Book Rating (308)
Narrator Rating (149)

The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires

Unabridged Audio Book

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Bahni Turpin

13 Hours 50 Minutes

Blackstone Audiobooks

April 2020

Audio Book Summary

Fried Green Tomatoes and Steel Magnolias meet Dracula in this Southern-flavored supernatural thriller set in the ’90s about a women’s book club that must protect its suburban community from a mysterious and handsome stranger who turns out to be a real monster.

Patricia Campbell’s life has never felt smaller. Her ambitious husband is too busy to give her a goodbye kiss in the morning, her kids have their own lives, her senile mother-in-law needs constant care, and she’s always a step behind on thank-you notes and her endless list of chores. The one thing she has to look forward to is her book club, a close-knit group of Charleston women united by their love of true crime and paperback fiction. At these meetings they’re as likely to talk about the Manson family as they are marriage, motherhood, and neighborhood gossip.

This predictable pattern is upended when Patricia meets James Harris, a handsome stranger who moves into the neighborhood to take care of his elderly aunt and ends up joining the book club. James is sensitive and well-read, and he makes Patricia feel things she hasn’t felt in twenty years. But there’s something off about him. He doesn’t have a bank account, he doesn’t like going out during the day, and Patricia’s mother-in-law insists that she knew him when she was a girl—an impossibility.

When local children go missing, Patricia and the book club members start to suspect James is more of a Bundy than a Beatnik—but no one outside of the book club believes them. Have they read too many true crime books, or have they invited a real monster into their homes?

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  • Doreen B.

    I wish I could give the narrator 10 stars, she helped bring this well written book to life. I had thought through out the novel how perfect it was. Dare I say Grady Hendrix makes Stephen King look feeble? I would feel true concern for these southern women with their gentile ways. The characters were very well developed. I had a particular liking to Mrs. Green, what a strong and intelligent women. I am very glad I chose this novel, I have not a single problem with any part of the story or any actions of the characters. It kept me wanting to hurry toward the end to see how it all shakes out.... yet, I didn’t want it to end. That to me is a true measure of a good novel.

    Book Rating

  • Kristi W.

    First, I must brag on the narrator!! She is without a doubt the BEST one I’ve ever listened to…she goes in between the different characters voices with ease and perfection. Such a gem!! Now for the story itself…it was also a gem!! I loved this book! It felt comfortable and easy to immerse myself and my imagination in…there were sweet moments, angry, stressful, shocking and a roller coaster of emotions. Buckle up and just enjoy this story from beginning to end.

    Book Rating

  • Jeff H.

    I enjoyed this story immensely. The title does not hint at the quality and depth of the book! Great imagination and skilled storytelling displayed by the author. The narrator was superb as well.

    Book Rating

  • Dion S.

    This was a fun book that turned pretty dark and I loved it!

    Book Rating

  • Bridget Sedgwick

    I am having a hard time getting thru this book. 1st- the 3 min free part sucked (pun intended), it didn't really give me a fair read of the story. If it did, I probably wouldn't have bought it. 2nd- the main character is a ding bat (again -pun intended). She's an idiot and I don't know how she didn't die in the first 2 hours of this story. If you like mindless stupidity, then this book is for you. If you have any kind of self preservation, then pass on this one.

    Book Rating

  • Kitty M.

    I really wanted to like this book, but.... I couldn't stand any of the characters and the story really dragged at times. I saw some reviews saying it was gory, but I'm not sure what parts they're referring to; I thought it was relatively tame as far as horror/vampire stories go.

    Book Rating

  • Nancy C.

    I forced myself to finish listening to this book. I was hoping it would get better but I never could bond to the characters. The narrator was amazing at portraying the voices of the different characters.

    Book Rating

  • Carmel R.

    Uninteresting but not terrible book. The narrator was lovely.

    Book Rating

  • Anonymous

    I thought this story it was suspenseful. It wasn’t totally scary, but still a few parts did have me on the edge of my seat. The dynamics of the book club are pretty funny too. A for the narrator!

    Book Rating

  • Ghoulian13

    Wtf is this book? It’s sexist, racist, and pedophilic. The book starts off funny and then takes a dark turn that you aren’t expecting. Thankfully, the narrator was very enjoyable to listen to while she performed the book.

    Book Rating