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The Lighthouse: Romantic Women's Fiction

Unabridged Audio Book

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Jill Smith

9 Hours 20 Minutes

Findaway Voices

December 2020

Audio Book Summary

After the death of a childhood loved one, 5 best friends reunite in the small coastal town of Five Island Cove. One doesn't expect to find love with a high school crush. Another isn't prepared to find the strength she needs to take control of her life. And none of them are ready for the secrets they'll uncover at the lighthouse...

As the truth comes to light, these five best friends will learn what really matters: friendship, family, and faith.

Now a USA Today bestseller!

When Joel Shields dies, Robin Grover's only goal is to get her four best friends back to Five Island Cove to celebrate the life of Kristen's husband. She alone has stayed in the cove while everyone else couldn't wait to get away. 

Alice Keller comes instantly, because her mansion in the Hamptons and her husband's infidelity is smothering her. Not only that, but Kristen has always been like a mother to her, and she wants to support her.

Eloise Hall comes quickly too, because she's not teaching at the university this summer, and she might as well visit her mother—and the house she secretly bought years ago. Her first night on the island, she runs into an old high school crush, and a flame ignites that hasn't been there before.

But Kelli Thompson and AJ Proctor are more resistant, and as Robin, Alice, and Eloise uncover secret after secret in the books, journals, and files in Joel's office, Robin becomes more determined to reunite them all. 

When Kelli and AJ finally arrive in the cove, the women are embroiled in secrets the lighthouse has hidden for decades. Robin tries to hold them all together, but she too breaks down and admits that her perfect-on-the-outside life isn't so perfect.

As these 5 best friends work together to find the truth, they must learn to let go of what doesn't matter and cling to what does: faith, family, and most of all, friendship.

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  • Patty I

    I’m always surprised when I download a free book and it’s good! I loved the friendships love they all had for each other. Narrator was wonderful!!

    Book Rating

  • Anonymous

    I stayed a little confused throughout the book because of the many characters. I liked the reunion of old friends, but I would have liked to have known their ages. I couldn't follow along too good, but it wasn't bad. It was a free book and the first of a series, so I might choose another in the series and hopefully it will clear up my confusion.

    Book Rating

  • Rosie T.

    Some secrets tear people apart and some will bond you stronger then before. Years have come and gone, but when Joel Shields passes away five friends come together to help his widow. Kristen was a second mother to them all during their teen years and Robin will work miracles to get friends back to Diamond Cove to support Kristen. Slowly all agreed and as expected AJ was the last hold out, but twenty years have passed and Joel was dead. Helping Kristen go thru Joel’s paperwork and his things in the lighthouse, secrets are unveiled and Joel isn’t the man that everyone thought he was. The secrets are revealed one by one and it touches everyone. Very compelling story and the characters are realistic. Good background on all and now I want to know more. Will definitely continue with the series. #TheLighthouse

    Book Rating

  • Rick B.

    Very interesting, a good listen while on a long drive state to state.

    Book Rating

  • Jamie

    I really liked the story. It made me think of my longtime friends and how to spend more time together! The narrator has a great tone and made it easy to follow which character was speaking. I’m looking forward to hearing the next books in this series!

    Book Rating

  • Bec Burns

    Great for a free book. I really enjoyed the story and the characters.

    Book Rating

  • Anonymous

    This was a great book. Loved it from cover to cover.

    Book Rating

  • Virginia R.

    I was very pleased with this book in the narration. I'm always happy when that happens. I drive all day and it really helps to pass the time more enjoyably if I'm listening to a good book. I do plan on listening to the other books in this series. I recommend this.

    Book Rating

  • Wendy

    I enjoyed the story but the narrator was underwhelming. She had no enthusiasm.

    Book Rating

  • Tracey S.

    The story was one you wanted here but I found the narration let it down a little. A little stilted and I found the pauses after every he said, she said etc a tad annoying

    Book Rating