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Egyptian Mythology: The Fascinating History and Myths from Ancient Egypt (2 in 1)

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Ashlynne Carey

8 Hours 33 Minutes

Authors Republic

May 2020

Audio Book Summary

This title consists of two books, which are the following:
1: This book contains all the gods and goddesses from ancient Egypt that you can imagine. The list is long, and the names go on for a while. Needless to say, this book is complete. You won’t miss out on any of the deities they worshipped. Also, some more background information is given about deities such as Thoth, Horus, and Isis. At the end of the book, another subtopic will be addressed, namely: The use of medication and doctors in ancient Egyptian culture.
If any of these things interest you, then I encourage you to not wait any longer and pick up this book. It will be a great source of information, story-telling, and drama from a lost civilization.
2: What was Egyptian civilization like more than 2,000 years ago? What did those people believe in? How did they live?
These and many other things you may wonder about the Egyptians of old, will be answered in this extensive guide. You’ll learn more about love, sex, and marriage in those times. You’ll be more informed about mummification, art, ships and wars.
The great Queen Hatshepsut will be addressed as one of the topics, as well as specifically selected myths and legends. Do yourself a favor and learn more about this intriguing people, their habits, their rituals, their emotions and everyday lives, and their belief system.

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  • Zoukosmash

    The book has some great information. But it’s over shadowed by the speaker that sounds like they are calling out bingo numbers for nana.

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