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The Communist Manifesto

Unabridged Audio Book

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Jon Ingram

1 Hours 37 Minutes


January 2016

Audio Book Summary

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels wrote their Manifesto in December 1847, as a guide to the fundamental principles and practices of Communists. The Manifesto also predicted the ultimate downfall of the capitalist system.
(Summary written by Gesine)

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  • Anonymous

    I'm mainly writing this to address the idiots and simpletons reviewing this book. Maga snowflakes get triggered so easily, and now they wanna cancel people. In all seriousness actually taking the time to read this book will help you understand that most people have no clue what communism means. It's not a boogyman, it doesn't mean anything you don't like, and as of today we don't have a single communist among our elected officials in the USA.

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  • Anonymous

    Just giving this a higher review to balance out the negative reviews from people who haven’t taken the time to actually ponder what Marx and Engels were saying in this well forethought book.

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  • Anonymous

    God is the freedom from the authority of man. That’s why this loser hates God so much, he wants to have all the power. Let’s learn from history before it repeats itself with another Hitler/Stalin type. Communism is evil and it’s coming back

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  • Nathaniel R.

    Still prescient in this modern time

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  • Anonymous

    Scary stuff.

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