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How They Broke Britain: The Instant Sunday Times Bestseller

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James O'brien

10 Hours 23 Minutes


November 2023

Audio Book Summary

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Something has gone really wrong in Britain.

Our economy has tanked, our freedoms are shrinking, and social divisions are growing. Our politicians seem most interested in their own careers, and much of the media only make things worse. We are living in a country almost unrecognisable from the one that existed a decade ago. But whose fault is it really? Who broke Britain and how did they do it?

Bold and incisive as ever, James O'Brien reveals the shady network of influence that has created a broken Britain of strikes, shortages and scandals. He maps the web connecting dark think tanks to Downing Street, the journalists complicit in selling it to the public and the media bosses pushing their own agendas. Over ten chapters, each focusing on a particular person complicit in the downfall, James O'Brien reveals how a select few have conspired - sometimes by incompetence, sometimes by design - to bring Britain to its knees.

©2023 James O'Brien (P)2023 Penguin Audio

‘Made me so angry I had to stop listening to it while driving. Superb’

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  • Christopher C.

    Excellent, perfect, accurate, spot on. A refreshing and incredibly accurate account of our current political situation. Well researched and factually accurate. Incredible political insight, executed with high journalistic standards. Highly recommended reading or listening. Thanks.

    Book Rating

  • Robert W.

    Superb from start to finish. Presenting facts and evidence in this manner and lying it all out for everyone to see is exactly what the ring wing extremists can't stand. unfortunately for them, the truth doesn't care what you think. this is a must read for everyone regardless of nationality or where you live.

    Book Rating

  • Ian B.

    O'Brien is left-wing and very left-wing biased. I was interested in learning about Tory sleaze and corruption and the story behind Brexit. I wanted to understand how an entire nation could be duped into such an act of self-harm and the forensic examination within this book is truly eye-opening. But there are some laugh-out-loud moments like when O'Brien states that the BBC is the most objective, unbiased media outlet on Earth. I laughed out loud. Or when he claims that there's no such thing as woke (another laugh-out-loud moment), it's just a made-up term used by right-wingers to provoke ire. Talk about conspiracy theories! There are many more examples of O'Brien spouting ultra-left claptrap. It's a shame because his obvious bias makes you question just how objective his reporting is. It's well narrated but I'm getting tired of overtly right or overtly left opinions. I long for unbiased, objective reporting.

    Book Rating