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Cori Samuel

3 Hours 58 Minutes


January 2011


Audio Book Summary

The finished draft of a short novel by Mary Shelley. Its adult theme, concerning a father's incestuous love for his daughter and its consequences, meant that the manuscript was suppressed by Shelley's own father, and not published until 1959, more than a hundred years after her death.

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  • jarmin w

    This is just boring. Just try to listen; don\'t.

    Book Rating

  • Adela Cochrun

    Extremely boring, I waited for something to happen and nothing.

    Book Rating

  • Anonymous

    im only a hour in and i am jjust listening to the narrators voice

    Book Rating

  • Judydogdoc

    This story was meant to be a cautionary tale, I think. Her poet friend at the end gives such sage advice about why we should never give up, despite hardships and adversity. Every life is precious and has a purpose- the story was meant to describe a person’s difficult life and circumstances and remind us that suicide is not the answer. Definitely not a book for entertainment as much as reflection on the nature of life, death and response to life’s tragedies. The narrator did a fantastic job - love her voice!

    Book Rating

  • Florentina G.

    I enjoyed the book. It is dark and reflective and gives new perspectives on how people feel when they want to commit suicide.... the narrator did a great job!

    Book Rating

  • Jaciacarlile

    I really had fun with the flowery language and the narrator; however, it was ultimately boring in plot haha.

    Book Rating

  • Anonymous

    I found this story a bit boring.

    Book Rating

  • Anonymous

    Although this book is not exciting, it is very interesting. It is a look into a depression of a troubled youth. I don't think it was meant for everyone's enjoyment.

    Book Rating

  • Marty Avary

    This book did not hold my interest.... I found it too unbelievable.

    Book Rating

  • Cameron Mair

    The last half of the novel is Mathilda feeling bad for herself, and it seems to me should could have found happiness and/or purpose if she were to only try. This side of romanticism I do not like; it's emotion is over-sentimental and self-pitying. "Oh! Woe is me and my sorrow!" Etc. There is hardly any development after the fathers death, besides the introduction of Woodville, but his part is limited. The first fifth of the novel was very enjoyable, as are the initial and final scenes with Mathilda's father. My least favorite of M. Shelley. Too much damn weeping, not enough doing or happening. Perfect narration.

    Book Rating