Book Rating (126)
Narrator Rating (23)

The Haunting of Hill House

Unabridged Audio Book

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Bernadette Dunne

7 Hours 29 Minutes

Blackstone Audiobooks

September 2010

Audio Book Summary

Past the rusted gates and untrimmed hedges, Hill House broods and waits.

Four seekers have come to the ugly, abandoned old mansion: Dr. Montague, an occult scholar looking for solid evidence of the psychic phenomenon called haunting; Theodora, his lovely and lighthearted assistant; Eleanor, a lonely, homeless girl well acquainted with poltergeists; and Luke, the adventurous future heir of Hill House. At first, their stay seems destined to be merely a spooky encounter with inexplicable noises and self-closing doors, but Hill House is gathering its powers and will soon choose one of them to make its own.

This classic horror novel has been hailed as a perfect work of unnerving terror.

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  • Alexia W.

    Finished reading Hill House. First off this book is NOT the one the Netflix show is based on. Rather, the 1999 film "The haunting". Now there haven't been many books I have read, and not enjoyed. Unfortunately, this was one of them. The author wastes time in pain staking detail on matters that don't pertain to or add to the main story line. The narrative felt over cumbersome and the words didn't flow well. Meanwhile, the character interactions reflected a very simplistic, "he said, she said" concept, leaving a very cut and dry dialog that was dull and repeatative. The main protagonist was an insecure weak woman who reiterated thoughts and feels so many time in one paragraph it was annoying. At times the characters babbled back and forth, not making any sense at all. The actual "scary" parts of the book can be narrowed down to about 10 of the books 246 pages, which left me feeling let down and unfulfilled. Long story short on the end the main character is driven mad by the house and runs her vehicle into a tree on the property grounds. End of story. Did she live or die? I don't frigging know. All and all, this was a terrible book.

    Book Rating

  • Anonymous

    The book is was good but, I like the movie better. The narrator was okay.

    Book Rating

  • Marcus Johnson

    Good gothic ghost story. I listened to this in preparation for the show on Netflix, the show is amazing by the way, and was surprised at how much I enjoyed the book. I am a fan of stories based in reality and where explainable remains unknown without leading the reader on a chase to find the truth to know resolve. The story maintains the mystery of the main character and the house all the way to the end and the narrator does a great between the characters.

    Book Rating

  • Tracey J.

    I wanted to read this book because it is classic horror story and I’ve seen it quoted and mentioned in other books that I’ve read. It wasn’t bad...there were some creepy parts, but overall very tame by today’s standards. One interesting aspect is how the haunted house chips away at one character’s sanity. The ending was anticlimactic, which was a let down. At first the narrator was hard to follow, but once you got used to her rhythm, she was a very good reader.

    Book Rating

  • Scott T.

    I thought, judging by the reviews, that this book would be worthy of reading, however i couldn't be more wrong. The author gives you an anticipation that something interesting will happen, but as the chapters rolled on and on nothing of any interest came to fruition, right up to the boring end. To say i was disappointed would be an understatment. It was bland, tame and to be frank 'A load of Shite'. A chick flick of a horror novel springs to mind. If you're thinking it sounds intruiging...think again and look elsewhere.

    Book Rating

  • Andrea O

    This was the first time I ever listened to a haunted house story and it was truly engaging. I found it to be fair for its time especially when it came to themes involving oppression. The atmosphere the author created was tense and the language though easy to follow, was still wonderful for conveying a sense of entrapment and horror. If you like a good haunted house story, this one is definitely worth a listen.

    Book Rating

  • craig specht

    I never listened to this book before. I really liked it. Kept me interested. narrator was very good. one of those books I could listen to again!

    Book Rating

  • Anonymous

    One of the best haunted-house books I have encountered. Jackson makes room – through her characters – for healthy skepticism and even good humor regarding occult explanations for whatever happens. Vulgar credulousness – in the form of Mrs. Montague and her friend Arthur – makes for a good laugh. But that uncertainty about explanations, that refusal to rely on clichés about what haunting should look like, makes the terror – when it comes – more like real, lived experience. Leaves you unsettled when it’s all over.

    Book Rating

  • Annie Walker

    This book is mainly about atmosphere. There is not a whole lot of action going on and the ending is somewhat anti-climatic, but the mood throughout the entire book is so ominous, so rich in anxiety. I thought it was a great horror novel. I prefer a different narration though.

    Book Rating

  • craig

    Book was slow and not scary at all. I wasn't crazy about the narrator either. I will read more shirley jackson books just didnt like this one.

    Book Rating