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The Psychopath Inside: A Neuroscientist's Personal Journey into the Dark Side of the Brain

Unabridged Audio Book

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Walter Dixon

5 Hours 0 Minutes

Gildan Media

November 2013

Audio Book Summary

The memoir of a neuroscientist whose research led him to a bizarre personal discovery

James Fallon had spent an entire career studying how our brains affect our behavior when his research suddenly turned personal. While studying brain scans of several family members, he discovered that one perfectly matched a pattern he'd found in the brains of serial killers. This meant one of two things: Either his family's scans had been mixed up with those of felons or someone in his family was a psychopath.

Even more disturbing: The scan in question was his own.

This is Fallon's account of coming to grips with this discovery and its implications. How could he, a happy family man who had never been prone to violence, be a psychopath? How much did his biology influence his behavior?

Fallon shares his journey to answer these questions and the discoveries that ultimately led to his conclusion: Despite everything science can teach, humans are even more complex than we can imagine.

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  • Rachel Horsley

    Fascinating. i think i found the author almost as interesting as he finds himself. i wonder if there will be a sequel regarding the fall out of this book. Honestly could listen to this man talk anout himself for ages, or go on a booze fuelled adventure with him.

    Book Rating

  • Rob M.

    Informative and entertaining

    Book Rating

  • Laura B.

    I really want to listen to and enjoy this book, but the narration is horrible. It speeds up, slows down, it sometimes sounds like the narrator is talking so fast he’s skipping syllables. Then, he’s. So. Slow. You. Could. Expect. A. Period. After. Every. Word.

    Book Rating

  • Eric S.

    Helps tremendously to have some type of understanding of the anatomy of the brain. Very interesting and thought provoking.

    Book Rating

  • Anonymous

    Amazing book! beautifully written, that kept a nice balance between facts and the story of Fallon\'s life. Highly recommend.

    Book Rating

  • Nicole Nour

    Well written, exciting narrative. Learned a lot about the inner workings of the psychopathic mind. Great read/listen!

    Book Rating