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Silent Girl (A Sheila Stone Suspense Thriller—Book One): Digitally narrated using a synthesized voice

Unabridged Audio Book

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Vivienne (synthesized Voice)

5 Hours 35 Minutes

Findaway Voices

November 2023

Audio Book Summary

This recording has been digitally produced by Blake Pierce, using a synthesized version of an audiobook narrator’s voice under license. With a career-ending injury, Olympic kickboxer Sheila Stone is forced back to her small hometown, where her older sister, the local Sheriff, offers her a spot on the police force. Sheila, struggling to face past demons, must draw on her fighting skills when a deadly serial killer surfaces, pitting her against an opponent unlike she’s ever encountered….
“A masterpiece of thriller and mystery.”
—Books and Movie Reviews, Roberto Mattos (re Once Gone)
SILENT GIRL (A Sheila Stone Suspense Thriller—Book 1) is Book #1 in a long-anticipated new series by #1 bestseller and USA Today bestselling author Blake Pierce, whose bestseller The Perfect Wife (a free download) has received over 20,000 five star reviews.
With her Olympic dreams in tatters, Sheila, 28, struggles to find her place back home. She is surrounded by reminders of what could have been, stuck inside the shadow of her older sister: the golden child, the respected sheriff. But when her sister persuades her to join the local police force, Sheila’s life and career start anew.
As she hunts serial killers, Sheila notices clues that others miss and offers a perspective that no one else has. She realizes she has a talent outside of fighting, and that she has a chance to embrace a new life in Salt Lake—a life outside the ring.
This is a different kind of ring, though. Sheila quickly realizes that to survive, she will need more than just her strength—she’ll need a brilliance to match that of even the most diabolical killer.
Can Sheila win this match? Or will she finally lose it all?
A page-turning and harrowing suspense thriller featuring a brilliant and tortured protagonist, the SHEILA STONE series is a riveting mystery, packed with suspense, twists and turns, revelations, and driven by a breakneck pace that will keep you flipping pages late into the night.
Future books in the series are also available.

“An edge of your seat thriller in a new series that keeps you turning pages! ...So many twists, turns and red herrings… I can't wait to see what happens next.”
—Reader review (Her Last Wish)

“A strong, complex story about two FBI agents trying to stop a serial killer. If you want an author to capture your attention and have you guessing, yet trying to put the pieces together, Pierce is your author!”
—Reader review (Her Last Wish)

“A typical Blake Pierce twisting, turning, roller coaster ride suspense thriller. Will have you turning the pages to the last sentence of the last chapter!!!”
—Reader review (City of Prey)

“Right from the start we have an unusual protagonist that I haven't seen done in this genre before. The action is nonstop… A very atmospheric novel that will keep you turning pages well into the wee hours.”
—Reader review (City of Prey)

“Everything that I look for in a book… a great plot, interesting characters, and grabs your interest right away. The book moves along at a breakneck pace and stays that way until the end. Now on go I to book two!”
—Reader review (Girl, Alone)

“Exciting, heart pounding, edge of your seat book… a must read for mystery and suspense readers!”
—Reader review (Girl, Alone)

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  • dmp!

    Good story and all but I didn’t like the narration at all.

    Book Rating

  • Tammy C.

    It’s an awful thing to replace good readers with an artificial voice that mispronounces SO MANY words. It’s irritating and makes you skip a beat which interrupts your attention to the story. The story is okay. It does, however, become very annoying that “Sheila” is so whiny and constantly, like really too much, second guessing even the most innocent situations as though the whole world is against her. She seems terribly self absorbed and weak. I just played the book in the background as I did some framing to try and get through it without rolling my eyes constantly.

    Book Rating

  • Letisha V.

    Love Blake Pierce, the books are phenomenal. The narrator is a lil weird- words being pronounced wrong.

    Book Rating

  • Anonymous

    Is it just me or does the narrator make anyone else cringe? She pronounces words wrong and her inflection isn’t appropriate for the content at certain times. Also when she talks as another character such as the dad she is confusing because she talks in a very female pitch. Sadly I had to stop listening because it drove me crazy I think I’ll just read this one.

    Book Rating

  • Trish P.

    A great story, but the battalion left me frustrated and annoyed. Mispronunciation and voice inflection was rife. Won't buy another digital voice book that's for sure.

    Book Rating

  • John

    Good book, nay crazy about the narration

    Book Rating

  • Gigi61

    Well done. Kept me listening non stop to the end

    Book Rating

  • Janice D.

    There were so many mistakes in pronunciation I couldn't finish the book

    Book Rating

  • Linda B.

    I found the AI narration irritating; distracted from the story… will not listen to another AI book

    Book Rating

  • Liesl Dart

    Reasonable plot, I always enjoy her heroines but a little predictable. Synth voice fairly pleasant, but mispronounciation and the "triple asterisk" read out loud to denote the end and start of chapters is irritating.

    Book Rating