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A Full Cast

18 Hours 6 Minutes


July 2010

Audio Book Summary

Bram Stoker did not invent the vampire story, but he popularized it with his classic 1897 novel. In form Dracula is an epistolary novel, told through a series of journal entries, letters, newspaper articles, and telegrams. It begins with lawyer Jonathan Harker's perilous journey to Castle Dracula in Transylvania, and chronicles the vampire's invasion of England, where he preys upon the lovely Lucy Westenra and Harker's fiancee, Mina. Harker and Mina join forces with lunatic asylum proprieter Dr. Seward, Lucy's fiance Arthur Holmwood, Texas man of action Quincey Morris, and Dutch vampire hunter Dr. Van Helsing to try and defeat their powerful adversary.

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  • Anonymous

    Like the book but the narrator sounded like he had a stuffed nose.... annoying.

    Book Rating

  • Anne B.

    Enjoyed most of the narrators, however did not enjoy Johnathan Harkers narrator, thankfully he only narrators the first part and the remainder of the book is mostly other people. I liked all the different narrators.

    Book Rating

  • Tara M.

    jonathon harkers narrator was not to my liking, but overall a great book.

    Book Rating

  • Melodie S.

    I always wanted to listen to this book but the narration made it hard. It definitely got better as we got farther in but the nasal narration made it tough going for awhile.

    Book Rating

  • Laura Smith

    Excellent book but one of the narrators has a heavy accent

    Book Rating

  • Kevin K

    Always loved this novel. The narrators were all excellent except MB who read Harker\'s journal. That voice was annoying. Bad accent mispronouncing words.

    Book Rating

  • Unknown U.

    Awesome book loved all readers except MB but overall really good

    Book Rating

  • robyn ramalho

    Great book!! I listen to my books while commuting (I have a three hour commute each day) and couldn't wait to get into my car and turn on my book!! I even enjoyed the different narrators - they made it even more interesting!

    Book Rating

  • Jon E.

    This is a literary classic however I may be anal but the narrators voice was like nails on a chalkboard

    Book Rating

  • Anonymous

    Please ensure the readers actually learn to pronounce the names of the main characters and places. It is painful to hear .

    Book Rating