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The Thomas Sowell Reader

Unabridged Audio Book

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Robertson Dean

14 Hours 53 Minutes

Blackstone Audiobooks

October 2011

Audio Book Summary

These selections from the many writings of Thomas Sowell over a period of half a century cover social, economic, cultural, legal, educational, and political issues. The sources range from Dr. Sowell’s letters, books, newspaper columns, and articles in both scholarly journals and popular magazines. The topics range from late-talking children to tax cuts for the rich, baseball, race, war, the role of judges, medical care, and the rhetoric of politicians. These topics are dealt with by drawing sometimes on history, sometimes on economics, and sometimes on a sense of humor.

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  • Ray H.

    Thomas Sowell is brilliant, concise, funny, and always spot on. This collection of Columns, essays and personal stories is great!!

    Book Rating

  • Eugene Cunningham

    Some of the material is dated by 2017 but the important lessons still apply.

    Book Rating

  • Shannon H.

    Very interesting book, informative Narrator is very bland and boring

    Book Rating

  • William R.

    Slowed it to 0.9 to add a little breathe to the pace of complex thoughts my brain wants to comprehend.

    Book Rating

  • Salatiso Mdeni

    I enjoy Thomas Sowell's writings and this book is no different. Despite the serious issues it deals with it manages to do so in a no nonsense direct approach. For some reason I enjoyed this more than I thought I would, being a collection of articles I thought it would be incoherent but I couldn't have been more wrong. The last part was one of the best because Thomas Sowell gives us a peak at his own life, even if I had reasons to quite now I cannot because I know you can come from a position of weakness to the legend this man has become. I'm grateful to be alive in a period where I can benefit from the genius of someone I've never met and most probably will never, all enabled by the technological innovations so many sacrificed so much for just so we can have the world we have today. Off course it's not enough that people went through hardships to advance the human race, since everyone is entitled you'd think now they must give their fruits of labour for free to people who will never appreciate them. Robertson Dean remains one of my favourite narrator's, this combination makes for a book one can't stop listening to.

    Book Rating