC

Read this action-packed, quick and fun book (cross-cultural fiascos can be hilarious… Some jokes are so risqué that the publisher banned them until now), and in one evening, build your cross-cultural savvy and boost your remote power.

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